Sensor Issues and Tire issues in Model X

Sensor Issues and Tire issues in Model X

My Tesla Model X P100D is about 2 years old. And I already became a worried owner for the below reasons:

1. My drivers door doesn't open automatically, even with the setting turned on to do so. This happened before and I got it fixed, some module had to be replaced. But it's a costly replacement but since it's covered in my Warranty I am good. This happened again just a week back and I have scheduled an appointment. So when I am out of my Warranty period this is a recurring cost I should be facing? That's a scary thought.

2. In this two years I had to replace my tire twice. Each time it cost me around $500. And the tire couldn't be fixed, it just had to be replaced. The tire guy said, due to the nature of my tire, it's ripping from the side and is causing it to be irreparable. So every time a nail or something is hit, I am ripped off $500. I live in New Jersey and the roads are horrible, so is this a recurring cost I need to add - again a scary thought.

3. And I am noticing my wipers get turned on automatically even without a single drop of rain or water on the windshield. I know the feature is in beta, but I am concerned is this because of any cheap quality sensors or inadequate protection to the sensors from the elements (just guessing, not a techie in this field).

jimglas | December 17, 2018

tesla doesn't make your tires

inconel | December 17, 2018

It is a scary thought if you bought a P100D and have to worry about spending $500 per year on punctured tires.

caikangze407 | December 17, 2018

Buy the extended warranty for additional couple years.

Redmiata98 | December 18, 2018

You can set the wipers to off rather than intermittent.