India Delivery

India Delivery

Any idea when Model 3 will start delivering in India?

sureshsambandam | July 8, 2018

Any idea when Model 3 will start delivering in India?

lilbean | July 8, 2018


dmaini | July 8, 2018

Closer to 2021 when right hand drives will be ready. They might have a delivery center and service center in India by then. Currently I haven’t heard of any plans by Tesla on this. Looks like Indian govt is not very supportive of Tesla currently. What about the Tata electric car and Mahindra others??

ravisundaramam | July 8, 2018

Tata is following Tesla. It announced a 10 lakh rupees 320 km per charge car for the masses, but it the first production will be 480 km model with 25 lakh rupees price tag. I saw a model X being driven off a container in the Mumbai harbor. But not sure if is officially supported.

Tata could very well become the Tesla of India. They have announced Jaguar IPace for 2019 for the UK/USA markets.

vmulla | July 8, 2018

No word on Tesla's strategy for India. Tesla's CFO is from India, he's the person who has most influence on Tesla's India strategy. Previously there were some rumors about Tesla building a plant in India.
In my opinion, Model 3 LR is not the best car for India. Stripped down M3 standard range with limited autonomous features is the correct mix.

Nissan Leaf is getting there this year, it has a better balance of features for India. Also, Tata and Mahindra are upping their game and they have a native advantage there. Keep in mind gasoline cars will stop selling in India by 2025, so everyone will be vying for the market.

With the size of the market in India it makes sense for Tesla to set up design and manufacturing plant in India. That will also help avoid import duties.

emeralda2 | July 8, 2018

Mostly off topic, but I am most eager to hear how Teslas will perform on Indian streets. Testing the edges/boundaries of air-suspension on Indian potholes... Tesla vision currently classifying bicyclists (cows?/auto rickshaws?) as cars... The neural net system will rapidly get some wonky outlier training data, most likely for the betterment of the overall system.

Seriously though, I do hope they enter soon, and give Tata’s and Mahindra’s engineers a worthwhile teardown unit so those folks know how to do it right! :)

ravil.desai | July 9, 2018

@emeralda2 Obviously enhanced auto pilot would be a worthless feature in India not only in streets of major cities there, but even on highways over there, the whole auto lane changes would just not work that well. Yes, there are certain new expressways there, where some of this would work, but just the discipline of highway driving is just not there.

My other concern would be the charging stations. I mean I can see them putting those charging points right next to various "Dhabas" over there.

vmulla | July 9, 2018

I suggested Tesla should have a design center specifically for India because there are several things that need to be done differently to fully capture the market. The Model 3 as-is would do fine, India is a huge market for luxury cars BMWs, Merc, Volvo, Audi are dominating that segment, and Tesla would do fine as well. However, strong sales does not mean that the cars are well suited for the situation - I think Teslas as they are now would be an overkill.
To fully capture the Indian market (and its HUGE) I think a higher stance, less tech, lesser range, and more ground clearance would provide the optimal mix. The lower end of Model Y would be the right car in my opinion - AND that's probably the right car for much of South East Asia.
Some basics:
- Very few people drive long distances at high speeds in India, so range isn't as much of an issue in India 150 miles is adequate.
- The country is wired at 240V
- Speeds are lower

Some notions about India that need to be revised:
- Roads are getting much better. There is a huge investment in highway network - think on the scale of building the interstate network in the USA.
- There is a strong will from every quarter to move past antiquated technologies, this as an opportunity to leap frog into new technologies while improving manufacturing potential
- Solar is HUGE, one thing India has a lot of is sunshine - and the potential for Tesla in this area is vast.
- Finally all cars sold in India have to be electric after 2025 - Its not a choice.

So, Tesla is a natural fit for India - just not as-is. With the market as huge as it is with the fastest growing solar installations, 3rd largest automobile market, and a 6th of the worlds population. Tesla in India will be a win for everyone, and I think Tesla will get into that market in 2021/22 (My opinion, not from any source)

jabir | February 19, 2020

ANY idea when the deliveries to India will start?? Any Plans? or Dropped?

Prashanthsharma | February 19, 2020

I am at a loss as to how EVs will function in India at all..

Given that most cars in India are not parked in closed/ covered garages where overnight charging can occur, the absence of a public L3 charging network becomes essential. Since neither of those exist, EVs (in their current state) are not practical in India at this time.

Of course, autopilot will simply not function there either due to the lack of consistent pattern/ rules based traffic and congestion.

Dont get me wrong, if India can go EV that would be awesome, but I just dont see it happening without these issues being resolved.

People simply dont buy cars in India for commuting. Cars are a major expense so they need to be able to go long distances and that requires a public fast-charging (read L3) network in place

Prashanthsharma | February 19, 2020

Correction "the absence of a public L3 charging network becomes a gating factor".

Lonestar10_1999 | February 19, 2020

If you hire a driver, which many people do in India, then there is no need for a functioning Autopilot.

Prashanthsharma | February 19, 2020

@Lonestar10_1999 - While its true to some extent, since drivers dont work 24x7, most people I know that have drivers do drive themselves when the driver is not on around.