Which are the more active body shops? I'm looking for some crash parts.

Which are the more active body shops? I'm looking for some crash parts.

I'd like to pick up a few bits for experimentation. Can some of the members point me to active body shops working on MS?


suresv | October 29, 2013

My car is right now at Brooks Motor Cars in Oakland, CA getting some bumper repair done. Recommended by the SC. While I was dropping the car off last week I saw three other Model S that were being worked on at the same time.

lolachampcar | October 29, 2013

Thanks for the lead. They were the second shop I called and I'm getting a very blank "oh, we do not sell damaged parts" response. I'm probably barking up the wrong tree. | October 29, 2013

My understanding is if the repair is under warranty, the parts (if of any value) are returned to the factory. If they get a batch of bad parts, the engineering team can examine the bad parts to see what has failed and how to design it better. Fairly typical for the car industry.

If the car is totaled, the insurance company takes ownership once it's paid off and the title is marked as salvage. At this point it's less clear what happens. I suspect Tesla buys some of these from the insurance company for safety analysis. For others, they may be bought buy an salvage yard. Not sure how all this is handled.

In some cases, if your car is totaled, and your insurance company pays off, you can ask to keep the car by paying them the salvage value.

Relative to any other car, there are so few that have been totaled, that it may be quite hard to find one. You might try local savage yards, and perhaps they have some network that can identify where one resides.

lolachampcar | October 29, 2013

I've tried calling salvage yards selling misc parts on Ebay but none have a whole car they are braking up.

mdennick | October 29, 2013

lol, European Motor Car Works, in Santa Ana, CA is a very active body shop. (I'm getting a little bumper repair done. First time I've been rear ended sitting in a drive-thru. Of course it happens in this car.) I'm guessing you'll run into the same issues as mentioned above trying to get something though.

bobinfla | October 29, 2013

Since you probably have more experience buying Model S's than anyone else out there, if you put that experience to use and buy me a P+, I'll drive my current S into any tree in your yard, and you can keep any pieces that fall off before the insurance company claims it. What do you say, Bill, deal?

lolachampcar | October 30, 2013

The thought had occurred to me that I really need to trade my P+ for a P with coil and 19s. The hard part is finding it Red/Black with no Pano :)

Mathew98 | October 30, 2013

Are you interested in starting a spin off from "Flip This House"? The spin off will be called "Flip This Tesla". Let's see how many you can flip in a year and perhaps make a few bucks in Norway too.

lolachampcar | October 30, 2013

Currently playing day trade this stock (TSLA) which is much more lucrative.