Data available on rear ending situation

Data available on rear ending situation

Recently my M3 was involved in a rear ending. However, whether it was a rear ending or my car backed into the other car is under dispute and it has become a 'he said - she said' situation.

Does anyone know if Tesla has data available that I can get my hands on that can conclusively show at the time of impact if the car was in forward or backward motion? And where and how can I get it from?

ILoveMyModel3 | December 17, 2018

Call the support line and ask them. make sure you have the exact date and time.

Magic 8 Ball | December 17, 2018

Not gonna happen. To be used for your defense TESLA would have to become involved in the case and it would take TESLA time to do so. I don't want TESLA to be a "witness" for every accident involving a TESLA.

hokiegir1 | December 17, 2018

Did you have a flashdrive inserted for the dashcam? And if so, did you click "save" at the time? That could be used to show if you were moving (relative to surroundings) or not.

RES IPSA | December 17, 2018

@OP... Ask Tesla first. If you don't like their response and you have any lawyer friends, have them use their subpoena power to serve a subpoena on Tesla for the info.

Also, in some states, it may be legal to buy a device that can access the on-board data recorder (law enforcement has these devices).

Magic 8 Ball | December 17, 2018

Some history about EDR and TESLA's position on such, may help:

This article should help even more:

RES IPSA | December 17, 2018

I would think the OP's insurance company would have a strong incentive to access the EDR. But I don't know of their ability to do so without a subpoena or other court intervention (motion to compel, etc.)

Magic 8 Ball | December 17, 2018

@RES The way I read it is the EDR data is available without any need of legal action or need to bother Tesla at all, expect for maybe to order some cables ; ). Read the teslarati article and links it provides. I think all you need is the equipment and a Tesla account if I read it correctly.

spuzzz123 | December 17, 2018

Tell offending driver you can get to the data with some effort that you'd rather not go through, but you will if you must.
Faced with the thought of being proven a liar, they may decide to relent.

Tesla_User | December 17, 2018

Thanks all for the suggestions. What I really meant to ask is, irrespective of the accident situation, is it possible for a Tesla owner to request Tesla for data / vehicle logs for a certain time period. It is my data, do I have access to it?

jimglas | December 17, 2018

post by Magic 8 Ball:

Tesla_User | December 17, 2018

Wow, the cost of the EDR cables is 995. Wow.

nineteenelevenfan | December 17, 2018

This is EXACTLY why I went with the Street Guardian SG9663DC Dual Channel Dash Camera. Years ago, I installed their single camera version (before they had the rear camera package/option) and has provided an increased level peace of mind due to potential stories changing after speaking to respective insurance companies.

Recently installed the front/rear version in my Model 3 and the 1080p in both front/rear cameras is amazing.

rsingh05 | December 17, 2018

@jimglas - good to know, thanks for sharing.

@Tesla_User - $ 995 for the cables and another $500-1,000 for a Windows pc!