Best 19inch tire

Best 19inch tire

Thinking of getting the Goodyear Eagle Touring for my next tires. Would love to hear what others think is the best 19inch tire is? Just have a normal S60 looking for the quietest tire/durable.

pnajar | July 4, 2018

That’s the tire that came on my car. It’s quiet, it’s reasonably precise, and corners well.

Sailfast | July 4, 2018

They came on my 90D. There could be better, but they are fine. And at 17,000 miles, they still have
lots of tread.

Might be good foranlther 8000 miles.

hozz34 | July 4, 2018

I got the Michelin MXM4 from Costco mounted, balanced with tax for $860.00. It is a much better tire. Along with being a smoother, quieter and longer lasting ride.

johnyi | July 4, 2018

Eagle Touring is a quiet tire. I hear my front motor more than the tires. But it doesn't grip that well (I'm used to MXM4's on my other cars). Traction control kicks in on full throttle, even while already in motion, making for annoyingly slow throttle response for an EV. I've test driven 3 other MS's all with 21" wheels and summer tires and no such throttle lag so I know what to compare to. So far my MS doesn't corner as well as my Lexus hybrid either. Can't speak to wet traction, snow or hard braking yet. Unfortunately there's no data on them on to compare against other tires.

I'm looking forward to dumping these tires and getting something with more grip. but if you just like cruising in your car, these should work fine and I think they cost less than the others.

deemo | July 4, 2018

The OEM Eagle touring tires only lasted me to about 23k miles, changed to Pirelli P-zero All season tires, every bit as good as the Goodyear's (rated better by Tire Rack) with 40K tire wear warranty and a little cheaper. A set of tires was just over $600 installed.

MilesMD88 | July 4, 2018

Factory Michelin MXM4. 22K miles, still look new. Tesla SC adviser said I’m on pace to get 60K on these tires. Very quiet. Mostly highway miles. I agree with what “hozz34” said.
Had the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires on my wife's new supercharged Buick Regal. Wore out in less than 20K, and we’re very loud after 12K or so. Remembered telling myself to never purchase these tires again.
Michelin’s cost more, but are worth it. Have them on my Silverado, 60K miles and nowhere close to the tread depth for replacement.

trevor58 | July 4, 2018

I also vote for the Michelins. On my third set.

avesraggiana | July 4, 2018

Finallly! I’ve been waiting for people to tip their hand. So Michelin MXMs over Goodyear Eagle Tourings seems to be the building consensus?

I favour the Goodyear Eagle Tourings because of their quiet ride, but I’ve got nothing to compare them to. If the Michelins are quieter than the Goodyears, I’ll get those instead, come our first tyre replacement, which should be very soon.

p.c.mcavoy | July 5, 2018

I'm not sure I've heard anyone here comment that has actually had both the Eagle Touring and the Michelin MXM4 on their Tesla. I'm a little over 31,000 miles on my original Goodyears and also starting to contemplate what I put on it. The three key points I would like to understand from someone that has direct back-to-back experience on a MS is:

- Relative difference in tread life (that says you've needed to go through a set of each)

- Relative difference in energy consumption ... I've seen a suggestion in a different thread that maybe upwards of a 5% penalty for the MXM4 over the Eagle?? Don't know if fact or fiction

- Is there a noticeable different in noise level ... this is tough as you're likely comparing an old tire to a new tire and you never really hear the two back-to-back unless you have two sets mounted, drive on, swap, and then drive the other.

pnajar | July 5, 2018

I’ll pipe in since I’ve had both. I put the MXM4 on a P85D (2015) and found the to be quiet and precise and slightly better in traction than the Goodyear on my 100D. The Goodyear are the quieter tire. It’s hard to compare quietness since the 2018 100D is an inherently quieter and smoother riding car. Overall, if I had to buy a tire today I would have a hard time choosing between the two but would lean to the Michelin.

PhillyGal | July 5, 2018

I went 50k mines on the factory Michelin MXM4 so when I needed a second set, I was adamant about getting the same.

Even suffered the goofy aero wheels on my Model 3 because I liked the durability of them on the S and wanted them on the 3.

TesMD | July 5, 2018

I also echo what others have said. Had MXM4 Michellin on my old tesla and found those to be better than the new Goodyear tires that came with my new 75D. Definitely better traction and I got 43k miles out of my OEM Michellins which I thought was pretty good.

johnyi | July 5, 2018

Anyone running the newer Michelin Premier A/S? Or Pilot Sport A/S3+? They both top their respective categories on surveys. Curious how they compare to the MXM4's.

NOLEK SUM | July 5, 2018

Michelin, absolutely.

chancellor32 | July 5, 2018

Seems like I cant go wrong with either! Seems like the goodyears are the better option for quiet but the michelins last longer with tread. The real question is do I even think of taking the Tesla on a 900 mile round trip for vacation when the current tread depth is 4/32-3/32 or do I just take my ICE suv?? | July 5, 2018

Definitely prefer the Michelin Primacy MXM4. Given normal tire wear is around 30,000 miles, I would take the Tesla on your vacation chancellor32.

bryand | July 5, 2018

I have Michelin Primacy 3 Acoustic tyres on my (UK) Model S70D. These are foam-lined and are quieter than the OEM tyres, but all that means is that other noises become more obvious. So having quiet tyres isn't necessarily an advantage.

barrykmd | July 5, 2018

Michelin A/S 3+, 12K miles on them. Very pleased with them. Better handling than MXM4. Quiet. About 2% worse in energy use.

chancellor32 | July 5, 2018

Last minute decision as all the local discount tires were out of the Eagle's. Went with the Michelin Primacy MXM4 out with door with certs for $950 not to shabby right? lol

MilesMD88 | July 5, 2018

Great decision. You won’t be disappointed

ST70 | July 5, 2018

Good choice...I'll be getting my 3rd set soon....24K miles P85DL

rg22.vanhorn | July 6, 2018

I too vote for Michelin Primacy MXM4... have had great performance using them.

Tesltoronto | July 6, 2018

I just got Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tires for my MS. Had Michelin MXM4 as the OEM tires. Lasted for about 36000 miles.

Pirelli is extremely quiet and a very comfortable ride. Love it so far. Tierack ranks pirelli cinturato p7 all season plus higher than Michelin Premier A/S in all areas other than wet and snow performance (not much difference). I will be installing snow tires in winter so that did not matter to me.

jordanrichard | July 6, 2018

The potential problem with listening to Tirerack’s ratings is a given tire may not “behave” the same on one car as it would on another.

PatientFool | July 6, 2018

Does the MXM4 have the foam liner that the Grand Touring has to make it quieter?

Ddowns2050 | July 6, 2018

I've had both and was always a Michelin man. But I can not tell the difference. I think the goodyears that came on the S100D are just as good as the Michelin's, I got about 35K miles on both sets. One set was on an 85D the other on a 100D. No longer have the 85D.

Tesltoronto | July 6, 2018

I noticed that the energy consumption on the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus that I installed yesterday on my commute to work this morning was 240 miles / kwh. I have never received such low consumption ever on my Michelins in my two Model S that I have owned so far.

And before anyone draws any conclusion, I have no affiliation to Pirelli and this is the first set of Pirelli ever on any car that I have owned. I was seriously considering Michelin Premier A/S before I decided to install Pirelli.

I agree with bryand though. The Pirellis are very quiet but now I hear a lot of other noises the car makes like the Air Conditioning hum, wind noise, etc. But I prefer the low frequency noise to the shrill that I used to hear, especially on concrete roads.

johnyi | July 6, 2018

@PatientFool no the MXM4 does not have foam

On the Pirelli, they have a rep for wearing quickly. I did try them once (older model AS) and they did wear pretty fast so I went back to Michelin.

johnyi | July 6, 2018

@PatientFool no the MXM4 does not have foam

On the Pirelli, they have a rep for wearing quickly. I did try them once (older model AS) and they did wear pretty fast so I went back to Michelin.

Tesltoronto | July 7, 2018

Thanks johnyi. If my tire wears off before 30K miles I will definitely post it here. But from what I saw on tirerack and other places, it seems they sell more than Michelin Premier A/S.

eggbert747 | July 7, 2018

Have about 6 mos and 10K on my Pirelli's. Very quiet, no significant wear yet. Time will tell about long-term issues. Happy so far.

iranthas | July 8, 2018

Replaced OEM with Nokian ZLine A/S couple of months ago
Cheap and no significant range loss but steering feel could be better.

avesraggiana | July 19, 2018

@eggbert747. Can you say your Pirellis are quieter than the OEM Goodyear Tourings? The Goodyears that came with our Model S75D seem to have gotten noisier over time. They were acceptably quiet brand new, but 28,000 miles later, the road roar is more noticeable.

Mathew98 | July 19, 2018

@avesraggiana - I replaced my OEM Goodyear Eagles RS/A2 at 40K miles with the exact same OEM tires from Tirerack. It was $550 for the entire set + free install at Tesla SC. Normal price is about $160 for the SC to balance and install them.

Road noise? What road noise? Perhaps it was my DIY sound insulation project. Perhaps my S60 was assembled better than the newer S75D...

acegreat1 | July 19, 2018

2015 70D 70k miles on original Michelin Tires

acegreat1 | July 19, 2018

And still going on those originals

dano | July 19, 2018

@ acegreat1: Glad to hear you too are getting good wear out of the OEM Michelins. Seems like our 70D's are the best for tire longevity; I replaced mine at 66,760. Could've gotten more but with winter rains approaching opted for discretion.

I now have about 20k on A/S 3+ replacements. Still too early to tell how longevity will compare with the MXM4.

avesraggiana | July 19, 2018

@Mathew98. Oh, no. Too late! I’m sitting here in the customer lounge at Discount Tire, watching our S75D getting some new shoes. I was informed that the Pirelli Cinturato P7s are about to be discontinued, so I was steered towards a newer, slightly cheaper Pirelli which will replace the P7 Cinturatos. They’re the Pirelli Stradas, or something like that.

Total cost for four new tyres, at $199 per tyre, $1063.00 including ten years worth of “tire insurance,” $957.00 if I go without the insurance.

Why do I have the feeling I’m spending too much money again?

p.c.mcavoy | July 19, 2018

@avesraggiana - It won't make you feel any better, but I see that I can currently get a full set of the Goodyear Eagle Touring 245/45R19 98W tires installed via Sam's Club for $570. Yes, that's a full set of 4. Note that 'premium' installation package at Sams runs $15 per tire and includes lifetime balance/rotation, lifetime flat repair, and road hazard protection package.

avesraggiana | July 19, 2018

@p.c.mcavoy. Ouch. They’ve even got a bright red tarp pitched on the front lawn of the tyre store with a huge banner in white lettering that screams, “DISCOUNT TIRE. WE’RE CHEAPER THAN COSTCO!”

djlew8 | July 20, 2018

Have Goodyear Eagle Touring on 2018 S75D, now 5000 miles. Tread depth on all four tires is just a bit over 6mm (a bit over 7/32).
What is the "new" tread depth, and is 6mm left at 5000 miles somewhat typical wear? Thanks.

PatientFool | July 20, 2018

wow $570 for a set of 4 tires. That's cheap.

Don't all tires typically get noisier the more miles you rack up on them? Seems like the lower layers of rubber are harder or something and that's how they get them to last longer. Not sure if that's fact or not but it sure seems that way with most of these ~50k mile tires i buy.

Bertcoin | July 20, 2018

Stayed with the Tesla OEM'd Goodyear Eagle Touring (w/ foam) - actually at the recommendation of my trusted local Firestone dealer. Said the foam was a significant noise reducer. I was happy with the acceleration/cornering traction on a late 2016 MS 90D with the OEMs. They lasted 30k miles. I do like to accelerate fast, so probably cost me 10k miles of lead foot. Changed a little early (just about at the wear indicators) because of an unrepairable screw in the sidewall. $1,000 all in (North suburban Illinois).

p.c.mcavoy | July 20, 2018

@ djlew8 | July 20, 2018
Have Goodyear Eagle Touring on 2018 S75D, now 5000 miles. Tread depth on all four tires is just a bit over 6mm (a bit over 7/32).
What is the "new" tread depth, and is 6mm left at 5000 miles somewhat typical wear? Thanks.

Goodyear lists in the specs on their website tread depth at 9/32. I believe wear bars are at something like 2/32, so you have about 7/32 usable tread depth for wear. I was at about 4/32 at my last annual which is where my service center starts recommending. I personally tend to run them to about the wear bars. I'm approaching that now at 32k miles which is why I've started looking around. My 2016 refresh MS90D is at service at the moment and I asked whether they would recommend staying with the Goodyear or going to the Michelin Primacy MXM4. They told me they are recommending the Goodyear Eagle Touring and that I'm at my mileage is pretty typical of what they are seeing.

andrew.hicks | July 20, 2018

I'm a bit surprised to not see anyone talk about it, so I'll bring it up. Tread wear is all about how you drive the car. If you like the acceleration and regularly beat other cars off the line (not flooring it, but more than a very slow acceleration), you won't get 20,000 from any set of tires. Or at least I have not. I got 17k from my stock Goodyear touring (no warranty) and about 15k from the MXM4's (40k warranty tire). I've moved to Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3's now (also with a 40k warranty). All cost about the same. I assume its my acceleration that's killing the tires, but maybe also the Houston heat? Note, I measure the tread myself now and rotate the tires every 2-3,000 miles.

ST70 | July 20, 2018

@andrew.hicks- ha...captain obvious! When you measure your tread what determines when you rotate your tires every 2-3K miles?

MilesMD88 | July 20, 2018

Man, given the chance, I’m very sporty with acceleration in my 15 P85D. Great being 1st at red light. Anyway, 22K miles on my Mich Primacy’s and SC says I’m on pace to get 70K.
Don’t think it’s the heat because Atlanta gets hot as hell, my theory is the concrete. No concrete roads in north GA. All asphalt, and mostly very smooth. I’ve spent a lot of time in Houston, concrete everywhere. And it’s abrasive, like sandpaper. Maybe this is what’s chewing your tires up down there.

djlew8 | July 21, 2018

I run on CHILL mode assuming that will help reduce tire wear somewhat.

Tesltoronto | July 21, 2018

Chill mode? Really? I tried it but felt it took the fun of driving a Tesla.

ST70 | July 21, 2018

@djlew8- do you also pull out 4 of your spark plugs on your V-8 ICE?