Autopilot always crash in merge lane

Autopilot always crash in merge lane

I notice the autopilot even v9 can't handle merge lane. Every time it comes to merge lane, it doesn't know how to adjust position to fit itself in the space between two cards in the merging lane. it just going to crash itself to the car in front. It seems like the spot from the front wheel to the corner is the blind spot of the EAP. The car doesn't detect anything in that area. I tried a few times on the freeway. When approaching the merge lane, my cars front wheel get less than 2 feet to the other car's rear bumper and still no respond to the saturation. If I let it go further, I think it will just corn hit the other car in front.
Anyone else has this experience?

ST70 | November 24, 2018

I hate it when my Autopilot always crash in merge lane....

spuzzz123 | November 25, 2018

No not me only complaint about eap is aborted lane changes.

Magic 8 Ball | November 25, 2018

Yes, I em elso a baad spellar.

jjgunn | November 25, 2018

The merge has improved dramatically from previous versions of firmware.

I notice the car braking & allowing the merge much better now, especially with NoAP. Version 42.2 - MX

Sunergy-NJ | November 25, 2018

Do you have the distance between cars set at a high setting? If you're getting too close to the car in front, even in the merge lane, that could help. My 3 does a great job merging, even slows or speeds up to help the merge if the car coming in isn't bothering to actually merge into the main flow of traffic.

EM34ME | November 25, 2018

"Autopilot always crash in merge lane."

I guess that is why we read about 1000's of model 3 crashes everyday? I think the solution is to eliminate "merge lanes" or inept drivers.

Some people still think autopilot is Full Self Driving. It ain't! The driver is ALWAYS fully responsible for their car, autopilot or not.

jpalermo | November 25, 2018

Is this with Nav on Autopilot turn on? I've noticed much better merging when it's on vs off

ajbutler45 | November 25, 2018

In merging with light to moderate traffic I find the Navigate on Autopilot does well. In heavy traffic it just can't be aggressive enough to squeeze in. Either it gives up or I take over. I can't imagine letting it get two feet from the car ahead. In the three weeks I have been driving with Navigate on Autopilot either I am getting to use to it or it is slowly improving. For my commute I see more issues with exiting highways. I have several exits that require multiple lanes changes to exit. The lane changes required are too close together for it to complete in time. Gradually the software will improve. It is fun to see the progress.

kcheng | November 25, 2018

It's so nice when people make fun of the OP trying to write in english, when clearly it is his 2nd language. His meaning was clear, regardless of his poor grammar. Most people come to these forums to ask questions and hopefully get some help, from fellow owners, not get ridiculed and insulted by people who should know better. What is wrong with you people?

jlhm | November 25, 2018

@kcheng +100

jim | November 25, 2018

Occasionally I find that EAP will respond strangely with merge lanes and split lanes. In my limited testing, I have found that using the turn indicators can result in the car choosing a lane more decisively in these situations.

efuseakay | November 25, 2018

Exactly kcheng. And again, 8 Ball proves he’s one of the biggest trolls on this forum. It’s clear what the OP meant. And he is right. EAP is severely limited when it comes to merging.

slingshot18 | November 26, 2018

I only have the 30 day trial right now, but I haven't had any major merging issues. It acts like a jerk sometimes, but no crashes or near crashes. Seems to handle the cars just fine, but it doesn't like it when the lane suddenly gets twice as wide. I wish we could set up aggressively it tries to get to the middle of the lane.

Haggy | November 27, 2018

I went to merge yesterday, and there was plenty of room to move forward in the remaining merge lane, but the car hung back because the vehicle to my left was a truck. The Tesla knew where to position itself so that it would be able to merge into traffic behind the truck. This was in heavy traffic almost at a standstill.

ale_raza | May 31, 2019

My Tesla M3 crashed on 5/9/2019. Not a good news for most of you. Eddy knows about it. I bought it last December, so just after five months it crashed. I was coming from LA to Redlands, CA I was driving in the second lane ~70 MPH (no auto-pilot.) on I-10 freeway, near Colton, the car suddenly start spinning, it spun three times, hit the center divider from the front and the back. Spun three more time and stopped in the second lane. Weather was good, no rain or wet road. There was nothing on the road. There was a car in front of me. No car hit me but my car is totaled.  

ale_raza | May 31, 2019

My Tesla M3 crashed on 5/9/2019. Not a good news for most of you. I bought it last December, so just after five months it crashed. I was coming from LA to Redlands, CA I was driving in the second lane ~70 MPH (no auto-pilot.) on I-10 freeway, near Colton, the car suddenly start spinning, it spun three times, hit the center divider from the front and the back. Spun three more time and stopped in the second lane. Weather was good, no rain or wet road. There was nothing on the road. There was a car in front of me. No car hit me but my car is totaled.

calvin940 | May 31, 2019


The car doesn't crash itself. You are the driver. If what happens even remotely resembles what you state, then possibly you hit an slick patch of something like oil from those fossil fuel cars. So sorry for your loss. Not a Tesla issue.

spuzzz123 | May 31, 2019

Ale_raza hopefully no injuries. Sorry for the loss of your car hopefully insurance is good to you. And maybe you can change some options that you wish you had done before. You say you weren’t on autopilot. What do you attribute the start of the spinning? Did you lose grip on the steering wheel?

jdcollins5 | May 31, 2019

I have had the opposite experience. I have had AP slow down for the car next to me and then immediately speed up to get ahead of the second car.

So I think the title “always” is a little too attention grabbing.

jjgunn | May 31, 2019

My car start spinning all by itself! Not a good news for you.

Uh huh....right.

Joshan | May 31, 2019

another shorter, just ignore and move along. He would post that as a new thread if he owned a Tesla.

FISHEV | May 31, 2019

Thanks for posting @jingxi02 and don't mind the fanboi's, internet's version of static. Considering how AP works (aggressive auto braking, no cross track warning, jerky dynamic cruise, subpar blind side indicators and a much improved lane keeping in 2019.16.3) I waited on the Enhanced AP.

It's helpful to see the limitations of EAP and should be even more helpful to Tesla to know the issues drivers are running into. You'd think Tesla would reign in the more aggressive fanbois so owners keep posting valuable info.

Hopefully Tesla focuses on the basics (auto brake, dynamic cruise, lane keep/warn, cross track) and gets them up to industry standards before enhanced AP features.

calvin940 | May 31, 2019

smells like (rotting) fish around here...

Joshan | May 31, 2019

@fishev I would think Tesla would be more aggresive to the obvious fake shorters like @Ale_Raza than people who love and support their product. But what do I know...

kallian | May 31, 2019

Its pretty incompetent on merges. I always cancel. It only works if the other guy is super generous with distance to let it in. At high speed its a death trap.

bcb2220 | May 31, 2019


you're at fault. plain and simple.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | May 31, 2019

If only more of these FUD shorts didn’t survive their fake crashes. Oh well. At least their trading accounts will die soon.

mos6507 | May 31, 2019

Victim-blaming and accusing people of shorts. And so it continues...

spuzzz123 | May 31, 2019

Ah MOs dropped in. Expect a few posts today from shock and wantmy. They always seem to show up around the same time.

leo33 | May 31, 2019

Contractors only show up when paid.

Joshan | May 31, 2019

they are busy on the F and GM pages today assuring people the sky is not failling

(hint: their stock is tanking today thanks to Trump)

ale_raza | June 12, 2019

@calvin940 No, the car crashed itself. There was nothing on the road. Police report is clean, weather was good. There was no car in front of me. I am still waiting for a reply from Tesla.

@spuzzz123 As far I know I did not lose grip on steering. Only car was spinning.

@Joshan I would love to hear from Tesla. I wish if it was my mistake. I love this car that's why I bought it.

The post is not to scare you but to inform you.

See similar case here.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | June 12, 2019


BuffaloBillsFan | June 13, 2019


If EAP or NOA we’re not engaged, why do you think that an M3 would act any differently than any other car on the road? Does it make the news any time an ICE flips over or crashes into another car (the sneezing guy excepted)?

Why would you expect the M3 to save you from your own fuck-up? I love this car, and it saved me from what might have been a pretty serious accident yesterday. That would have been my own fuck-up as well, and I would not have blamed Tesla if I had driven into a tree at a high rate of speed.

This car does not have its own mind, and it amazes me to hear you say that the car caused your accident, even when it was not driving itself. Do you think your car just doesn’t like you and planned you harm? If so, you just need to buy a Ouija board and ask the TESLA GODS why your car was pissed off at you.

Your complaint is ridiculous, and should never be mentioned again on these boards.

Kindest regards, and please update us after you consult the Ouija board. . .

Tronguy | June 13, 2019

Flagged. Obvious short.

ale_raza | June 14, 2019

@BuffaloBillsFan I am looking for the answers but blames. What could go wrong?

Goose66 | June 15, 2019

I have always felt that the car has no knowledge that (or there is no programming logic for) it is merging from the on-ramp onto the highway. Mine just acts like the lane just suddenly got wide and narrows again. It never uses a turn signal when getting on the highway even though it always signals getting off or changing lanes. Every once in a while in heavy traffic it will ask to make a lane change from the on-ramp to the next lane to the left and if you confirm, it will try but then it “panics” at the end of the on-ramp when it runs out of lane and I have to take over. I have never let it play itself out long enough to know what it would do after the on-ramp ends.

apodbdrs | June 15, 2019

If on NOA or Auto steer, make sure your distance is at a higher value. You, the driver are still responsible. I am not experiencing your crash problem so far, if anything the auto collision alert should engage or I will take over.

BuffaloBillsFan | June 15, 2019

@Tronguy. Flagged for what? I have recently bought more than 100 shares of stock and plan to keep them for a long long time. I am DEFINITELY not a short on Tesla.

@ale-raza. Your comment doesn’t make any sense! Please clarify your comment. I don’t know whom to blame for your accident except just you. The car wasn’t on AP/NOAP, but you still blame Tesla? How does that work? If I kill a guy with a Smith and Wesson, can I blame Smith and Wesson for the murder? What do you expect from a car???

Not sure where you are coming from, ale-raza . . .

Neomaxizoomdweebie | June 15, 2019

I think Tronguy meant the OP was to be flagged. Not you.

BuffaloBillsFan | June 15, 2019

Oops! Should have realized that.

vmulla | June 15, 2019

Me thinks @ale_raza should start a new thread, or be flagged. What's the point of inserting a non-merge lane crash claim into this thread? This thread was silent since November 2018 until this unrelated crash info was shared.

Hal Fisher | June 16, 2019

The remains of the wheel included brakes and other parts that indicate a control arm separation. This causes the wheel to lose alignment allowing it to go sideways where acting forces will quickly cause failure on other connection which cascade fail as well. Ale_raza, did you wheel come off as well? Im at odds at determining what failed when going in a straight line like this. I wish I would have checked tightnesses of bolts on controller arms last week during rotation. Was yours a front wheel failure as well?

Hal Fisher | June 16, 2019

Oh and it does seem the lug nuts are not put on adequately tight. Mine were all on at about 40lb or so. Far looser than I’ve ever experienced before.

Hal Fisher | June 16, 2019

Oops, my bad. I should have read the description of what the driver experienced. Sounds more like a a-arm failure if the wheel folded downward.