YATK Yet Another Tesla Killer hyped...

YATK Yet Another Tesla Killer hyped...

More anti-Tesla bias on CNN today, one talking about the next Tesla Killer, the other implying the Tesla BOD isn't on board with going private.

But this "Tesla Killer" article goes beyond the pale.

"Nio boasts that the ES8 also offers customers some Tesla-esque features and perks, including an in-car artificial intelligence system and a charging portal that it says will let drivers change their car batteries in just three minutes."

Charge an EV in just three minutes? I gotta see that. | August 14, 2018

Actually Nio has real product. I've sat in one of the rare ES8s in the USA. Not a bad car - didn't quite seem up to Tesla standards, but it wasn't far off. Some features a bit too cute, but overall a reasonable product. Styling wasn't as nice as Tesla either, but not a frugly compliance vehicle either. Front view shown is the worst angle on this car.

The trick with a 3 minute charge is by battery replacement. Tesla already went down this road with an automated battery swap station and few owners found any value in it. The battery exchange stations were very expensive to make and retain an inventory of charged batteries ($5M or so?). Anyway, it is one way to have a quick charge, but a costly way. The capital costs to make a lot of battery swap stations is another reason why it may never take off - but it is doable.

rxlawdude | August 14, 2018

@TTap, thanks for the perspective. But that battery exchange idea is DOA.

Yodrak. | August 14, 2018

I didn't see that as a "Tesla killer" article. I seemed to me to be a straightforward presentation of the Nio, and the company itself seemed to make a realistic presentation of its product and its goals.

ravisundaramam | August 14, 2018

rxlawdude "Charge an EV in just three minutes? I gotta see that."

The key technology enabling this feature is a combination of font selection and micro printing.

Only after purchasing the car the user will notice the feature says chaNge the battery in 3 minutes not chaRge the battery in 3 minutes. Font will be smaller than the one they use in insurance contracts.

ravisundaramam | August 14, 2018

The article says the Nio SUV sells for 65000$ and implies the most basic model X in China costs twice as much. But Tesla faces 20% tariff. So it is 100K for X and 65K for Nio.

SamO | August 15, 2018

Charge ≠ Swap

#Pravduh | August 15, 2018

Thinking about it more, every Tesla can charge in 3 minutes today - from home! Note I didn't say fully charge. You can plug in, wait 3 minutes and unplug. You've now charged in 3 minutes. Not all that impressive, but sounds good.

rxlawdude | August 15, 2018

@TTap, that was what I initially thought, too. The time to plug it in.

As others have pointed out, it's a battery swap in 3 minutes, with absolutely no details on actual charging.

@Yodrak, the term "Tesla Fighter" is in the title of the referenced link. ;-)

reed_lewis | August 15, 2018

If you read the article, it does say 'change' the battery, not charge.

So the article is accurate.

carlk | August 15, 2018

"Tesla Fighter" is still better than "Tesla Killer" although most of them should be called "Tesla Wannabe". Either way the more of them the better. I actually think a decade or two from now you will see most surviving auto companies be new comers instead of traditional auto companies transitioning from ICE to EV. How are Motorola, Nokia, and Blackberry doing nowadays?

reed_lewis | August 15, 2018

@carlk - I agree with you. The concept of a single EV car maker is kind of like having a single ICE car maker.

Although I would not use your example of Motorola, Nokia, and Blackberry. They were the first to make a bunch of mobile phones which is what Tesla is also doing.

Although Motorola is doing pretty well, and Nokia has a large share of the low end market. Blackberry was never a major player in the consumer market. They have owned the business market though even now. They are just migrating to software.

Yodrak. | August 15, 2018

"@Yodrak, the term "Tesla Fighter" is in the title of the referenced link. ;-)"

Yes, but despite your cutesy smiley the word "Fighter" in the link is not the same as the word "Killer" in your post.

rxlawdude | August 16, 2018

@Yodrak, you are literally correct ("Fighter" vs "Killer") but the gist of that article, and others linked to it, is that the Nio is a vehicle "that could make life much more difficult for Tesla." Much more difficult life? Sounds like something that can kill, no?

In any case, thanks for the dance on the head of a pin.

Yodrak. | August 16, 2018

No, but you're welcome. :-)

rxlawdude | August 16, 2018


Sleepydoc1 | August 16, 2018

It is made in China. I welcome them trying to change their world, but Chinese products don't have the best reputation for quality. Ok Apple is an exception, but it is an American product produced there.

teslu3 | August 17, 2018

"Chinese products don't have the best reputation for quality" A Chinese friend noted that Chinese products have ~4 quality levels: highest is sold to USA, next to Europe, next to other countries, rest to China. This is a rough approximation. China quality is improving. Recall the "crap" from Japan a few decades ago? With China's ratio of STEM to business/law students reversed vs the USA and with the USA now promoting polluters & penalizing sustainable businesses, China is primed to become dominant in electric vehicles.
May Tesla survive and thrive in this perilous environment.

cwingate | August 17, 2018

I do not want a Chinese car. Sorry Nio (or anything else like Volvo).

rxlawdude | August 17, 2018

Meanwhile, China is training its military pilots to target the US.