Yet another LA Times hit on Tesla: Glowing review of Jag i-pace

Yet another LA Times hit on Tesla: Glowing review of Jag i-pace

Today's Business section talks about the reporter's 3 hour test drive in the i-Pace. Claims of perfect fit and finish and how this will really hurt Tesla (implying Tesla's F&F is poor). Of course, the fact this is a cherry picked sample that Jag is using to wow reporters, does it reflect the production level quality of the model?

But my favorite, in this drippy sop to a manufacturer that happens to generate advertising revenue for the paper, was absolutely ZERO mention about fast charging and road trip-ability. I guess that's why Jag gave reporters the dog-and-pony show and specific route that coincidentally was shorter than the i-pace's range. Did they have the reporter locate the plethora of fast DC chargers that a driver will find on the road? Nope.

Again, until and unless there is a reliable infrastructure that rivals the Supercharger network, the elephant in the room for every BEV alternative to Tesla is the use-case limitation of "road trip" abilities.

Tesla-David | August 25, 2018

Yes very sad to see the LA Times push the Jag I-Pace over the Tesla inventory, by ignoring the obvious advantages that every Tesla owner has in getting from point A to Z in U.S., Canada, etc. Where is all this Tesla hate coming from? Absolutely disgusting and unbalanced reporting. I love my MS and M3 and am 5+ year owner, who is exceptionally satisfied with the Fit and Finish of all 3 of our Tesla vehicles so far.

Sleepydoc1 | August 25, 2018

Total joke. Last paragraph was too much. Really in a car review?
Idiot! Tell me how the I-pace did as you drove down the coast to Santa Barbara. Oh wait, to far.

ravisundaramam | August 25, 2018

What will Jaguar achieve by wining and dining these reporters, and buying advertisement by some questionable means?

It can get a few people interested in Jaguar and may be get them to call the dealer, or show up at the dealership. Then can Jaguar close the deal? Someone paying 80K for a new car is not going to be so easily manipulated. First question they will ask is, "how far will it go?". The ICE guys have bet their ranch on range anxiety so much for so long, it is coming back to bite them. If they start talking about "how many do you actually drive", and other reasonable things we EV enthusiasts have been asking, they will get back the same FUD they have been throwing at us. Till Jaguar answers this question satisfactorily to a wealthy, used to being pampered customers, they cant close the deal.

Tesla will simply say, "Get in, punch in your destination, anywhere in USA, it will chart a route for you."

On the plus side, such pieces legitimizes EV. On the minus side some potential Tesla buyers might postpone the decision due to this piece.

sosmerc | August 25, 2018

I think in many ways, the success of other EV's is like free advertising for Tesla. When you get people seriously interested and they start to shop around....they will see that Tesla still has many advantages, especially with regards to traveling beyond the city.

mos6507 | August 25, 2018

The envy is REAL.

The clock definitely IS ticking for Tesla to maximize what's left of its first-mover's advantage. | August 25, 2018

Not sure about the LA article, but all the other iPace articles I've read, Jaguar paid for flights, hotels and meals to Portugal for reviewers to test the car. The honest reviewers actually explain how Jaguar is wooing them and some articles do point out the charging issues.

Many consumers who look at the iPace will look at the Tesla, and may end up with the Tesla. Those that buy the iPace, may learn that the Tesla is a great choice and buy one as a second car or replacement. I doubt many Tesla owners will switch to the iPace, but there will be a few. In all, the iPace will only increase Tesla sales and help improved EV awareness.

carlk | August 25, 2018

TeslaTap That actually happens to not only Jaguar but many other brands, especially higher end European brands, too. They only invite limited numbers of "journalists" to those test events. Ones who dare to not say something complimentary risk not getting invited to future events. They will lose free vacations not to mention competitiveness to rival papers/magazines.

ravisundaramam | August 25, 2018

The end game for Jaguar might be to just have press and the trappings of being a Tesla competitor. It might actually lose money in IPace but it would consider it money well spent.

The bigger deal for Jaguar is not US market at all. Its parent company Tata Motors, India is following Telsa's footsteps diligently in India. It announced a 1 million rupee 320 km car (12,000 $, 200 miles). But the first production will be a 25 million rupee 480 km car. Being called Tesla competitor in USA is worth it in marketing terms for Tata Motors to pitch its car in India.

In India people dont use personal cars for very long distance driving anyway. It has extremely cheap train network. A little grimy, and crowded but very affordable. So a 240 km car is perfectly usable. Using the car battery as a whole house UPS will be a super hit there. Right now all middle class homes are using 12 v lead acid truck batteries and inverters there.

We might be misreading the game Jaguar is playing here. All it wants might be the press and being conflated with Tesla.

Al1 | August 25, 2018

Wish all the best to Jaguar. So how many of them will be made? When starts the sale? What will be the price? There is a chance of course some of Tesla owners will venture into Jaguar now, but with so many ICE cars I would argue Tesla owners will be the last ones being converted.

You still need to charge the car don't you? Sure most of time for most of trips its range is enough. But still it is a compromise.

Jaguar needs this car to stop losing customers to Tesla, not to eat Teslas lunch.

carlk | August 25, 2018

As for your second point Jaguar is a small player so that effect would be pretty small. On the other hand for companies like Merc, BMW or VW/Audi/Porsche that have large customer base any EV they make would only draw attention from ICE owners not to mention legitimatize electrical vehicles to them. Some of those ICE owners could switch to the new EV. Others might take a good look, got interested and decide to buy the better EV from Tesla. Either way it's not what those companies would want to see. That's why you see them moving very slowly on the transition. On the other hand any of those will be great for EV and Tesla. Sure there will be a few, probably very few, Tesla owners or potential buyers who will go to new EV's from those brands. But you can just do a simple math to know which direction the flow will be more significant.

carlk | August 25, 2018

The above post was also reply to TeslaTap's.

carlk | August 25, 2018

***We might be misreading the game Jaguar is playing here. All it wants might be the press and being conflated with Tesla.***

That's the game GM has played for the Bolt too. No matter what they say in public a lot of companies, either start ups or established auto companies, are using Tesla to boost their image in the consumer market as well as the stock market.

kwen197 | August 25, 2018

Any mention of AP, over the air updates and improvements, or collection of data from all Tesla's on the road.

Al1 | August 25, 2018


No but that was not the point of the review.

mos6507 | August 25, 2018

[As for your second point Jaguar is a small player so that effect would be pretty small.]

Waymo already ordered 20K cars. I'd call that a vote of confidence.

carlk | August 26, 2018

It's only because Wayno could not order EV from Tesla or even GM who are considered rivals in its main business.

mos6507 | August 26, 2018

Waymo wouldn't order cars they thought wouldn't work.

rxlawdude | August 26, 2018

Right, the point of the article was to tout this "alternative to Tesla."

Great. Looks nice. Lots of legacy cabin features, ala an Airbus cockpit. And, ignored totally, no way to actually drive this intercity more than 250 miles due to lack of a reliable DCFC network on major highways. | August 26, 2018

Then again I've not seen the delivery dates for Waymo cars. Are those 20K spread over 20 years? Is it a committed contract or more likely full of conditions and options to cancel? Will the build quality meet Waymos requirements? My guess is Waymo will take 100 cars and further evaluate if they meet their requirements, and they likely have an option to take more cars than a committed purchase agreement.

Nothing wrong with Waymo buying all the cars it needs and solidifying on a single brand, but they are smart and are not going to buy $1.4 billion worth of cars without a lot of testing and options to ensure what they get meets their needs now and in the future.

carlk | August 26, 2018

Waymo has been using cars from Chrysler. It in no way means it endorses Chrysler over GM, Honda or Toyota.

One obvious problem with the LA time article and others is they always try to only compare car they review to Tesla's. They should have compared those cars with similar ICE cars on the market from either the same brand or from other brands. That's actually what most people are looking for and needed to know. Tesla would not have sold that many cars if it had only been targeting existing EV owners. Matter of fact it would have sold very few cars if only existing EV owners were interested in Tesla cars. But then again mentioning Tesla always sensationalize the article and gets you more clicks. Not to mention car companies would frown on you if you conclude their EV is better.

Patrick | August 26, 2018

I like Jag’s portfolio but it seems far-fetched to think they have a chance of becoming an EV market leader in North America. The market share charts over the next few years will be the tale of the tape - we’ll see....

SamO | August 26, 2018

They are the first-next to market after Tesla. Still no charging network so likely a very small chance of selling volume in the United States.

In Britain, where Jag has cache and history, coupled with several networks of fast EV charging and shorter drives, they may see a renaissance with 5,000 sales.

If this is designed to test the water, the i-Pace will likely do well.

Jag will only be immolating their sales of gas vehicles.

It's an all-in move, but they better have their battery factories breaking ground soon.

ravisundaramam | August 26, 2018

Porsche, VW, BMW, MB, Toyota and Honda have invested lots in their ICE technology. Almost all the top engineers there made their rotation in the ICE R&D and manufacturing divisions. They are proud of it and they ache to throw all those patents, know-hows and trade secrets away and switch to EV power trains.

Jaguar once shutdown its engine division and had bought all its engines from Ford. Apparently it started a new engine factory in 2015 and it makes 4 cylinder engines. Its ties to ICE tech had been broken once, and it might be willing to ditch it once again.

This could explain why Jaguar is willing to go with EV. Other big names still have die hards who think/believe/pray/hope their beloved ICE will stand by them till they retire.

SamO | August 26, 2018

What do most of the auto assemblers still engineer in-house?


What do EVs have zero of? Ergo, this is like the sub-prime crisis, except these automakers are going to go bankrupt.

Model 3 is already the best selling car by revenue with (potential) margins over 30%.

Meanwhile, Ford is not going to make sedans.

Yodrak. | August 26, 2018

Waymo entered into a partnership with Tata for the 20,000 cars, don't know the details. But yeah, it does show that Waymo is comfortable with using the iPace as a development platform.

Yodrak. | August 26, 2018

"Jaguar once shutdown its engine division and had bought all its engines from Ford.

That wouldn't happened to have been during the period when Ford owned Jaguar?

carlk | August 26, 2018

***Meanwhile, Ford is not going to make sedans.***

Elon just tweeted pickup is his most favorite project at this moment. He intends to push up its schedule. Ford may end up not making anything.

jordanrichard | August 27, 2018

SamO, Ford never said they were going to stop making sedans. They announced that they were going to faze out sedans for the U.S. market. | August 27, 2018

Word of mouth by happy owners is an extraordinarily powerful advocacy. Elon's recent shenanigans haven't done the company's image a lot of good but over the years his status as a brilliant visionary has helped. I get questions and challenges all the time from folks who are curious about Tesla cars. I always recommend a test drive to begin to understand the quantum difference from ICEVs. Having other companies enter the market and getting ink can only help give Tesla broader legitimacy because they will all be compared to Tesla cars.

rxlawdude | August 27, 2018

And this, from CNN:

This focus on negatives is getting really old.

SO | August 27, 2018

Just tell the naysayers “everyone setting Tesla as the benchmark just goes to show they are the best in market. Over a decade in and still no ‘tesla killer’”.

SamO | August 27, 2018


(eventually) stop making sedans = phase out sedans

I think it is a pretty bad misreading to suggest I ever said Ford was NEVER going to sell another sedan starting when I type this sentence.

Ford cannot effectively and profitably sell sedans.

sosmerc | August 27, 2018

Ford's bean counters determine just what vehicles are best for Ford to build. For example, the Mustang sells well and Ford will most likely keep building them if they continue to sell.