Service not answering the phone

Service not answering the phone

I am not sure what is going on at Tesla, phone never gets answered. I have tried many times to contact customer support and it appears nobody is home. Very bad impression. You would think since I have been on hold for more than an hour now so far that someone would answer. I’ve bought every model and feel like I have been abandoned before during and after purchase. Very sad. Tesla was a good try. I will be canceling my Founders Roadster and get a super car from a company that can think enough to answer the phone.

lilbean | November 8, 2018

You can leave a message.

jimglas | November 11, 2018

enjoy your inferior product

David N | November 11, 2018

See ya, been nice knowing ya.

hammer @OR-US | November 11, 2018

"I’ve bought every model and feel like I have been abandoned before during and after purchase. "

Abandoned before purchase? and yet you still bought car model #3 and #4?

Xerogas | November 11, 2018

Wow, the script is getting tweaked ever so slightly these days. Attack service, and claim founder status!

jenean | November 13, 2018

Sorry to give more fodder for the flamers, but after spending over ½ an hour on the phone before switching to a call back, & never getting a call back, choosing either of the above 2 methods preferable to the 45min drive to the service center ... due to the ½hr line that goes out the driveway ... so what's an owner to do. Oh - yes, we searched on the forums & on the company website for the alleged service appointment process, but it must be buried somewhere so deep below new & used car purchases & commercials on how wonderful our cars are. That's no smear on what Tesla has done, but it's hard to see them through Rose Colored Glasses when the Dynamics are what they are.
So - let me get the asbestos fire suit on - and flame away.

SCCRENDO | November 13, 2018

The phone service and customer service does need to improve. They are working on it. I went through a frustrating 2 week period trying to get my SD card replaced. This was necessary as I stopped receiving updates. They even took my car in for service and found that they didn’t have cards in stock and dropped the ball from there. I gave them an awful customer service rating. This generated a call from a service manager with a good email address and phone number with first class service and a quick solution to my problem.

gtj | November 13, 2018

I literally just got my car back from an entire battery pack replacement only to have the "tire pressure system requires maintenance - contact Tesla" light come on during the drive home. I am now sitting on hold that is going past 40 minutes. The entire 2 weeks they had my car for the battery replacement I could not get through to them. They did send me text message updates though.

dmm1240 | November 13, 2018

I try to be polite, but frankly I'm am flummoxed some of you manage to earn enough money to buy a Tesla.Talk about clueless. If the national service number is overwhelmed with calls at the moment, HAVE YOU CONSIDERED CALLING A NEARBY SERVICE CENTER?

Go to this web address:
1. Click the "Find Your Local Service Center" button.
2. Allow the page that pops up to use your current location so that it can put up a page with nearby service centers listed.
3. Click on the wrench of the service center nearest you. It will bring up a popup with the address and a phone number to call.

I've done this a couple of times. Somebody will pick up the phone.

jerrykham | November 13, 2018

@dmm1240 - most of the local service center lines now forward directly to the national number. So yeah, that doesn't actually help any now.

SCCRENDO | November 14, 2018

@dmm. Indeed the Southern California service centers particularly Costa Mesa never answer their phones.

jimglas | November 14, 2018

My call was also forwarded to the national number. It was answered after ringing for 40 minutes. When answered, the fellow was pleasant and very helpful.

Hi_Tech | November 14, 2018

I've been an owner for over 5 years (2013 Model S85, and now 2 2018 Model 3s). I have been to the service center many times with my Model S over the years, here in MA, and have voiced my support for how amazing they have been. But, recently I've been trying to call and no one picks up. I agree with several of the above messages. I don't like being forced to their service calendar, without being able to talk to someone. Could be a quick thing, or something they aren't doing. I don't want to waste a month waiting for the appointment, then realize that. I will never leave Tesla as a customer, but do expect them to maintain the service line to the standards they have been known for. That will bring and keep owners for life (like myself).

SCCRENDO | November 14, 2018

@jimglas. That is the problem. You have a long hold for the central service center line. They can make appointments for you. But if you need to speak to someone at the Service Center particularly Costa Mesa nobody picks up. With my SD card there were issues with early Model 3s. They did an over the air reformat which worked once and then failed. In August I would get new updates sent multiple times of day without success and over the air reformatting of the card failed. They made an appointment at the Service Center for me to get the card replaced. They performed 2 service bulletins and tried again to reformat my card which obviously failed. They gave me my car back and said they would order a new card. They dropped the ball completely and I could not get hold of anyone there. The central service line could not get through to the parts department to see if they had a card in stock and when they eventually got through to someone in service they claimed they were too busy to walk over to parts to see if they had an SD card. Eventually after my low service rating a manager stepped up to the plate, went to the parts department and kept 2 SD cards in her drawer and set me up with a service. They replaced the card and solved the problem. My newer problem was that after 42.4 my car would not navigate on autopilot because a camera was failing to calibrate. I then booked a service appointment on line. A service manager got back to trying to define the problem prior to the service and stated that it was the front fish-eye lens that was not calibrating. He then pushed a couple of updates over the air and 42.4 solved the problem allowing me to cancel the appointment. Tesla has always taken care of me but communication through customer service is poor and frustrating

dmm1240 | November 14, 2018

Maybe California is different. I get right through any time I call in Atlanta. No problems.

mialink | November 14, 2018

Just needed an appointment to get my winter wheels installed. Called St. Louis early Monday, call cue was 30 minutes, when I tried again a few hours later it jumped to 50 minutes. I tried again first thing Tuesday morning when I had time to hold and it still took 20 minutes to get through. I now have an appointment for later this week.

Btw the first available appointment online was in 2 weeks.

Tropopause | November 15, 2018

Another post-n-run OP.

rxlawdude | November 15, 2018

TEA SCORE of 100%, anyone?

mialink | November 15, 2018

I don’t know about the OP, but call hold times are way too long. I ended up having to cancel my appointment today due to 6 inches of snow that fell this morning and a 2 hour drive to the CS.

I was dreading going into the call cue again, but the CS was proactive and called me before they opened this morning.

gbwhatsapp.info007 | November 16, 2018

I've been a proprietor for more than 3 years (2015 Model S85, and now 2 2018 Model 3s). I have been to the administration focus ordinarily with my Model S throughout the years, here in MA, and have voiced my help for how astonishing they have been. Be that as it may, as of late I've been attempting to call and nobody gets. I concur with a few of the above messages. I don't care for being compelled to their administration date-book, without having the capacity to converse with somebody. Could be a fast thing, or something they aren't doing. I would prefer not to squander multi-month sitting tight for the arrangement, at that point understand that. I will never leave Tesla as a client, however, do anticipate that they will keep up the administration line to the principles they have been known for. That will bring and keep proprietors forever (such as myself).

DavidDJ | November 17, 2018

I feel your pain ..... service will not only not pick up but they will not return messages .... i could not even get the road side service people to get the service people at the Buena Park center to answer the phone. They are too busy pushing new cars trying to meet quotas .... all i have is a tire with nail in it that they picked up 8 days ago .... WTF

hammer @OR-US | November 17, 2018

@DavidDJ Why are you wasting your's and Tesla's time on something as mundane as a tire repair? Take it to a tire shop and be done with it.

DavidDJ | November 17, 2018

I was told it was the best thing to do given the lift requirements and the the inside of the tire .... but you know your right .... it’s ridiculous ... never again

fred | November 18, 2018

You have to be patient because the service department is always busy answering the phones, especially after a software update.
I waited for 45 minutes and the service was great and I got my problem fixed before the call ended.
When I called and left a message, they never called back. The only way is to call and wait on the phone.
It suxs sometimes because of the long wait, but it's the only way to get support. IMHO

BlufftonBob | November 18, 2018

I have a MS 75D garaged in Columbus,Ohio and a MS 85 garaged in Bluffton, SC. In Columbus I can schedule on-line and when I call the Columbus SC they answer the phone. In Bluffton when I try to schedule service on-line I get a message saying that it is not possible. I tried contacting the "local" service center in Jacksonville, FL and got the same excessive hold times referred to in this thread. I left a message asking for a call back that never happened. Finally on the 3rd day after being on hold for over an hour I got thru to service and got my appointment scheduled and question answered by a very polite young man. So to some degree the problem appears to be a local/regional issue.

Tesla2018 | November 18, 2018

Maybe its best if East Coast people call before 7am since all the West Coast people are sleeping and if the West Coast people call after 8pm when the East Coast people are sleeping.

bp | November 20, 2018

As a company that is still rapidly growing - at a pace faster than any other auto manufacturer, Tesla has gone through periods when they've been swamped. Though up until this year, that was usually a local issue - as individual service centers had too many vehicles to support, and it took Tesla some time to add staff, capacity or a new service center.

This time - this is hitting all areas where Model 3's are being delivery - North America, so the service slow downs are impacting everyone needing service or phone support. And we shouldn't be surprised, especially with Tesla's intent to remain profitable that it will take Tesla a while to find ways to efficiently get service quality back up to normal levels.

Clearly having vehicles stuck in a service center for days, without any progress or status updates is unacceptable - and if happening to me, I would be persistent in getting someone from the service center on the phone to get details, and, if necessary, would go to the service center and talk to them in person.

And at least for now, while it may be frustrating for some things to take longer than usual (such as trying to get an answer to their phone support line), we understand the pressure being placed on their current staff, and will try to be patient with them, at least for the next few months when we need Tesla support.

rxlawdude | November 20, 2018

@bp, well said. I'm pretty tolerant of extra time it takes for service these days (while my wife is slowly learning the zen of Tesla patience), but management must be aware of the problem and that it's not getting better, at least in areas with high Tesla ownership rates like Silicon Valley/SF and OC.

I have a service manager's cell phone, and he would have been willing to help expediting my wife's 8 day long repair, except he was dealing with a family emergency. (He actually texted me from the hospital!)

jaysaccount | November 21, 2018

Previously you could call and get someone within a minute or two. Now they say wait is 20 minutes but then you wait for over 25 minutes and nobody answers.

efuseakay | November 21, 2018

Just call sales. They'll pick right up. Then ask them to transfer you.

sschaem | November 21, 2018

If only Elon knew how much of his hard work is being destroyed by Tesla ineffective sale/support/service system.

Tesla need to put a system in place that track requests. I see the same problem today as back in september.

Nothing changed, and I have no way to inform management of the situation in the field.

My take is, if Tesla ever get serious competition, they will lose a lot of sales from the bad reputation they are building.

seifhd | November 22, 2018


jimglas | March 6, 2019

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jimglas | May 6, 2019

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frank.sortino | May 14, 2019

I have used the service at Palo Alto, CA a number of times and it has always been great. Twice Tesla sent someone from the factory in Fremont to my house when I could not download the software upgrade.

simpleman1992 | May 22, 2019

that is really approachable for you

dmm1240 | May 23, 2019

As stated in another one of the "Tesla service sucks" threads, I have nothing but good things to say about Tesla service. Not one itty bitty complaint in the 18 months I've owned my MX. A couple of minor problems all fixed with no fuss. Tesla's mobile service is fantastic. When I recently took my MX in to have a HEPA filter installed, the appointment was next day after the part arrived and installation took all of 45 minutes.

And my local service center always answers the phone. Every time I've visited one there is always someone at the front desk to work with walk ins and to answer the phones.

Frankly, based on my personal experiences I have an extremely difficult time swallowing the "Tesla service sucks" posts. Not my life experience at all as a Tesla owner.

mcdonalk | May 23, 2019

Whenever I read complaints about Tesla service here, I don't know what to think, whether to believe the complainers or not. In five years of successive ownership of two Model S', I have never previously experienced service for an ICE vehicle that comes close to the service I've received from the Tesla service center in Scottsdale, AZ these past few years. It has been excellent, prompt and professional. Both the SC and mobile technicians have been just wonderful. Also, no one has tried to sell me anything that I didn't need.
I am convinced that if one test drives a Tesla and undergoes the Tesla purchasing and service experiences (at least here in AZ), one will, like myself, never have even a passing interest in an ICE vehicle again. As a result, a year or so into my Tesla experience, I dumped our contraption known as a Porsche Boxster S. | May 24, 2019

thanks for sharing

liftsrock | May 24, 2019

I had my first Annual Inspection this past Tuesday at the Cleveland (Lyndhurst), Ohio Service Center. I made the appointment via the phone app and everything went very smoothly. The Service Writer (Kush) was professional and friendly and kept me informed of the status of the work which included installation of an updated Repeater Camera (Warranty). The entire job took less than 3 hours and to my delight, the cost was less than half of the $650 I expected based on what I had seen on the Tesla site last June when I bought the car. They said that based on their experience of the last several months servicing thousands of Teslas, they are able to simplify the Annual Service procedure and substantially lower the cost! This is not only the best car I've ever bought, it's the best thing I've ever bought!