Powerwall Installation Requirements

Powerwall Installation Requirements

I am planning to install a Powerwall in the new studio apartment I'm constructing in my backyard. I have an order placed although I'm expecting a long wait.

In the meanwhile, what can I do during construction so that I'm ready to install?
Also does anyone have a URL for the installation guide for Powerwall 2?

I will be installing the Powerwall on the outside back wall of the structure. The main panel is ~15 feet away. What connections do I need between the Powerwall and the electrical panel? Are there any other connections needed (such as data lines)? My assumption is that I need to run 1.25" PVC conduit down the outside wall where the Powerwall will be mounted, down into a 2 feet trench under the slab, and bring it up on the outside wall where the electrical panel will be located.

dickensbill | October 25, 2018

I can partly answer my question. I located an online copy of the Powerwall 2 Installation Guide: