Garage Auto Opens, won't Auto Close

Garage Auto Opens, won't Auto Close

My sister just picked up her Model 3 (with 2018.24.8) last week. I've had mine for a couple of months (2018.21.9).

My garage door opens when I approach and closes when I leave, just as it's supposed to. Hers does not.

It opens fine when she approaches. The HomeLink indicator shows "Opening in 10 feet" etc, and then the door opens. But when she leaves, it never even shows the HomeLink indicator that closing is pending. She can reach up and touch the icon, then touch Home, and it closes just fine, but for some reason the car doesn't seem to know that she is leaving home.

Any ideas, suggestions? We reprogrammed the opener, and reset position and distance a couple of times, to no avail.

Chris35 | July 22, 2018

Strange. Have her program your garage door opener into her car and vice versa. If the opposite occurs then you know it’s her garage door system. While I can’t help in how to solve the problem, at least it will tell you there’s nothing wrong with the M3 and her garage door system works differently than yours.

Rnakkana | July 22, 2018

Try to reprogram again. I think mine also did the same the first time I programmed it.

Atoms | July 22, 2018

Join the club. Exactly same as mine. It does not try to close even. It’s not an issue with my programming the HomeLink. So must be a firmware issue. Taking into SC in another week for this and other issues. Have a number of other firmware issues as well.

Madatgascar | July 22, 2018

Check the light bulb in the garage door opener. If it is an LED, it may interfere with the Tesla’s signal. Try replacing it with an old fashioned incandescent bulb.

Opening the garage door works because the light is off when the signal is sent. Closing doesn’t work because the light is on when the “close” signal is sent.

Madatgascar | July 22, 2018

CFLs can have the same interference issues BTW.

Magic 8 Ball | July 22, 2018

@Madatgascar I like your working assumption. They say they can close the door manually with the TESLA. Do you think the automatic signal would be different than the automatic? Maybe weaker or ???

Magic 8 Ball | July 22, 2018

Meant to say automatic different than manual?

stevenmaifert | July 22, 2018

There are separate Homelink settings for auto open and auto close. Make sure both are selected.

Madatgascar | July 22, 2018

@magic - OP may have a different problem, but changing the light bulb worked for me. They may have tried the manual control after the light timed out.

Atoms | July 23, 2018

Manual open and close using HomeLink works with no problem. Only auto close is an issue. It is clearly a software issue since auto close does not pop up on the screen like the auto open pops up allowing for a skip of open or close. Firmware bug in 24.7.

Magic 8 Ball | July 23, 2018

@Madatgascar That is good information. Light bulb interfering with signal would be something most, including myself, would probably not think about. How the heck did you figure that out?

GoodOmens | July 23, 2018

Simple - take out the light and see if you still have the issue :)

Magic 8 Ball | July 23, 2018

Definitely simple to test I am wondering how Mada' thought the light could be an issue in the first place.

Daryl | July 23, 2018

That's an ingenious suggestion, programming each car to the other's garage to see if the problem is the car or garage door opener. We will try that.

Regarding the discussion that it might be the bulb, as Atoms points out, it works when manually pressing the icon, but the HomeLink "Auto-close in 10 feet" message never shows up, so it's clearly either the GPS, or something else in the car.

GoodOmens | July 23, 2018

Oh sorry - I misread your statement. LED bulbs are a known cause of electromagnetic interference. It depends on a wide variety of factors (e.g., some do and some do not) which is why it may or may not be causing the issue.

wade.wilson | July 23, 2018

Could be GPS issue. Try resetting the GPS location. Does she back out of the garage?

jcxg | July 23, 2018

@Daryl I have same FW as you. I have a somewhat similar problem, but it doesn't always happen. The auto-open works every time, but the auto-close is sporadic. When I'm in my garage and leaving I immediately know whether it will work or not when I put the car in drive as the auto-close dialog will appear (or not). Haven't spent any time trying to figure it out.

Atoms | July 23, 2018

Sounding like a memory leak or overlapping memory locations for variables. The status of “skipped open” carries over to “skipped closed” even though I never request close and no prompt to skip close pops up. Given that it is sporadic for some and never works for me is making it sound not like a coding logic error but an error in memory management by the programmer. One of the major weaknesses of programming in C. Maybe need code reviews before release.

Rick.warp | July 24, 2018

I have exactly the same experience. Auto-close worked the first 2-3 times, then notified us that it auto-skipped closing thereafter.

mlspropertiesllc | July 24, 2018

Mine works great for about 2 days and then nothing works, I've reprogrammed 3 different times with the same result, works great for 2 days and then poof..... nothing, won't open, won't close. Anyone else experience this?

czamara | July 24, 2018

I find that auto-close doesn't always work when leaving. It's not a reception issue; the auto-close notification doesn't pop up on the screen at all. I get the feeling there is some rule about when it will be used, like the timing of when you turn on the car, open the garage and start backing out, but I haven't figured it out yet. Hopefully this gets improved in an update.

rtboi | July 24, 2018

Same issue with me. I setup my garage door a couple days back and the auto-close does not work. The auto-open works correctly.

SalisburySam | July 24, 2018

Add me to the list: auto-open works every time, auto-close has yet to work. Have 24.8 as delivered 5 days ago. Garage door had a 100-watt equivalent LED which I changed to better. Hoping that 26.1 might fix if and when I get it. If not, I’ll create a list of things for the SC. To date, I have nothing else for that list.

Daryl | July 24, 2018

I'm the OP. I have done a little research that may shed some light on this issue.

I didn't realize it, but the more recent versions of HomeLink are 2-way. The garage door opener can inform the car of its condition (up or down). This requires that the car be able to communicate with the opener.

With a CFL or possible LED bulb in the opener, it can interfere with radio waves. The opener might be able to receive the raw signal to close, but it might not be able to establish a handshake with the car to inform it of its condition..

If the car is waiting for that handshake before preparing to auto-close, it might explain the problem. When you are leaving hoime, the light is always going to be on. When you come home, usually not.

After my sister took out the bulbs in her opener, it started working well. We'll follow up on this to see if it really made a difference, or if it was a coincidence.

To those suggesting bulbs as the source of the problem, I apologize!

neil.weinstock | July 24, 2018

Mine has the same problem. Auto-close has never closed it. When leaving, it never "dongs" to indicate it even tried.

I don't know if LEDs in the opener are the reason or not, but manually hitting close works every time. The idea of a 2-way Homelink handshake that is getting disrupted is interesting, but I dunno. My opener is at least 10 years old, when did 2-way Homelink roll out?

js1000 | July 24, 2018

BTW, there are expensive ($9) LED bulbs at Home Depot that claim to have no interference with the garage door signal. They are marketed by Genie and sold in aisle with the garage door hardware and supplies.

bakemono415 | July 24, 2018

Are you guys opening the garage with the Homelink in the car or with the button on you wall? Maybe you need to open the garage with the homelink in the car then back out the garage and it then knows to auto close.

wade.wilson | July 24, 2018

Have you tried a hard reboot?

I would try going to the HomeLink settings. Disable the auto open/close option. Dismiss the menu. Then go back in and enable the options.

CharleyBC | July 25, 2018

Same issue here, and I’ll try the bulb thing, but I’m skeptical in our case. We do have CFLs in the opener, but it is 14-35 years old. I assume it’s too dumb to do 2-way communication anyway.

But here’s a thought: regardless of interference from bulbs, is the Tesla expecting 2-way communication, not getting it, and thus doing nothing?

Madatgascar | July 25, 2018

@Charley, garage door remotes have been doing two-way communication for a long time. Can’t hurt to try it! Oh, and don’t put a 100 watt incandescent in there, it might melt the plastic cover. Found that out the hard way.

jnsritchie | July 26, 2018

Same issue. And then the old hand held remote stopped functioning. I deleted all connection memories, re-connected hand held and M3, everything works.

Atoms | July 28, 2018

I did everything suggested here and still no luck with auto close. Replaced bulbs with low EMI genie bulbs. Reset the MCU. Unchecked and checked checkboxes, etc. the Tesla can see the garage door 2-way communication about 1000ft as I drive away as shown by green illumination of HomeLink icon. But it won’t even pop up a window to allow skipping auto close. I can open and close manually all day long with the Tesla, but auto close just won’t function. Must be a coding problem or bits in memory are not functional. Wonder if the MCU performs a full memory check at least on updates. Defective memory I needs to be check for once in a while.

Waited4ever | July 28, 2018

I think M3 has some issues with Homelink when Auto-open/close is set up. I turned off that feature and just open it manually. Even then, Homelink sometimes won't send out signal so I have to reboot the car. Tesla needs to update this.

CharleyBC | July 29, 2018

I am a converted skeptic. HomeLink wasn't even trying to close the garage door on exit. The little message about "closing in X feet" never appeared. Nothing.

I swapped out the light bulbs in the opener. They had been CFLs. I put in a couple of crusty old incandescents. But surely this ancient garage door opener didn't do any kind of two-way communication such that the CFLs were interfering with the signal to the Tesla.

Wrong! Automatic close on departure is now three for three. I changed nothing on the car. Just swapped the bulbs. If you're having this problem, give this solution a try. Many thanks to those who suggested and explained it!

Atoms | July 30, 2018

Auto close started working a few days ago all of a sudden. Now it stopped. I noticed it tried to do an auto close when the car was in the garage and when just outside the garage. Afraid it will hit car.
My current thought is that the coordinate reference for auto close is not the same for auto open! Very odd, but that is how it operated. Not activating auto close would be explained by this hypothesis. It is definitely a Tesla programming issue since I changed bulbs and there is no issue opening or closing manually with the Tesla HomeLink and auto open works every time at the correct spot.

wade.wilson | July 30, 2018

@Atoms - Have you try to reset the gps position of the garage?

Atoms | July 30, 2018

Yes, reset position multiple times. No effect. I reset the position outside the garage. What I need to do is rest the position in a large empty parking lot to map out where the reference position for auto open is located relative to the reset position.

jamespompi | July 31, 2018

Does anyone know if the homelink would work for a gate opener? I have a mighty mule opener for the front gate..

Debra.schaeffer | August 27, 2018

August 27, 2018 Picked up my Model 3 today. Manual open and close was super easy to program. Auto-open and auto-close don't work at all, even after doing a couple of resets.

Atoms | August 27, 2018

Set up an appointment online. Ranger will come out. Mine now works 95% of the time on FW 32.2. Did not auto close on receipt of the car.
Make sure you reset further from the garage door so it closes later. Make sure you have latest firmware.

Drjj | December 20, 2018

I have a similar but yet stranger issue. Like others in this discussion, my model 3 Homelink opens my garage as I approach but no longer closes it as I back out in the morning. I do have an LED bulb BUT in my scenario I don't believe that's the issue. 1. I had theLED bulb in the operator before I received my Model 3 and it worked fine until a couple of weeks ago. (We've had the car for a few months) When I leave in the morning I see the auto garage close window on the Tesla screen BUT as soon as I put my car in reverse that window disappears. 2. To make my situation odder, I have 3 profiles on our Tesla. Mine, my wife's and my son's. The auto garage close works on their profiles, just not mine. I created a new profile for me, deleted the old profile and the problem persists. In case you're wondering the box is checked off for auto close. Any advice would be appreciated.

nikhilm_2000 | December 20, 2018

Even weird situation for me. It auto closes when I approach and closes when i leave the house. The problem is, when I park the car inside the garage, it does not auto-close the garage door. However, if I park outside my garage and then use summon to roll the car inside, it auto-closes the door as soon as it completes the summon. Anyone know why this is and how can I make it auto-close once I have entered the garage?

cmh95628 | December 20, 2018

I recall that there is a distance setting too in the firmware I had when I got my car two months ago. Play with that. I have mine set to the maximum, and it works fine. I never had the "won't close on exit" issue.

pattonbv | January 3, 2019

jamespompi....did you ever get your answer about Homelink working for your Gate Opener?

Yes it will will do ANY remote system. The only limitation is the quantity. That number is set at three by Homelink, not Tesla..

Just program your Gate Opener the same way you would program the Garage Door Opener.

wiboater4 | January 3, 2019

nikhilm_2000 They don't have auto close in homelink after you enter the garage. Summon is set up seperate but you can just hit the homelink button and close it once your in . Maybe they'll add what you want later in a software update. I just close mine with the opener that came with the garage door from my house.