Is it ok to cancel the order after 3rd time you get a delivery message but get non car?

Is it ok to cancel the order after 3rd time you get a delivery message but get non car?

Heard that once you paid $1000 deposit and $2500 order fee its too late but how many times can you be said you getting the car then getting it moved forward before you as consumer can bail out?
I start to get really worried about customer care and since it's chaos now if there is a recall or some other quality issue I will get ghosted same way as during the ordering phase.

Just to give an example, Ordered the car and did all paperwork. Got one email from my assigned advisor.
Got an email that I can choose white interior 2 weeks later. Went in to try to see if I want to do that ... could not change anything. Emailed advisor no answer.
Couple of weeks later I get an email getting a delivery week I email that I would be available most days that week in the AM time, no answer.
Day after I get an email, you can pick up your car tomorrow at exclusive event, RSVP Yes, go to the bank, get a check, drive out with two very exciting boys, no car, too popular combo!
At event as compensation, got a new day and time setup 2w out, buy stuff for the car at amazon, two days ago lady from a switchboard calls up, says sorry no car on Sat.
Have a question about upgrading rims since car is not built yet due to the delay (When wife saw at event she wanted the bigger ones 19", inverse problem from the guy that got auto upgraded but did not want it). She promises that my advisor (that I have never talked with, that emails me but never back) will call. No callback for two days, I asked is it a week delay or several weeks or months ... lady could not tell. My 8yo said it will be fun to pick up the tesla @ Sat and I had to break it to him, sorry have non clue when its going to happen buddy.

This is red flag already now and it might be indicative of the rest of the ownership. Not sure if I have time for that.
Is there a way to get you money back if you are promised the car a delivery date and not fulfilled over and over?

I get that Tesla want to sell the high margin M3P and I got a lower margin M3D so that is fair.
Just want to have a firm date, no distractions an 1or2 email responses on my 2 questions ...

What are my options here?

ST70 | September 20, 2018

I'm sure you can cancel...did you try to call the 800#? Delivery people are busy trying to deliver....if you are done with Tesla at this point then escalate...

BostonPilot | September 21, 2018

Right, but the question is, if he cancels, does he lose the deposit or not.

One of the things that I hear people reporting here is that Tesla feels free to re-schedule the delivery over and over, but if you can't pick it up within a very short window, they'll sell the car to someone else. I think they need to be a little more forgiving in that aspect, especially if they've rescheduled delivery for that person.

I'm trying to take a "it shows up when it shows up" attitude, but of course it's difficult not to get excited. I just know I'll be disappointed if it gets rescheduled...

stoffe | September 21, 2018

Sure, I just wonder about future treatment. S/X customers got good service, 3 feels like cattle herding. Car is broken waiting for parts people get Enterprise rental Civic not an S/X/3 loaner. Even the most low end cars like Subaru or Ford that I had the murky dealership treatment was superior to this so far. I get it, they are busy and have growth pains. But then have a clean model. Only first come first serve to pickup place with 3h hold after RSVP or something.

Magic 8 Ball | September 21, 2018

Aside from the trepidation the first thing, that does not seem clear, is do you want an M3 or not?

If you don't want it then cancel and escalate through TESLA, BBB, Attorney, etc. for the refund of the "deposit". Worse case is, IMO, it is better to lose $3500??? than to be miserable for an extended period of time.

comiso | September 21, 2018

Not sure if this would help but check the last page of your order agreement. Depending on your state, you may have options. For an example, in New York:

State Specific Provisions

For NEW YORK residents: If the Vehicle is not delivered in accordance with the Agreement within 30 days following the estimated delivery date, you have the right to cancel the Agreement and receive a full refund, unless the delay in delivery is attributable to you

stoffe | September 21, 2018

I just want to have a smooth path, attorney, BBB is not. If there is a simple 3rd strike you get your money back thing no hassle. I'm too busy, work, coaching kids remodeling house. (Also wanted to put in a Tesla roof but it looks less and less as a good option). I can keep order if they shape up but when is it too much?

kmiller | September 21, 2018

Holy smokes, read your contract! It's pretty obvious that Tesla believes we're all so excited about getting the car we'll put up with anything on the way there.

Magic 8 Ball | September 21, 2018

The obvious thing is to call TESLA and ask if you can get a full refund, the "smoothness" of the path will be clearer at that point. I am not sure who would work on your behalf to get you a third strike strike option or enforce a third strike option if there was one. Unless you employ the service of someone else it is just you and TESLA.

wayne | September 21, 2018

Just be patient.

lbowroom | September 21, 2018

When you configured your car, what was the predicted time frame for delivery? I'm guessing you're still well within that time frame. You're only "late" on delivery based on a scheduled delivery way earlier than you originally were promised like most of us, right?

stoffe | September 21, 2018

Sept-Nov originally. Then got scoped down to Oct 1-7, then Sept 8, then Sept 22. And latest is do not know. I have a screenshot of the Sept 22 5PM. So maybe counting 30 days from there. I know I could grow some patience and not tell anything to my two car crazy boys until the car is on driveway...

Thanks for all the good suggestions. I will try to call them and hope for the best. (Last time wait was 40 minutes so another time hogger).

mgsarcione | October 21, 2019

Even in late 2019, M3 deliveries are unreliable, thinking of cancelling, original date was 10/8/19, then 10/14/19, then 10/28/19, now 10/30/19 and this is at the Dedham MA store not relying on a truck driver and sleep requirements, but I no longer believe the projected date. Do I really want to buy a car from a company that provides this kind of customer experience?

calvin940 | October 21, 2019

You revived an older than year old thread for that? And why are you asking yourself a question on a forum? Ask it to yourself and answer it yourself. Someone else will take the car and you can move on.

calpilot7 | October 21, 2019

Mgsarcione...cancel. You are not suited for a Tesla. Bye bye.

andy.connor.e | October 21, 2019

its easy to tell when an account is not real. The characters are too random and dont even represent a real word or abbreviation. They always post on extremely old threads too.

calvin940 | October 21, 2019

Sarcione is actually an Italian last name so first name initial, midldle initial, and last name. Could be legit user but not really a useful post.

andy.connor.e | October 21, 2019

"Do I really want to buy a car from a company that provides this kind of customer experience?"

This is all you really need to read after the account name.

calvin940 | October 21, 2019

This is very true.