For cars with EAP, is it possible to do regular old "dumb" cruise control?

For cars with EAP, is it possible to do regular old "dumb" cruise control?

Anyone out there who has already taken delivery and has the EAP option, is it possible to do regular old "dumb" non-traffic-aware cruise control, in case I wanted to for some reason?

Chris35 | July 30, 2018

I know you'll get TACC or dynamic cruise control. This is better than the old "dumb" cruise control anyway. It's just one pull on the stalk.

PaceyWhitter | July 30, 2018

No, it is not. Why would you want it? TACC works like normal cruise control except it doesn't let you rear end things. Do you want to rear end things? I guess there is always the old accelerator pedal for that.

1scallawag | July 30, 2018

I love TACC and use it all the time. One down side is sometimes after using it I almost forget to break when its not on. If this is a real problem to someone they may wish for the Dumb CC.

jd123579 | July 30, 2018

@PaceyWhitter Thanks for answering my question.

Insofar and rear-ending things, I've always just used my eyes and brain to keep from rear-ending things.

djharrington | July 30, 2018

@jd, that sounds like a neat trick. Before TACC, I also had to use my foot or my hands to avoid rear-ending things. You must be more connected to your car than I am!

jjgunn | July 30, 2018

Hahahah - 1 of the more interesting questions I've seen on the forum.

Jiver | July 30, 2018

What happens to TACC if the sensors are blocked due to snow or something else? Do you lose CC altogether? Dumb CC would be nice to have in this situation.

derotam | July 30, 2018

Finally, an actual use case for Dumb CC... I agree @Jiver if there is some sort of failure in the TACC sensors or some blockage, however: if there is a blockage due to snow, you probably shouldn't be using cruise control at that time anyway.

lcneed | July 30, 2018

Since all the cars have the same hardware, the difference between TACC and Dumb CC is just software. Dumb CC would just bypass the keeping distance part of the algorithm. So that means, if the sensors are blocked causing the car to disable TACC, it will still probably disable Dumb CC.

I don't understand the logic wanting dumb CC and not TACC. TACC will pretty much do the same thing as dumb CC if you set the distance to 1. It will brake when you come very close to the car in front, but you are going to do it anyway manually.

CST | July 30, 2018

Yes, the manual says that you can do this.

lilbean | July 30, 2018

I do wish it had dumb CC so the phantom braking wouldn’t occur.

Jiver | July 30, 2018

@derotam I am guessing that you have never driven roads like Steamboat to Colorado Springs in the winter. It can be snowing heavily over Rabbit Ears Pass on US 40 and through the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 and then the roads can be quite clear by the time you get to Idaho Springs. Your car can be caked with snow and ice but the roads clear and dry. Your car will remain caked in snow until you can get it in a garage or have a sunny day or two. In this case the roads are fine for CC but the car may not do TACC.

czamara | July 30, 2018

TACC speeds up to the speed limit when you engage it instead of keeping the current speed, which may not always be what you want. I like TACC but i can see cases where it would be nice to have a brain-dead "just do what I say" old-fashioned cruise control instead.But I wouldn't want to have to press once for that, twice for TACC, three times for Autosteer; it would need an easy way to switch between dumb and smart cruise control. I doubt we will ever get this feature, but you never know.

vmulla | July 30, 2018

" it possible to do regular old "dumb" non-traffic-aware cruise control, in case I wanted to for some reason?"

What would be the 'some reason'?

rxlawdude | July 30, 2018

In my last two Priuses, you could either use the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCR) in "smart mode" (it would follow the lead car down to 20mph and then disengage, and could not engage from a stop, so not too smart), but a push on the stalk the other way put it into "classic" (dumb) cruise control.

I can see having an option, but I don't see myself using the dumbed down mode much.

Jiver | January 23, 2019

Experienced this for the first time last Friday. There was a good sized storm over Monument Hill between Colorado Springs and Denver. It took me 2.5 hours to get over Monument. During that time my front sensors were caked with snow and ice. After Monument Hill conditions improved tremendously. The roads became clear and perfectly safe for cruise control. However, TACC prevented me from using cruise control at all because of the blocked sensors. It was only after stopping in Denver and peeling off the ice that TACC became available again.

Thus the answer is that if you have EAP and your sensor are covered then you will not have any cruise control at all.

andy.connor.e | January 23, 2019

Really? Not even regular cruise control would work?

CorkChop | January 23, 2019

Regular cruise control. I bet you bought a key fob too and complain about iPhone and the rest of the industry removing the mini audio plug.

Jiver | January 23, 2019

@andy.connor.e Yes. My experience was that no cruise control is available on an TACC equipped car if the sensors are blocked.

coselectric | January 23, 2019

@Jiver, interesting observation. I agree that it might be convenient to be able to use dumb cruise control mode if the sensors are blocked by snow, but that situation is relatively unusual (although maybe less unusual here in Colorado than most places since the weather tends to change rapidly). EA autosteer doesn't work in snowstorms either, and I just chalk that up to an infrequent inconvenience.

It could be worse, too. I had a Nissan rental while my Tesla has been in the shop to repair a cosmetic delivery issue, and during that snowstorm you referenced (I live in north COS) the Nissan would set off a shrill alarm with a dire warning on the dash screen whenever the car got below about 10 mph. I think it was sensing the falling snowflakes as an impending collision. Worse yet, I don't see Nissan pushing out an OTA update to fix that one; we can at least hope for Tesla enhancements to improve the cruise control, although I doubt this would be very high priority for Tesla to provide an update for.