How to report supercharger problems

How to report supercharger problems

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and occasionally I have pulled into a supercharger station and backed in to charge, only to find out that the charger was not working. So that is why the stall is empty! In the past I have tried to call the Tesla help and service line to report it, but sometimes I cannot get through.

I recently found out from Tesla support that the best way to report an issue or express concerns regarding a Supercharger station or request maintenance on a current Supercharger station, email the Supercharger specialists at:

If you find that a station is not working or out of service, do your fellow Tesla owners a favor and report it in a timely fashion!

Mike P

reed_lewis | December 13, 2018

When you used to be able to get a person on the phone in a reasonable time period, the 877 number was perfect. Now since it takes at least a half hour to do so, not so much!

jjairbnb | June 19, 2019

They need to utilize the phone app to report malfunction. It shouldn't be too difficult but really help improve the efficiency on maintenance management.

Uncle Paul | June 19, 2019

I pulled into a stall last month, with the charging cable un plugged from it's holder and laid up on top of the pillar.

Figured out pretty quickly that it was probably not in service.

juno4525 | October 2, 2019

silverstone, co, station:
circuit 2 seems to be bad -- it was charging at about 50 miles/hr -- i asked another owner also on circuit 2 and he also was charging slowly -- all the other cars were unoccupied, so i could not check on their charging rates -- i moved to circuit 3 and it charged at about 450 miles/hour


ljarosz | October 17, 2019

On October 10 I was at the same supercharging station and had the same problem with number 2a and 2b

ljarosz | October 17, 2019

On October 10 I was at the same supercharging station and had the same problem with number 2a and 2b

roy.nicholas | November 1, 2019

4A at Park Meadows Mall, CO connector is ripped half way off like someone drove away with it plugged in. 3B is super flaky and frequently fails to charge. I’ve reported both at the email address above. | November 2, 2019

@roy.nicholas - I expect you know, but for new owners, you can't drive off with a charging cable connected to the car. Drive/Reverse/Neutral is locked out and you'll get a warning message to remove the charging connector if you attempt to drive.

ICE cars do regularly drive off with the fuel hose attached. One more advantage for EVs!

FISHEV | November 2, 2019

That email link is interesting. Did you get acknowledgements from them?

We have similar problems in PDX and I've been reporting the out of service charges via the phone, the 877 number that shows up when you hit the "T" on the car screen. The recording says no need to report but you do as they can't see the off line chargers. I've called while on broken charger and they said it looked good but it was 0kW out put and saying 6 hours to charge. We had repairmen come through early October but units are back down after just four weeks.

Some tips from another Tesla employee who talked to the repairmen, apparently one guy covers WA, OR, ID and part of No. CA.

1. If charger is not working, put it back in holster, wait 1 minute and try again. A interaction with another car might have shut it down and it will reset.
2. If charger still doesn't work, put back in holsters vs. looping over top. Seems rude but Tesla said it can only see the chargers online if plugged into a car or the holster.

liftsrock | November 4, 2019

I've always used to report Supercharger problems and usually a few days later I get an e-mail reply thanking me for letting them know, but I'll try going forward. Thanks.