Would you like your car this year email

Would you like your car this year email

P446, just got this email (not sure why you would not want it this year, I already responded yes):


Would you prefer Model S delivery ASAP or in 2013?

Our factory is working day and night to produce Model S. We are now beginning to contact customers who are likely to receive their car during the balance of December. As we do so, we are finding that some customers prefer to wait until 2013 to take delivery. We are fine with that, but want to know it now so we make sure we are focused on producing cars in December that people definitely want to have delivered by the end of the year.

Therefore, we are contacting customers that have a very good possibility of their Model S being available for delivery this year to see if they are ready to take delivery ASAP or if they prefer to wait until 2013. For those owners who are ready to take delivery between now and the end of the year, we will expedite the final steps to produce your car and schedule delivery.

Please let us know your preference right away:

stevenmaifert | December 7, 2012

@Bucket22 - Congrats. I'm P2860. That's amazing considering our #'s are so far apart.

WSC | December 7, 2012

I just got the delivery button. P6694.
White 85kwh non-performance, tan with Lacewood, air suspension, pano, tech and sound pkg.

Hope to have something white under the tree.

Velo1 | December 7, 2012

Yea Bucket22. I am P6286 and if I had not paid a large tax payment a few weeks ago I would have said Yes, but I declined. I, too, and 85 kWh, Air Suspension, and Beautiful Blue. Enjoy

Bucket22 | December 7, 2012

The highest reported number to get the "Delivery" button and December 15-31 delivery estimate is P7701 on the teslamotorsclub forums. It seems like too many people are getting this estimate for them all to be accurate. I'm trying not to get my hopes too high.

mike_f | December 7, 2012

DEFINITELY check your dashboard.

I just finalized my delivery (12.15 - 12.31)

85kwh, Performance, Pano, Blue, etc.

okie | December 7, 2012

Just checked "My Tesla". After selecting 2012 earlier today in response to this email, I just noticed the red delivery button. I'm P 8,888. Tulsa, Ok. 85kW and active air.

miketa14 | December 7, 2012

Got my delivery button today. I am P #8688 in Seattle. My window says Dec 15 - 31st. 85kW with all the options except the kids seats. Come on Santa

Getting Amped Again | December 7, 2012

I'll be royally pissed if they get rid of the federal tax credit as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations! With my 8756 reservation number and 60 KWh selection, it would end up that I could have gotten delivery THIS year AND an 85 KWh battery for only $2500 more.

Anyone other 60 KWh reservation holders thinking about this?

mbcaffe | December 7, 2012

yes. I wish they would have given us low 60 kWh reservation numbers the option to upgrade and get delivery in 2012.

noel.smyth | December 7, 2012

I got the email last night and a call today, finally spoke to the tesla rep after some phone tag. the deal is that I can close on the car this year, pay for it, and get the 2012 benefits as such. physical delivery of the vehicle would take place in very early january and would be direct ship to my home but without the Tesla delivery specialist experience - that would be scheduled at a later date. I agreed to this of course and expect to get the VIN in a day or two. it works for me as i get the rebate sooner and i may still get the PA rebate too which is limited to only 500 i think - I was not expecting this to be left in March when I was to get my car.
My opinion is Tesla is trying to kill the stated numbers for Q4 and the year.
I could not be more pleased!

aa012a | December 7, 2012



60kw+air #3587

Scorch | December 7, 2012

Finally the delivery button showed up under My Tesla so I now have a delivery estimate of Dec. 12th - Dec. 26th. Woot! Already have the 19" winter tires paid for and waiting at the service center.

Tornado | December 7, 2012


85kw+air+performance. Got the delivery estimate of 15th-31st as well. Seattle. Woot Woot!

Stephen4 | December 7, 2012

Wow, are one ahead of me! Except I'm across the boarder in Vancouver and have a estimate of Feb/ sad.

olanmills | December 7, 2012

I got the email too, and yeah I don't think it has to with revenue profits. We know (since the reduced production esitimate announcement) that they were only ever going to produce 85kwh + air suspension cars this year anyways. Understanding that, I don't understand how this can be about money. It's the same

My guess is that they were finding a number of their customers who preferred to wait for delivery until the next calendar year, and shuffling up the production line over and over is probably inefficient if there are a decent amount of people deferring.

It makes sense to get a list from customers of who wants the car ASAP and who actually prefers to wait, and then create new sequencing based off of that.

So now I'm cautiously optomistic that I will be driving the car around Christmas.

Brian H | December 7, 2012

I still think you're misunderstanding the rebate. How much you have actually remitted is irrelevant. It doesn't matter if you've paid off your complete 2012 liability or none of it. It only matters if the total is over $7500 (if less, that's your cap). You'd get a check for any net overpayment.

reitmanr | December 7, 2012

Wnen you get on the 2012 dlivery list, do they email you and change the Dashbord? Where on the Dashboard? Do they change the status listed there?
Just in case, I got the Pen Fed loan approval at 1.49%.
Now if my garage were ready! I would be much happier... figuring it,P7214, wil be here this year.

anpahwa | December 7, 2012

I'm kind of curious to know how many people that got this email got a subsequent delivery window on their dashboard. I'm p4863, and now suddenly have a delivery window of Dec 18-31. I have a feeling a lot of people have gotten similar windows, and given the inconsistencies in delivering within windows in the last couple months I don't know if I should get super excited or not...?

I'm a big supporter of the Tesla mission and a stock holder. But this "delivery before 2013" ordeal seems a bit like another protean Tesla maybe/maybe not situation...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and getting my finances in order. But I'm doing it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

echen | December 8, 2012

I got Dec 15-30, i'm P8538. looks too good to be true.

okie | December 8, 2012

I'm p 8,888. Got my window from Dec 15-31st. I was originally scheduled for feb/march delivery. Time to call the banker and electrician.

lolachampcar | December 8, 2012

Found the button on the My Tesla page. Clicked it and filled out the info. Got an email-


Estimated Pickup Window
Dec. 15th - Dec. 31st

Pickup Location
Dania Beach
1949 Tigertail Boulevard
Dania Beach, FL 33004

reitmanr | December 8, 2012

P7214 and no change on my dash!
85kwh nonperf pano pearl air 19" tech
why have I not been called for this year?
even delivery at factory has not helped
they asked, I said yes,....and nothing happened

ronlitvak | December 8, 2012

#2770 Regular 85K active air. I got the email and responded immediately and emphatically, but I've got no "finalize" button. In Denver, but it appears shipments are getting out to places other than the west coast, so I would think Denver would be a nice easy place to drop off my car. Not financing or trading in anything, so I would think that, if Tesla's looking for clean and easy transactions it can close before 12/31, I'd be getting the frigging button.

anthonytesla | December 8, 2012

#6873 - I got the email on Thursday and just checked my dashboard. Delivery is between Dec 15 and Dec 31. Trying to stay calm....

CarlE_P439 | December 8, 2012

Yes for 2012 of course! But my delivery window is Dec 23- Jan 6. Yikes!

Oliver in Seattle | December 8, 2012

I replied right away also, P2926, grey performance basically loaded, and no change in my dashboard. I am wondering if delayed or cancelled orders are being matched to identical configurations with higher reservation numbers.

Also noticed snow tires now sold out. Darn it!


TeslaModelSOwner | December 8, 2012

With folks in the 8k range getting their deliveries, I would have thought that others like me in the 12k would at least get a config email

Velo1 | December 8, 2012

Brian H,

But isn't the $7500 a tax credit, not a rebate as you state? It was explained to me that if I still owe taxes for 2012, then I get credit for what I owe up to $7500. So if I owe say $2500, i get a credit of $2500, and the balance of the $7500, which is $5000, I never get to get to take advantage of again. What am I missing?

So since my taxes are likely all paid up, and I may even get a return for over payment, I would not be able to use any of the $7500 available credit. Right? Thanks

bobinfla | December 8, 2012

Got my Delivery button today and also call from Tesla. I showed up as a Dec 15-31 window, but the way it was explained was that I should expect to see the car very early January. If the car is paid for and on the truck by end of year, then it will be a 2012 sale, so I can claim it on taxes this year. Very excited to be getting the car a few months earlier than expected, though I wish the garage I'm putting on was going to be done before the car shows up.

@Velo1 - My understanding is that as long as you owed a TOTAL of at least $7500 in taxes, then you get to take the full credit. So if your total tax bill was $10,000, but you've already paid in $9000, you would get the full $7500 credit (and a refund), would not be limited to just the $1000 owed when you file.

Velo1 | December 8, 2012

^Thanks for the clarification. There does seem to be confusion on this credit, not just by me, as I've seen some discussion indicating others have the same impression as I expressed above.

Velo1 | December 8, 2012

^^ I found a good explanation, and I was incorrect originally, bummer, as I could have had my car a month or two earlier.

Here is the site of as clear an explanation as I have seen:

TeslaModelSOwner | December 8, 2012

With all these deliveries I would love to just have a time to config email

Velo1 | December 8, 2012

Brian H and Bobinfla - thanks for the clarification. I revisited my email from Tesla and tried clicking "yes" to which I was taken to my Outlook to respond with the email about financing and trade-in. We shall see if this overrides my previous "No Thanks". Man, do I feel foolish, but perhaps things will work out for 2012 - stay tuned.

ghillair | December 8, 2012

E60 50: I think you are under estimating your wait. They have taken a few 7k and 8k 85kw air suspension to maximize 2012 deliveries and revenue. After the first of the year they will go back at start on
reds with any battery
non air Suspension
Then and only then reservations in the 12k - 13k range may or may not get in ahead of the Europeans.
Sorry to be a wet blanket but I think realisticly you are still looking at May/June.

sdalton | December 8, 2012

Tornado -

Congrats - #5462 here, also in Seattle!

So now I'm curious - What options did you get?

Mine is 85k Performance Black/Black Interior, Lacewood, Grey 21" Wheels, Pano Roof, CF Spoiler, Air Suspension, Tech Package, Sound Package, Twin Chargers, Paint Armor.

Pretty exciting to see all these delivery dates going out, it's gotten me very excited that the waiting is nearly over. But I'm bummed that I have not received a call or button yet. Sent my first inquiry about timing a day before the mass Dec/2013 email (To which I replied yes when I saw it an hour or so after it was sent) and they said they'd try for December but it may not happen.

Congrats to everyone getting the dates though, what an awesome gift for the season!

Sasha | December 8, 2012

Got the email, said "yes", delivery tomorrow! #610

tranhv68 | December 8, 2012

P8282. Got my email and I answered yes right away. Thanks to stevenmeifert for the heads up on the dashboard. I clicked it and was pleasantly surprised to find a delivery button. I clicked it and at the end I got a dec15 to dec31 window. Cool!

easydjr | December 8, 2012

I got the email too. P4051, 85 Perf Air. Unfortunately I'm traveling 12/20-1/3 and couldn't say "yes I want to Dec delivery", although I definitely want it asap. Now I'm worried that I won't see it until March, even though my most recent estimate was late January. Seems like I let a buch of higher production numbers jump ahead of me. Pretty frustrated.

sbern18 | December 8, 2012

Said yes to 2012 and will have home delivery. P2348

nora-te | December 8, 2012

We got the e-mail & said "yes"! Now we are running around arranging financing, since we are moved from a Feb. 13 - Mar. 13 delivery to a hopeful Dec. 15 - 31.

We only live about 30 minutes from the Fremont plant & will take delivery there. Looking forward to a factory tour.

#7729, 85 KW, Suspension, Pearl White. We have already named our car: Sir Costalot!

Brad Holt | December 8, 2012

I got my email Thursday as well and responded immediately. Haven't heard a peep back yet or seen any changes on my dashboard. :(
Fingers crossed: P#4559

MB3 | December 8, 2012

I tried to respond immediately but something seems different for me. My browser opened an email app to respond. Only the subject header had text, but that seemed normal to me so I sent it off. Unfortunately I didn't recognize it was sending from the wrong account. When I didn't hear anything back. I sent emails from the correct account explaining the situation. I still haven't heard back. What others are saying is they got directed to another page where they can input their loan and trade-in preferences. I didn't see anything like that.

Sadly, I think I may have missed this opportunity. I'm no worse off I guess. Still, it was exciting for a while.

olanmills | December 8, 2012

Wait, just to be clear, in order to respond, we basically just send an email to with the subject "YES, I want December delivery ASAP" and an empty body, right?

The first time I clicked the YES button, my email app opened a new email, but the subject was just "YES" and I sent that.

Seeing MB3's post, I checked it out again and noticed that the link is supposed to create an email with the subject line "YES, I want December delivery ASAP".

So I composed another email to with the full subject line.

Is that all we need to do?

Schlermie | December 8, 2012

MB3, Olan,

Yes. That's correct. The first step is to send that email. Make sure you send it from your email account that"s registered in your Tesla profile. Then Tesla enables the new button on your dashboard a day or two later which takes you to a more detailed questionnaire to fill out.

GaryOrlando | December 8, 2012

got the email #3248 ... performance with all the goodies. Said yes. Got a confirmation email of Dec 22 to Jan 5th for delivery.

Did the questionaire (its a new button on the design your car page).... paying cash, no trade, so should be an easy one.... however weren't we supposed to get the charger a month before the car ?

olanmills | December 9, 2012

Thanks for the confirmation, Schlermie. Because of that, I checked the My Tesla Dashboard, and sure enough, there was a 'Delivery' button there which allowed me to complete the questionnaire.

jat | December 9, 2012

@GaryOrlando - I think they had previously said the HPWC ships in January, so if you get your car before then you may have to do something temporary. In my case, I have a J1772 dock for my LEAF, so in the worst case I could simply share it between both cars (though that would be a pain) -- I would really hate to get a 240V/50A outlet installed that I would only use for a few weeks.

Unless they ask for more though, looks like I missed the cut by a few hundred reservations :(.

jat | December 10, 2012

Woohoo! I didn't get email asking about delivery this year, but I did get email saying to fill out the delivery questionnaire. With no trade-in and no financing, they gave me an estimated delivery window of Dec 15-Dec 31 -- I am totally stoked!

sdalton | December 10, 2012

#5462 - Just got my Schedule Delivery email! December 15-31 delivery window.

85k Performance
Grey 21" Wheels

jchangyy | December 10, 2012

Holy crap,

Someone from the other forum with P10,280 reported getting delivery window of Dec 15-30. He has performance version.

How's that possible?