Wet side windows . . .

Wet side windows . . .

I had my Model 3 AWD detailed two weeks ago. It has been around 50F since then. For a few days after taking it back, I didn't have a reason to roll down my windows. However, over the weekend after getting it back from the detailer my daughter rolled down the back window. When I rolled it back up to get out of the car, I noticed it was streaked with water. I thought that was a little odd, but figured since it was raining maybe that caused it.

Fast forward and I have repeatedly taken down all the windows and they all leave moisture when rolled back up, which leaves spotting on the windows. I have contacted the detailer and they said they thoroughly washed the windows and that sometimes a little moisture will get down inside, but that it should "dry up in a few days".

It has been two weeks, going on three now and the inside of the windows still are not dry. I roll them down, whether a warm sunny day or not, and when they come back up the windows are covered with a light rub of water. It appears that there must be a sponge or something in the window assembly that has sucked up water and is not drying out. The detailer said there is nothing they can do about it.

Anyone have any ideas what to do about this? Also should I be worried, any chance any material within the doors for the window assembly could rust or mold inside because of the water?


maztec | November 5, 2018

I cannot decide if my explanation made sense or not . . .

Magic 8 Ball | November 5, 2018

Did you call TESLA service to see what they have to say about it?

Andy.s.cordova | November 5, 2018

Is the water on the glass inside of the car or on the outside of the car?

Carl Thompson | November 5, 2018

I've noticed the same thing on my car. I thought it was unusual because my other cars have tended to kind of squeegee the windows dry when you roll them down them up but it's not something I've contacted service about. But maybe I should if it means that water is getting in the mechanism and potentially mucking things up.

Daryl | November 5, 2018

Where do you live? Here in the desert I never see any moisture anywhere!

garibaldi | November 5, 2018

I noticed that. My guess is that the window assembly has memory foam :)

lilbean | November 5, 2018

That would bother me. I would pull of the panel to dry it.

HollywoodFLM3 | November 5, 2018

I noticed this when I washed my car. A day later the window gets wet when i roll it down and back up. When I see things like this I wonder if I should have waited another month to place my order.

rgmodel3 | November 5, 2018

I noticed the exact same thing. Drove in rain for a couple of days and when I rolled my window to let some fresh air in after the rain has stopped, the inside of the window was very wet. I have a service appointment next week for some other reason and was planning to take up this issue as well then.

lilbean | November 5, 2018

Is this happening in the newer cars only? This is the first time I've heard of this problem.

Carl Thompson | November 5, 2018


Mine is an older car (VIN 010xxx).

rgmodel3 | November 5, 2018

@lilbean my car’s vin is 38xxx

denglin1021 | July 9, 2019

Does your problem solved? I am experiencing the same issue.

jasonstearns | July 9, 2019

I am also getting this issue, but only on the driver side window. I am going to ask my Tesla technician about it when I get a service call for some clips he ordered for my back seat that were missing and I will post what I find out here.

tran0384 | November 14, 2019

Having same issue it’s now winter and hazard to wash car because it won’t dry! What is the solution

jasonstearns | November 25, 2019

I talked to the Tesla mobile repair tech, and he said because they are frameless windows, and there is FELT along the exterior window seal, there will always be moisture that is absorbed or will get into the door by the window, but it should evaporate or drain safely. That's great if you live in the desert, but if you live in the Pacific Northwest like me, there is a huge amount of rainfall, and the humidity and lower temperatures mean that it will not evaporate unless it is actual summer. I can get my car wet, and have it parked in a parkade ALL DAY and end of day my window is totally wet on the outside as soon as I roll it down to pay the parkade attendant. The exterior window seal should be rubber, like other cars, not felt. I view it as a design flaw not considering regions that are colder and wetter than where designed.

Pg3ibew | November 25, 2019

You said it was raining. ENOUGH said. | November 28, 2019

Maybe the detailer used the mechanical release on your doors. You may need to have your window closing recalibrated. I think I read that in the manual when I got my car in August.

ShaunyD | November 28, 2019

I thought it was just me and my OCD with clean windows. I am so glad this is being discussed. If Tesla finds a solution for this, I would pay for the retrofit. I have to roll my window down to FOB into my building. I don't want to bother my SC with such a relatively minor issue.
Vancouver, BC. Mar 2019 M3 SR+

PS: What about the noise a fully rolled down window makes when closing the door? It sounds like the window is hitting the metal frame of the door panel.