Would it be smart for Tesla to catch Henry Fisker?

Would it be smart for Tesla to catch Henry Fisker?

... designwise for Model X and/or Gen III ? Eventually fruitfull in addition to the genius Mr. Holzhausen and a big, smart marketing-move. It's time to get wide press again. Fight back Tesla, You dropped 5% today. WTF? Catch them, beat them with their own weapons. Small story, big wave. Sorry, I must said that =)


Mark K | March 14, 2013

When you bring trash into a clean house, everything starts to smell.

Whity Whiteman | March 14, 2013

ok, moments ago I realized the story before.
Forget about this thread )


TeslaLABlue | March 14, 2013


Tâm | March 14, 2013

No oil man for me please. Even if it's for range extender Karma.

kilimats | March 14, 2013

i never liked the karma design, the model x looks stunning already

why would he be of any use ?

gasnomo | March 14, 2013

No...just ask consumer reports, cnn (, Karma is a piece of junk (in my opinion)

GeekEV | March 14, 2013

I agree. The Model S styling is much better. I've heard the Fisker referred to as "automotive porn". It's gratuitously curvy/sexy... Gaudy, IMHO.

TikiMan | March 14, 2013


HELL NO!!!!...

TikiMan | March 14, 2013

This says it all...

“I think it’s ironic that Fisker chose to name his car the Karma, when what he’s done is very bad karma,” said Adam C. Belsky, a lawyer at Gross, Belsky & Alonso who represents Tesla."

Karma is a bitch!

mbcaffe | March 14, 2013

Heck NO. I cancelled my reservation with fisker the minute I sat in the car at an auto show.

Epley | March 14, 2013

Still, you hate to see innovators go down. It's clearly inferior to a Tesla, but wouldn't you rather have that on the road than an Escalade or Hummer?

jbunn | March 14, 2013

Oh hell no!

Amped | March 14, 2013

F no, rip off artist

torst1 | March 15, 2013

Again I am shocked by the many hateful people at this forum.
Whats tha matter angry dudes? Not getting any form the wife? Your pride gone all limp on you and you wife? You know there is a small blue pill that fixes limps.....just saying get help rather then hateful.

Why all the hate? That guy tried to make this world a better place and while still making money working with cars that is after all the mans one great love. How can you make that into something ugly?

Tesla is great - by why all the hate guys?

gasnomo | March 15, 2013

from my perspective I have no hate, just that it was a very poorly executed car. No room, universally bad reviews, hybrid, etc, what hate to have the thinking that went into that car pollute TM

Brian H | March 15, 2013

No, Henrik turned in deliberately shoddy work and went off and used (or tried to use) Tesla data and designs for his own car, which he had evidently planned from the beginning. A true low-life.

I was thinking TM could offer him a job polishing new cars, but I guess he couldn't be trusted not to scratch them deliberately.

Sanjuro | March 15, 2013

@torst1 I won't say that it's hate, but maybe a sense of disappointment, disapproval, laced with a certain amount of schadenfreude over the whole sordid history between Fisker and Tesla.

But the lack of innovation of the Fisker Karma is indirectly proportional to the gaudy claims and pronouncements that came from an increasingly shrill Henrik Fisker, a car designer whose own sense of importance and entitlement overshadowed his actual competence.

The car is quite pretty on the outside but totally unoriginal inside. (Like a current Karma owner, J Bieber?) The run of bad luck they've had is not coincidental. You make your own luck. It is what happens when a confluence of poor design choices and bad business decisions come to a head. It is Karma indeed.

petero | March 15, 2013

Whitey and torst1. Many of “us” forum posters are aggressively defensive…perhaps to the point of being offensive. However, on the topic of Mr. Fisker, I would say it is justified. Once upon a time, Mr. Fisker was a paid consultant to TM. The results were not positive and they parted company on less than friendly terms.

Personally, I hope Fisker Motors overcomes its’ problems and restarts car production. I kind of like to see the "Angry Guppy" driving on our streets.

Brian H | March 15, 2013

I've always been astonished at those who admire Karma's exterior. It always seemed to me to be trying way too hard, overstated "Look how fast I look!" with nothing behind it. And the Joker smirk was/is simply ridiculous.

teslajolt | March 15, 2013

Another NO! from me..

Mark K | March 15, 2013

Torst1 - as has been well articulated above, those who commented see this as justice for someone who did wrong.

This is quite distinct from fanboy disdain for a competitor. The animus here is driven by genuine moral indignation about Henrik's cynical behavior.

From the beginning, Elon has been sincere about building a better world.

Henrik was not.

And ironically, Karma stopped him.

Pungoteague_Dave | March 15, 2013

The Karma is akin to a woman with breast implants. We got the real thing, he had the poser. Plus, he's an unethical, gold-chain-wearing egotist. no hate, just facts.

wbrown01 | March 15, 2013

Fisker Karma would be a great car if they dutch the ICE put the battery flat into the floor, update and enlarge the tiny touch screen, give it an electric motor to take from 0 to 60 in 4.4 sec. You get the idea.......

torst1 | March 15, 2013

OK I get it - the Fisker founder was a consultant for Tesla M prior to Karma.
He parted from TM not due to own wishes. I am sure mr Fisker will get what he deserves in the end. What I don't get is why forumpeople bother to fill their minds with lots of hate for this dude. First of all you corrupt your own life by all that hate, second I for sure don't need to see 20+ comments of how much people hate the dude. Cause that ruins the forum for me and I am sure other as well. And it seems to me like Tesla is far superior to Karma in any and all ways. Just stop the hate.

I rather fill our roads with cars like Karma over Otto/Diesel cars any day of the week. On the road to more enlightened consumers we will see many start ups belly up. And that is no joy for me. I know what it means to bet all your assets into a project that does not come true. It is pure pain on so many levels - so I say thumbs up anyway for what he tried to achieve.

EcLectric | March 15, 2013


Posting on this forum is like getting a tattoo. If you misspell something you'll be sorry because there's no edit. And once you post, you can't un-do it. Heck, even NNT that gets erased on a regular basis (the one before mine is currently one of his), but his traces are still there.

Bottom line is many of us regret a post or two written in the heat of the moment. Welcome to the club.

Brian H | March 15, 2013

He left by his own decision; he never intended to stay. He produced a poor design, and each new revision was worse. He had no intention of sticking around; his plan was always to do his own version.

If you still don't get it, that's your problem. Stupidity can't be fixed.