Web browser/ google

Web browser/ google

Falammd | December 6, 2018

Does anybody know how to fix this issue i have with the touchscreen. Every time i go to the web browser or google i try to type in the search box and everything i type in is backwards? Please help.

lilbean | December 6, 2018

Try a scroll wheel reset.

Falammd | December 6, 2018

How do you do that @lilbean?

MelaniaFromBrentwood | December 7, 2018

Google it or read the manual. It’s in 1000 places and solves 90% of issues. | December 9, 2018

Press both scroll wheels in until the main screen goes black. Safe to do anytime. Reboot takes about a minute.

mbp11 | December 10, 2018

I had a problem recently where the internet browser stopped working, either in WIFI or cellular, typed in an address but nothing happened. I managed to get on the phone with support while I was in the car and he had me stop and do a complete car shutdown (I had time to do this). From the control panel screen, go to service and safety (I think that is it) and choose car off. The car completely turns off, dead, and supposedly you can restart the car by tapping the brake. Did not work for me, but opening the car door did turn it back on, and the web browser started working.

Now the web browser has stopped working again, and so I did a complete car shutdown again, and the web browser still does not work any longer!

NobelPrizeforMusk | December 27, 2018

Horrible browser and Tesla is limiting bandwidth and functionality over the ATT service. Wifi or connecting to my phone hotspot is much better but it still is very poor. | December 29, 2018

@NobelPrize - Nothing new - it's highly limited, partly due to vehicle regulations (no video in site of driver). Of course so far, I'm not aware of any other manufacturer that includes any web browser in the car, so something is better than nothing. Since Tesla is paying for the network bandwidth, seems reasonable that they also don't want massive data transferred. Once you tether the car to your phone, Tesla is no longer paying for the bandwidth.

You'll also find some websites far better than others. Seems nowadays, few web developers care about bandwidth and just load it up with huge downloads on every page. Part of this is to make pages "phone friendly". One popular style is to have very long pages you scroll down to get. This often requires the entire page be loaded (i.e. lots of data) before you see much. With bandwidth limitations, it makes page loading rather painful. | January 14, 2019

vinitapoojari006 a spambot - please flag.

Triggerplz | January 14, 2019

Yea I flagged him on another thread too