WIFI access to garage

WIFI access to garage

Up until recently I couldn't get acceptable WIFI access into my garage (I had a poor hack solution via electrical outlet). Too many walls between it and my router.

Just purchased an OnHub from Google which is supposed to have good reach but also simply designed enough to be placed in plain sight.

I can't say it is stronger because I didn't run benchmark tests, but because it is placed in the house more conspicuously I now have very good WIFI access in the garage. I have it sitting right behind a monitor now.

Works for me, thought others might find it useful as well. I'm not an affiliate. | October 6, 2015

I have an old house with a detached garage. A Netgear range extender (think of it as a WiFi repeater) does the job for me. It's in an outlet on the wall closest to the garage and it gets me the WiFi priority for updates without having to buy a whole new router. Easy to set up, too.