Windshield protection film for the Panoramic Windshield

Windshield protection film for the Panoramic Windshield

Model X future owners, what are your thoughts about getting windshield protection film applied on the Panoramic Windshiled once you get your Model X?

ClearPlex is the only one I know of ( ) and would like to hear what others think of this product.

Edit: Windshield protection film protects against rocks and flying debris that would cause chips. It's applied on the outside over the glass. It's not tint or sun protection film, which is applied inside.

RonaldA | October 1, 2015

I'm concerned about driving at sunrise or sunset. Is there a visor?

Ankit Mishra | October 1, 2015

Yes. I think it's on the side doors top and can be flipped to front to use.

EVino | October 1, 2015

Yes, there's a visor.

Red Sage ca us | October 2, 2015

EVino: +1! Thanks for that link!

aesculus | October 2, 2015

After sitting in the car I can tell you the panoramic windshield is a piece of art and one of the best features of the car. I add to that the roof windows on the FWD doors too as well as the hatch roof for those in the 3rd row.

What you can see as you drive around is amazing. Just think of traveling and seeing the buildings, hillsides, trees, landmarks and other features while on vacation. It's one of the biggest reasons people like taking the train. Once people experience this is could be one of the biggest selling features of the MX IMHO.

But for regular driving, privacy or when its too hot you would want to blank it out, but at varying levels. For this reason I believe the MX needs an electrochromatic roof glass feature that you can dial in the opacity you need at any given time.

aesculus | October 2, 2015

I messed up the attached image url above.

Wish there was an edit feature :-(

EVino | October 2, 2015

@aesculus, the sun isn't an issue with the pano roof on the S. Wouldn't it be the same with the X? | October 2, 2015

Films on the windshield (inside or out) legally can only be on the top 4" in California. Other states may have similar restrictions.

aesculus | October 3, 2015

@EVino: It's not so much the sun as I think the max setting (tint) is probably good enough.

It's the fact that I would like NO tint at times so I can enjoy the wonderful view out the roof. Today with the fixed tint that view will be attenuated.

f-tal | October 6, 2015

@EVino: My S windshield has got lots of pock marks from sand, rocks, etc during all season driving in the north east. I am also very interested in finding out a good product to protect my upcoming X windshield from the same damage. It would be nice to hear what experience others have had on 'any car with a windshield', just to get an idea how well they work

carlk | October 6, 2015

I have PhotoSync on all windows and windshield of my S but not the pano roof. It worked pretty good even in hottest summer days. PhotoSync is pricy but was said to have the best heat and IR shielding characteristics.

I have 75, the lightest grade, on the windshield. There is no problem to see through it clearly in night driving which I has little concern with before the installation. With the X I will probably have the 75 PhotoSync on the full extended windshield. I think it will work fine.

Like TT says legally you're not allowed to have tint film on the windshield in CA but cops will never notice it and they likely would not care even if they do. They got more important things to worry about.

carlk | October 6, 2015

Sorry I thought we are talking about tint film but info I posted should still be useful. | October 6, 2015

Shucks, I was hoping that Tesla would include a laser gun that would vaporize anything heading toward the windshield.

EVino | October 6, 2015

We're not talking tint film here. It's not tint film. Go to the link then see the windshield section. They also have a few YouTube videos.

EVino | October 6, 2015