Parts catalog!

Parts catalog!

saturn | June 26, 2019

how to order parts from EPC site? I can't login with my tesla account. Thanks.

Kathy Applebaum | June 26, 2019

@saturn Try ordering through your service center.

saturn | September 4, 2019

Dear Kathy: May I order from any nearly service center? how to? thanks.

jebinc | September 4, 2019

@suddled - When I try to log in with my normal Tesla M3 credentials, they don't seem to be recognized by the site. Is this a 3rd party site trying to look like a genuine Tesla OEM site? Why would this not be accessible via the normal Tesla log in - as a selection on the menu???

derotam | September 4, 2019

The log in side is probably for Tesla service personal and/or certified Tesla repair shops.

jebinc | September 4, 2019

@derotam - Check.

jebinc | September 4, 2019

@derotam - Check. | September 4, 2019

@jebinc - Yes, no login required. Note that some parts are restricted. Not a lot, but for example, the main battery and drive unit are not something you can personally order. They both require special fixtures to remove/install. I can imagine someone ordering a new battery and having the 1300 lb beast left on their doorstep. Easy to kill someone too if they don't understand the proper procedures for dealing with areas of high-voltage.

dhruvlalani95 | February 12, 2020