72 hours out from delivery and now delivery is canceled

72 hours out from delivery and now delivery is canceled


72 hours out from delivery (Saturday at noon) and I get a Voice Mail from someone at Tesla saying 'your delivery is canceled'. No new date, no reason why, not really an apology, not doing anything to make it right. Just a 'stay tuned' pep talk.

Anyone know of any execs to email?

This is unacceptable.

natmaster | September 19, 2018

I just got an email saying "We need more time in preparing your vehicle and will need to reschedule your appointment." a week from my delivery. (Location freemont)

acer_wei | September 19, 2018

At least you got 72 hours, I got 11 hours (9:30 am delivery got the cancellation email the night before at 10:30 pm).

Some people had 45 mins notice, it's pretty chaotic in a bad way.

hadji | September 19, 2018

I got a call this morning at 10am telling me my car was in transit and therefore they would have to cancel my 7pm delivery. Just brutal.

garretn | September 19, 2018

My delivery specialist just told me if they delivered it to my house they could deliver on 9/28 if not it would be atleast two weeks before I could take delivery at the local delivery center. I sure don't like the idea of paying first and hoping they keep their schedule. It seems the priority could go away since the money is in their hands.

Buying a Tesla in Texas has been an experience.

Jamesberryproje... | September 19, 2018

Sorry to everyone in the same (or worse) boat...

The rep told me I was 1 of 700 people they were calling today.

It's one thing to change the date, it's another thing to make it right with customers.

hadji-What if you had sold your car last night or today to a 3rd party. Are you expected to uber everywhere until they decided to reschedule you, a day, a week, a month from now?

Musk always brags about Tesla not spending money on advertising and scaling by word of mouth, but how can I recommend this company at this point?

timothypelletier | September 19, 2018

For what it is worth - you should be mad about this situation, you should try to escalate to an exec, and I don't want to take away from what I can imagine is extraordinary frustration. All that said, I recently picked up my white 3D and it is pure fun, the best product I have ever owned, sublime, extraordinary, phenomenal, etc. In other words, hang in there - I promise you it will be worth the wait X 10!!

LostInTx | September 19, 2018

I received 9 hours notice that my delivery was to be delayed a week. But Tesla treated me very well, considering.

I had already traded my truck. Upon telling Tesla this, they quickly got me into a rental. Not an S (sad) but a brand new Toyota Avalon. Nice car.

acer_wei | September 19, 2018

I don't think escalating to an exec will help but if you want to try let me know, I think I have a few of their emails, my personal email is my user name then

If you sold your car based on the delivery date they scheduled and they cancel it at the last minute (days) then you have the right going to the SC and ask them for a rental. I did and they gave me an enterprise rental since they ran out of Teslas, some people are lucky enough to get a Model S as a gap filler.

nineteenelevenfan | September 19, 2018

Based on my delivery experience/rejection yesterday...maybe these last minute cancellations are due to QA and delivery prep actually doing some good QA and inspecting more closely instead of chalking defects (defects other, mature car manufacturers would not let pass) up to "acceptable" levels.

Yes, plenty of hype, anticipation and excitement around receiving our Model why ruin that with delivery rejections? Maybe acceptable levels of defects are tightening up and having to do the rework on brand new cars is finally adding up (commensurate with production volumes) in a bad financial way. Just my .02.

jcjoseph | September 19, 2018

If I had not called today, I would have gone to the showroom with a large cashiers check in hand, only to find out my car is still in CA and won't be ready for pick up for close to two weeks. Like others, I'm frustrated, hoping Tesla has adhered to strict QA standards, and still very excited.

djharrington | September 19, 2018

I’d say 72 hours is pretty good notice. For those attentive to this and other forums, it’s clear there are many pushed delivery dates. Mine was supposed to be the 15th in Denver. I was returning from Germany late Friday night and would fly up to Denver from Albuquerque Saturday morning. I just told my DS that I needed to know Friday at the latest if we were on or not, so I could cancel flights if needed. They let me know Friday morning the car has not yet arrived.

Did this surprise me? No. I read the forums and knew this was a possibility and planned accordingly.

My unsolicited advice to those pending delivery: your delivery may get postponed. It’s impossible to say what percentage of deliveries are postponed, but it clearly happens. Be a like a Boy Scout and always be prepared.

GotLithium | September 19, 2018

I was called to cancel two times, which I appreciate given how far I am from the delivery center. Last Monday I got a surprise and took delivery of a gorgeous MSM P3D+. It’s tough if you have to make work arrangements but in the end you guys will be transported “back to the future “! Good luck and may you get the good call soon!

Johnhmccauley | September 19, 2018

I also got 72 hours notice that the delivery was delayed. More than the last time it was rescheduled. Waiting for the call to reschedule...

Gemini18 | September 19, 2018

Same thing happened to me with 48 hour notice. I expected a delay, based off of what I've read here, but it didn't make it any easier. I'm not ok with the "several weeks before delivery." How is it possible that on Monday, I had a car, but on Tuesday, it's going to take several weeks? At this point, I'd fly to CA to pick up the car and drive back to MD. I figure if I've been patient for 2 years and 5 months, what's another couple of weeks?

ashaprovocateur | September 19, 2018

same boat... this was my notification:

Hope all is well.

Due to high volume we no longer have availability to schedule a September delivery. We will be reaching out in October to schedule your delivery. If availability does open up sooner we will be reaching back out to get you on the calendar.

Best regards,

plbegin | September 19, 2018

As soon as I ordered I asked how they could get my cash payment and was told that I should wait for the final contract to have the good amount. I'm lucky and got a fast delivery (AWD in Canada, less than a month). 3h before my delivery time finally someone at Tesla wakes up and calls to check how I'll pay... I'm customer to an internet bank so flexibility and urgency isn't a word that works with them, which is exactly why I had asked 3 times how to pay them, to avoid this situation... so had to postpone delivery of the car because they could not accept any other payment method than bank transfer or certified check. They haven't answered my latest emails, put me up for Saturday delivery without asking if it worked for me and I still don't have any final contract. If I can share a tip they said that they can only take 10k$ personal checks so make sure that you can pay anything over that by bank transfer or certified check.

I know that I'll never regret buying this car and will love it but it seems that the so called Tesla delivery experience died with Model 3. Ill make sure that the manager of the delivery team in Montreal knows how bad this has been for me. I'm not buying cheap stuff on Amazon here I'm buying an expensive car. I hope that they understand this and will fix it soon for their future customers. Make sure that you have your final contract a few days before pick up...

dsnodgrass3 | September 20, 2018

I think you should count your blessings. 72 hour notice is good. Some of us (including me) showed up to delivery, sat in the waiting from for an hour, and then was told the car is not ready. This was after receiving an email the day before confirming delivery and telling me how excited they were for me to pick up my car. I drove over an hour with my 2 kids (a preschooler and a 3 month old) to the delivery center to find out this terrible news. I ended up getting the car about 2 weeks later.

DomVivona | October 1, 2018

Tesla had me pick a time to come in to pick up my Modle 3. They confirmed my time 2 days before. The night before at 9:30pm they canceled. 13 hours before pickup. The girl said they over commited buyers to insure they sold as many cars they could before the end of the quarter. They had me in the batters box just in case those before me didn’t show up. I give Elon a lot of credit. Still, the company is flying blind. It is not sustainable.

elecfan2 | October 1, 2018

You are dealing with an American corporation beholden to the stock holders. You as a customer are not worth anything unless you contribute to the bottom line. Take your place and accept your position, you are beholden to the Tesla family. Welcome to the Tesla family!

drbob | October 2, 2018

I got 1/2 hour notice for appointment last Saturday - my 3rd cancellation so far. Rescheduled for this Saturday - told car is at ‘hub’ in Baltimore

drbob | October 2, 2018

I got 1/2 hour notice for appointment last Saturday - my 3rd cancellation so far. Rescheduled for this Saturday - told car is at ‘hub’ in Baltimore

erik | October 2, 2018

I've been contacted by 5 delivery specialists, my date/time has been moved 4 times...finally I was told to show up at 10:30AM on the 30th, drove 4 hours to Vegas only to find out that he scheduled me on a day the store was closed so I had to turn around and drive home. Got an apology the next day but still no real resolution. This is my 4th Tesla, all deliveries prior have been amazing, this one a nightmare.

batmanasb | October 2, 2018

Got this message about 11 hours before my Tesla Direct delivery window:

"Our team noticed that you were on our delivery schedule for tomorrow, however we currently do not have a vehicle that matches your configured order.

We are expecting a few loads of new Model 3s this week and will reach out once our team receives one that matches your order."

Good stuff...

vb1 | October 2, 2018

I feel Tesla reps are trying to over promise. Schedule when you know you can deliver. As long as you can schedule before December and stick to your schedule we are all OK.

Lessons learnt from previous quarter : 0.

vb1 | October 2, 2018

All Tesla needs to do is match on exterior color, interior color, and dual motor. It looks like all other attributes are software controlled. Maybe they should have the cars painted at hubs based on demand.

Whoever came up with this brilliant scheduling idea at Tesla should write a book...on how not do things.

alan | October 2, 2018

My delivery was cancelled twice, both within 15 hours or less of delivery. Then, by surprise, I got a call and the guy delivered it within 20 minutes to my home. I will say this: IT WAS WORTH THE FRUSTRATION. This is the MOST amazing car, the AWD, and I've owned many nice cars, eg. BMW M3, etc. I thank God I've lived long enough to experience this car. It is stunningly good.

rami.boneh | October 16, 2018

I just got my third cancelation now. All were a few hours before delivery.
I already paid for the car and I am paying interest on my loan. Tesla is like the worst airline company, overbooking, canceling at last minute with no compensation. All my coworkers and friend are laughing at me, and those that considered buying from Tesla have big second thoughts. Tomorrow I am going to get a rental from Tesla through Hertz, I hope Hertz charges Tesla a lot of money for the rental, so at least it will hurt Tesla on their pocket, maybe then they will deliver my car.

johnw | October 16, 2018

It is super frustrating, no doubt. I finally got mine after 6 date changes. It's really a fantastic car once you get it, but I hope they get their customer service issues under control, or they're going to turn off a ton of customers. I was very close to cancelling.

rami.boneh | October 31, 2018

It is October 31 and I still do not have my Tesla. About two weeks ago the last delivery advisor told me that my car got delayed because of repairs it needed to go after manufacturing, and she does no when they will finish them. I called Tesla every day to get an update. Two days ago the delivery advisor said she doesn't know when they will finish to fix my assigned car and she assigned me a new car that has 0 tickets service records and it should be ready for delivery November 10 in Colorado. Crossing my fingers I will update November 10.

LCM247 | November 8, 2018

Today was the 3rd time I had delivery cancelled for no apparent reason. I ordered pre unveiling and have had vins assigned and removed. Today was the worst since it occurred while on way to pick up car 1 hour away from home. Guy at dealership was obviously frustrated too since he was not provided with good answer from Corp either. If they don't deliver by 12/31... I'm out. Annoyed they've now had $1k since 3/31/2016 and another $2500 since spring.

shank15217 | November 8, 2018

@Pat wait let me get this straight, you haven't received a car since spring 2018 deposit? Bull F'in Sh*t

churin | November 8, 2018

Everybody seems to have gotten advanced notice but I did not get any notice at all. In my case scheduled was home delivery so I waited all the day but no one showed up. The following day they sent me the mail of “We need more time to prepare . . . “

rado | November 8, 2018

@Pat this is crazy. Hopefully it comes soon.

rami.boneh | November 11, 2018

This time I got my Tesla as promised on October 10. The delivery experience wes good & so so.
I had to wait an hour for the car but then someone at Tesla was very nice and gave us full overview on the car.
The car came in perfect condition and in the spec I ordered.
Looking back maybe at was good to go through this tourchering process, because I got my loan at %3.09 at Bank of America now it is %3.44. Also Tesla did gave me a nice rental until I got the car.
On the car (AWD not performance, 19 inch wheels).
The good: Amazingly fast, drives great on curvy road. The tech is great, middle screen awesome, and so many features. Autopilot is very convenient on highway driving.
The bad: Comparing to the Nissan Altima I got as a rental: Integration with phone is a bit disappointing. Espitally choosing music on the phone you have to do it on the phone. The Altima felt a bit more roomy.
Depends: The vegan sits do not fill as high end as leather sits, still they are very nice. I do prefer the vegan choice more environmentally friendly and human.

rami.boneh | November 11, 2018

Sorry for the typo, I got the car November 10.

rkeenley | November 11, 2018

I ordered AWD on Friday 11/2 and was surprised to get a delivery notice on Monday 11/5 for 6:00 am on 11/9, later changed to 8:00-10:00. A VIN was assigned. Scrambled to get trade evaluated, financing approved and cash transferred by Thursday. Wife had to reschedule 2 medical appointments. A text came at 4:30 pm saying we could pick up at factory store in Fremont at 5:45 pm on Saturday, if they could get it there. There was no further confirmation from delivery advisor and trade offer was not posted until Saturday 11/10 to my account - contract was not posted at all - and delivery was shown as to my home rather than Fremont factory store. Delivery line did not answer - I spent 1:51 on hold before giving up. By Saturday evening, the VIN was gone from my account. No explanation has been forthcoming. Crazy.

billz1fan | November 11, 2018

i still have not received my car either reserved 4/416, configured 6/28/18. noone returns calls or emails from mt.kisco delivery advisor. i called vegas # got vin 3 weeks date keeps changing and as of yesterday my account doesnt show vin, and delivery expected 11/19/18. i am at a loss for words. wish there was someone in management to speak with

pedro | November 11, 2018

@billz1fan keep us posted, I'm in similar situation, also 6/28 config and delivery in Mt. Kisco 11/26. I have a VIN that came in the email but it does not show up on my account. So far the DA from Nevada has kept sending emails, but I don't have the contract yet.

Passion2Fly | November 11, 2018

A few weeks back I drove a P3D+ from a Tesla show room. I was offered to buy the car as “inventory” with $1.5k off sticker price and immediate delivery... go figure!...

billz1fan | November 11, 2018

@pedro will do , i want this part over , just want to get the car and be done!

music2video | November 11, 2018

Mine was cancelled 22 hours before delivery. They told me my car was in Florida, I live in Los Angeles. | June 20, 2019

it is unbelievable, it is 2019 June, Tesla still does this to me. My delivery appointment was supposed t be today now, then I was waiting patiently with lots of excitement, but it was not happening and I received no notices at all. I only found out my delivery appointment was rescheduled through the Tesla website. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

CST | June 20, 2019

Wow... Nice dig...7 month old thread...

sridharp | September 4, 2019

Same with me. Got canceled within 24 hr notice. No new ETA yet. It's already 30 days.

Magic 8 Ball | September 5, 2019

Delays can happen anytime for any reason.