Powerwall App

Powerwall App

The app no longer allows me to adjust time-based controls, view storm watch, or customize percentage of backup when connected to solar.

When will the app be fixed?

matt.latham | October 30, 2018


zubinanary | October 30, 2018

Mine works perfectly (Powerwall only). The Customize menu option appears and I can setup Time Based Control settings. Try logging off and logging back in, otherwise email the Powerwall Support team to get more information.

matt.latham | November 3, 2018

Any idea what the email address is for Powerwall Support? I’ve tried calling, but wait times are unreasonably long.

fletchers4 | November 8, 2018

We have Powerall installation complated three weeks ago (for our solar panels) but have received no acknowledgement from Tesla...!?

Tesla-David | November 8, 2018

@fletchers4 did your utility provider inspect/approve the PW2 installation? You need that inspection/approval before they can be turned on. We got our approval the day out PW2 installation was complete, and our PW2's were turned on right away in Edmonds, WA.

marinergreg | November 10, 2018

@Tesla-David. I'm in Burien and considering a single PW2. But with installation the total quote was $16k. Mind if I ask how much your installation cost was and who you went with?

Tesla-David | November 11, 2018

We paid $15.5k forr two. PW2’s, and A&R Solar did the installation and did an excellent job.