Electrician - Atlanta, GA

Electrician - Atlanta, GA

Hey Everybody,

After I configured on 4/24 I went and bought a Wall Connector (

Then, I went looking for an electrician to put it in. Mind you this is not a technical discussion about electrical requirements... I'm an accountant.

My go-to HVAC, electrical, and plumbing provider is Casteel as I imagine a lot of you may also use. They were my first call, but after reading some reviews and forums I noticed that the prices are all over the place. Since Casteel has a $39 trip charge, I didn't want to pay them for an initial assessment. I called and asked for an idea... Well, let's just say they did not take amazing care of me that day.

So I went to the Tesla website ( and saw TE Certified Electricians. One of my partners has dealt with them on electrical issues before, so I called them up and made an appointment. They gave me a 30 minute call-ahead, the technician was great. Now, the price was a little more than I was expecting, but it's more because they obtain permits for all of their Tesla work. They get the necessary permit and take detailed notes and pictures to provide to Tesla in case there is ever any troubleshooting necessary. I don't have to get a new panel, and it will be installed about 15' away from the panel in my garage. The price comes out to right at $900 for installation.

While, Casteel fumbled on what was actually being installed, the TE technician said he has easily installed 50 Tesla chargers. They are installing it this Friday 5/18. I'll post back to let y'all know how it goes. But I hoped this would be a good line of conversation since there are many ATL Teslas still to be delivered.

As an accountant, a little side note... The federal tax credit for Level 2 charger installation (30%) is not currently in place for 2018. Here's hoping Congress gets that back in place soon...

rdavis | May 14, 2018

If you have Georgia Power they offer a $250 residential credit for lvl 2 charger install $ 500 for installation a business.

Have you asked for a 60A circuit in lieu of the 50 A? Shouldn’t cost much more.

Nash.david.a | May 14, 2018

Yes, it's 60A. And Georgia Power's rebate is considerable!

hokiegir1 | May 14, 2018

Also see if switching to the GA Power EV Rate plan is worthwhile for you. In most cases, it will be, but if you do a lot of stuff between 2 and 7pm in the summer months, it *may* not be. If you can do those things earlier or later, it should be beneficial.

rdavis | May 14, 2018

Hoklegir1... YES the EV rate from GA Power is pretty cheap for me at least. No on is home during the day and I shifted a few things to make sure 2-7 is good.

11pm to 7am Super off peak charge rate is 1.416 Cents per kWh... SUPER CHEAP!!!!. I schedule my Dishwasher to run during this time also. I wish I could schedule my clothes dryer too... Might need to check into a new one:)

2pm - 7pm PEEK RATE M-F June/July/August/Sept is a painful 20.3217 cents per kWh so you want to avoid this at all cost....

All other times are considered Off Peak and bill at 6.5865 cents per kWh, which still isn't bad.

Moving the car until after 11pm is a HUGE savings. Basically if I drive 15,000 miles per year and only charge it at home between 11pm and 7am. My cost would be $ 53.10 per year... or $ 4.43 per month ;) Now that's a HUGE savings over the $ 200 per month I was spending on my prior ICE car.

milmami | May 14, 2018

I have Arc Angel coming tomorrow for a similar set up at a similar price point. Seth, their "Tesla Guy" has done over 150 Tesla installations. Seemed like a good guy during the estimate. I don't expect any issues, but will report back tomorrow... Anyone have Sawnee and gotten a separate meter installed?

katarchie | May 14, 2018

I had TE Certified do my NEMA 14-50 outlet and they did a great job. Knowledgeable, fast, and professional. Agree it was a little more expensive than I was expecting, but they made it easy and convenient for me, so I went with it. (They even sent a thank you card with a Starbuck's gift card the week after installation).

The EV rate plan is awesome. I used 130 more kWh this April over last April however my bill was almost the same. I am also definitely enjoying keeping the AC nice and low over night! :) Agree with you on the clothes dryer, ha.

Nash.david.a | May 16, 2018


spuzzz123 | May 16, 2018

Rdavis that offpeak is crazy cheap. Perfect for EVs! You're practically driving for free. In central ohio, we don't appear to have peak vs offpeak rates. While it varies slightly month to month just appears to be around 13c per KwH regardless of time of day. I'm jealous

Nash.david.a | May 18, 2018

Hello Everyone. I’m just following up. The installation went smoothly, and now I have the very stylish Tesla wall connector on the wall next to my Honda Accord Hybrid... still no VIN...

I highly recommend TE Certified Electricians.

john.moses | October 15, 2018

Anybody know if the Georgia Power $250 rebate applies if I install a NEMA 14-50 outlet and just use my mobile connector?

pmclanahan | July 8, 2019

I realize this is an old thread at this point, but I just got my order in and have the same question as john.moses. I'm thinking of just getting the 14-50 installed so I can use the mobile connector as soon as I get the car, and then install the 14-50 Wall Connector once they're back in stock and I can get one. I think the rebate would apply if I buy the wall connector, but I'm not sure and the GA Power site isn't especially helpful on this question.

hokiegir1 | July 8, 2019

@pmclanahan - not sure about the rebate -- and for some reason, I thought it only went through Dec, but they may have extended it (I haven't looked) -- but make sure that if you plan to use a 14-50 outlet, you order/buy the 14-50 adapter, because it no longer comes with the car.

pmclanahan | July 8, 2019

@hokiegir1 Thanks! I didn't realize it didn't come with the car :( GA Power did extend it through Dec 31st 2019 (so far), so I'll submit and see what happens.

I'm guessing I need to order the 14-50 adapter from the Tesla shop as they're not likely to stock them at the delivery center, right?

hokiegir1 | July 8, 2019

Some people have had luck getting them at service and/or delivery centers, so you can check if you are close to one of them. Otherwise, yes, you'll need to order it online here:

thomaswde | July 10, 2019

I'm also super curious about the rebate for Georgia Power. All I need is a UMC on a NEMA 14-50 but obviously I'd like to get the rebate. If they do indeed require a receipt from where you actually purchased a charger it makes me wonder if buying a second UMC would suffice. That would provide a lower cost home charger solution and allow a backup UMC to stay in the car at all times.

rdavis | July 10, 2019

I think GA Power define level two as a 240 charging installation. I don't think the decaffeinate between a plug or a HPWC devise. At least I didn't see anything in their terms that would indicate that.

Here are the terms:

and here is the rebate form: