Outdoor charger

Outdoor charger

I am a home owner but I don't have a garage. Any advice for installing an outdoor charger? Thanks!

RIP ICE | August 9, 2018

The Tesla wall connector is weatherproof. Mine is installed on an outside wall of the garage.

Just_Ted | August 9, 2018

I park on a concrete pad behind my row-house (townhouse if you are not in the mid-Atlantic). My Tesla charger is mounted on a fence post and has functioned perfectly. Passed inspection from the county, the Wall Connector is rated for outdoor use.

It still feels weird the first couple of times plugging/unplugging in the rain, though.... (Intellectually I know that the connection is well sealed, and the electricity doesn't flow until the handshake is complete between handle and charge port, it just feels un-natural...)

eplaskett | August 9, 2018


I am right there with you. I charge indoors, in my garage, with my indoor-mounted wall connector that was installed by a Tesla-certified electrician and inspected by the city. Yet when it has rained and my car is wet, I find myself wiping the car down around and above the charge port before plugging in. I know it's irrational but I simply can't help myself.

OP, to reiterate what the others said, the Wall Connector is the way to go.

RIP ICE | August 9, 2018

LOL. I wash my car with a hose sprayer while it's charging!

PhillyGal | August 9, 2018

A long time owner right in the heart of downtown Philly has had his HPWC outside for years. All good in the hood!

Rocky_H | August 9, 2018

If people would think about it for a second, they would realize that almost all of the Tesla wall connectors at hotels are installed outdoors. That's what they are meant for.

Daniel S | August 9, 2018

I installed and use an outdoor NEMA 14-50 outlet and it has done fantastic so far. There's no need for a wall connector in my opinion. I use my garage as storage so I don't have one either and always park it in the driveway.

I charge my car like once every 4 days and it charges at 28 miles per hour so one night is more than enough to fill it up.

MQM | August 9, 2018

Thanks everyone! Great information here!

TinyCricket | August 9, 2018

We debated about putting in a NEMA 14-50 vs. Wall Charger. Chose to go with the wall charger at the end of the day, since we're pretty sure we'll be buying more Teslas, and the wall charger just looks prettier and has a longer cable as well.

Wall charger is outdoors. Will plan on using a tire cover ($10 @ amazon) to keep it clean and protected when not in use. Don't want to deal w/ cleaning up dirt, bugs, and grime that accumulates over time.

detayls | August 9, 2018

RIP ICE, don't be a Goon. Your charger is wired for 240 volts and a lot of amps. Are you nuts?

RIP ICE | August 9, 2018

@detayls- I’m not dead yet. Also, I read the instructions. Did you?

billlake2000 | August 9, 2018

Outside wall chargers have a 9.013% chance of being struck by lightning during a heavy rain. Also a 6% chance of a great blue heron nesting on it come spring.

N8778204151 | August 9, 2018

I installed 2 14-50 NEMA, 1 indoor and 1 outdoor, with city permission. total cost is about 1700$. 8ft from panel.

detayls | August 10, 2018

RIP ICE the instructions say avoid hitting the charge port with high pressure water. All you need to do to do that is fall on your ass as you spray!

Enjoyed the Holy Grail reference.

aostvapk | June 7, 2019

I just come across this charging issue that I haven't faced till date. But yes, It's always better to have an alternative method for outdoor charging. I have watched in a movie regarding this on too.

Hugues1965 | June 7, 2019

Sorry, can't start new thread as my M3 is only arriving next week-end, but still related. My wall connector is already connected outside, ready to charge. But one question: technically, anybody could come and charge their car if I'm not at home, right ? I'm not too worried about that honestly, but isn't there a way to setup some kind of PIN code so that my wall connector can only charge MY car. Surely some people somewhere would need a function like this.

Goldie | June 7, 2019

I put a small awning on my wall charger to keep it dry.

Just_Ted | June 7, 2019

Hugues1965: I placed my HPWC on the house side of the fence, not visible from the alleyway. Also, when I god out of town, I pop the breaker off.

Iwantmy3 | June 7, 2019

That is an interesting question, but really, they would have to sit in my driveway on the verge of getting caught at any time for several hours just to steal $5-$10 of electricity. That seems like a crime that would only be done out of desperation by someone out of charge and without other options.

gmkellogg | June 7, 2019

Hughes, I'm not sure there's enough logic in the wall chargers to do that. It'd be easier to build some sort of lock box for it that fits around.

Tronguy | June 7, 2019

@Hugues1965: If you've got the TWC, you've got a breaker on the inside of the house to pop. Just pop the breaker.
If you're going to be flipping it back and forth often, then find a switch capable of the current and voltage and wire it in series, inside the house, and, once again, you're done.

Randyb359 | June 7, 2019

I don't worry about it. I figure no one is going to use it to charge unless they are in desperate need of a charge in which case I would let them if the asked.

kevin_rf | June 8, 2019

Personally, a good bike lock on the cable will deter the majority...

I do think not having a built in way to lock out the wall connector is a mistake. Never underestimate the lengths people will go to save five cents.

I hear the lines at Dunkin Donuts where insane for free donut day on June 7th.

ODWms | June 8, 2019

"Never underestimate the lengths people will go to save five cents.

I hear the lines at Dunkin Donuts where insane for free donut day on June 7th."

Preach!!! Insanity!

bjrosen | October 26, 2019

Goldie@ Where did you get that awning, it seems like a good idea. I've had a ClipperCreek for three years with no issues and now I've added a Tesla Wall Charger. ClipperCreeks are built like tanks but the Tesla's are supposedly less robust (Rich Rebuilds has a video on them and he says the seals aren't very good).

On the topic of someone stealing electricity, that's a non-issue. EVs are expensive, Tesla's even more so, so it's highly unlikely that anyone who drives one is so hand to mouth that they would risk parking their car in a strangers driveway for a few hours just to save $10 on electricity. The only reason that someone might want to do this is because they are desperately low on charge and can't get to a Supercharger or a public charging station. Under those circumstances I cant imagine that they wouldn't knock on the door and ask, and if someone asked me under those circumstances I'd certainly say yes because that's what a good citizen does. However I'm not listing my EVSEs on Plugshare because that does invite people to use you just to get free charging.

EVRider | October 26, 2019

@bjrosen: Most Tesla wall connectors at destination charging locations are outdoors, so I would be skeptical about the “seals aren’t very good” claim.

Tesla2018 | October 26, 2019

The sales center has wall connection type chargers out in the 100 degree sun and they are subject to tropical downpours. Have also seen them at Killington which gets below zero and tons of snow, so they are pretty robust.

mrburke | October 26, 2019

My wall connector has been outdoors for over a year now and it looks & works like new.

mknewman | November 12, 2019

Mine is outdoors. It's been through hurricanes.

WEST TEX EV | November 12, 2019

Just register your charger on PlugShare. Put cash collection box.

St☰v☰ | November 12, 2019

So just curious, but those of you that have a plug outside, how do you keep others from using it while you're gone?

hokiegir1 | November 12, 2019

@Steve - in the nearly 2 years since our wall connector was installed, we've never had an issue of someone trying to plug into it. Hell -- we had one for 6 months (J1772 at that) before we got the car where we would have LOVED someone to plug in just so we could test it. We swapped that one out for the Tesla HPWC about a year ago, and still no one.

jeffcleanair | December 23, 2019

Just a quick note, generally speaking rain water will not conduct electricity. Water must contain minerals to conduct electricity so it’s a common misconception. See this short semi comical video. This is from an electrician friend of mine out in Ocala fl.

Goldie | December 23, 2019

@bjrosen, got it at home depot and used folding self bracket to attach and silicone where it meets the wall.

Goldie | December 23, 2019

@bjrosen, got it at home depot and used folding self bracket to attach and silicone where it meets the wall.

virgored | January 18, 2020


I have a 32AMP commando wall socket that you can padlock when on or off

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bjrosen | April 9, 2020

I've now been through a full winter with a TWC on the side of my house, it came through fine. I also have a ClipperCreek that's now been through four winters without a problem. I'm not concerned anymore.

Zeus140 | April 21, 2020

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