Would the 300 mile battery last longer than the 160 or 230 mile batteries?

Would the 300 mile battery last longer than the 160 or 230 mile batteries?

Just thinking about whether the 300 mile battery might last longer than 160 or 230 mile batteries.

1. Since the 300 mile battery is different technology than the 160 and 230 mile batteries, will it last longer (or shorter) than the shorter mileage 160 or 230 batteries, given an equal percentage discharge on each.

2. I visited the San Jose store, and asked about battery life in general. The guy told me that life depended on how deeply the batteries were discharged. So, that got me thinking, I wonder if a low usage driver (one considering the 160 mile battery) might consider the 300 mile battery. Since the 300 mile battery would be not being discharged as deeply, one would think it would last longer. I wonder how much longer? Perhaps twice as long?

Thanks in advance for all your thoughts on how the 300 mile battery's different design might affect life, as well as the 300 mile battery being not discharged a deeply, thus making it last longer.

Timo | November 12, 2011

Don't know about battery chemistry, but charging it does affect its lifetime and bigger battery is better than small one, you get less full charges with it. I bet that affects more to longevity of the battery than chemistry they chose.

Mycroft | November 12, 2011

The 300 mile battery would last longer than 160 or 230, but the real question is if it would last $10k or $20k more than the cheaper battery. Keeping in mind that battery tech in 10 years is likely to be less expensive and better.

IMO, if your normal driving is <100 miles a charge, then the 160 battery pack should work just fine. If <150 miles, then the 230 mile pack would be for you. If greater than 150 miles on a routine basis, then best to go for the 300 mile pack.

The longest commute for my wife and I is around 120 miles or so and every couple of months we drive to relative's about 130 miles away. So the 230 mile pack would work quite nicely for us.

However, I'm buying the 300 mile pack, even though the 230 would be adequate for my needs, because it's required for the performance package. I'm totally stoked for the Sport model!