(Need Advice) Dedham, MA Delivery Center Offering to Switch VIN and Deliver Today

(Need Advice) Dedham, MA Delivery Center Offering to Switch VIN and Deliver Today

I was supposed to take delivery of my Performance 3 today after four reschedules. I've remained patient throughout the process and my delivery specialist has been a pleasure to work with. The delivery center called me last night saying my car did not pass their inspection and won't be ready until October 4th. They called back 15 minutes later with good news, they happen to have the same configuration, new VIN, ready to be picked up today. My intuition is that this new VIN was rejected by another soon-to-be customer and I should probably take a pass. When I told my contact at the delivery center my thoughts he said that this new car was meant to be a test drive model for the delivery center and it just so happens to be my configuration.

I want to believe him. I want to drive my Model 3 today.

Any thoughts or advice on how to proceed? My current plan is to go to the appointment today and assess the car very closely.

Yesterday's SEC news does not boost my confidence.

mrjjp | September 28, 2018

Just get your car and enjoy. Anything wrong will be addressed. Go over the car and note what every you see. Get it home and look again. Nothing is perfect.

ripatriot | September 28, 2018

it could very well have been slated to be a test drive car with no issues, and maybe even better because it was to be a show car.

they are going to do everything they can to get butts in the seats before the end of the quarter. if you have the time, go up and check it out. i think it may be worth it.

sheldon.mike1010 | September 28, 2018

In a heartbeat, I’d advise going to inspect it. Mileage, scratches on console, and paint condition will tell you everything. Hope it is perfect and you can take it out for a Friday night date!

rcarrigg | September 28, 2018

Thanks @mrjjp, @ripatriot, and @sheldon.mike1010... I needed the boost of confidence. Cheers!

jithesh | September 28, 2018

think about it this way.. they could have actually not told you about the inspection fail and just told u to get ur originally assigned VIN but they didn't.
that means they are trying their best to give u a perfect car. So it doesn't makes any sense that they will give u a replacement which was rejected by another customer and was not fixed before giving it to u.

but we should always inspect it regardless of a originally assigned car vs replacement car.. its good practice.

rcarrigg | September 28, 2018

I drove away with my brand new model 3 today and I could not be happier.

brendan4t | September 28, 2018

I'm set to pick up my M3 tomorrow in Dedham. Congrats on your car

kcheng | September 28, 2018

Go, check the mileage, check out the car, and make up your mind.