unable to get license plate or registration

unable to get license plate or registration

I live in San Antonio Texas and received delivery of my Tesla model 3 pearl in October. I still do not have my plates and keep getting another temp tag. Only thing is that my bank wants their title from tesla. Am I the only person in bexar county with this problem. My tesla delivery person in Dominion tells me that the Las Vegas service center is processing the paperwork. And Bexar County Tax and Title keeps denying the paperwork. And my bank only gave me a few months to give them the title or my car loan becomes a personal loan at an exorbitant rate. As of today, the tesla delivery person said they will work on it. Of course no email, confirmation, tracking of when this is going to happen. SAD.

christophercartier | December 27, 2018

I have a similar problem in New York State. According to New York State DMV my car is either registered to another citizen or Tesla hasn’t processed the registration transaction even though I took delivery on October 3rd.

I can’t get a permanent registration sticker or title.

shawncordell | December 27, 2018

Same here... I’m in Texas too. Bought car in September. Just received tags this week. LoL

wiboater4 | December 28, 2018

Sounds like the people denying the paperwork are the hold up. Maybe call them yourself and ask what it is they don't like?

henry.groover | December 28, 2018

In Austin, Texas. Received my M3 September 28. My third set of temp tags just expired yesterday, still waiting for tags. Trying to get answers out of Tesla on what's happening has been tough. Encouraging that @shawncordell got tags, though. The one person I've been able to get answers from says that typically it takes 30-60 days in Texas, and mine got screwed up because apparently someone at Tesla lost my proof of insurance (and it took about 40 days to figure that out).

davidthoener | December 28, 2018

I'm in Nashville, same problem. October purchase, still no plate !!!!!

HawaiiKaiTesla | December 28, 2018

Same here in Hawaii, a Nov purchase and credit union is still not on title and they are threatening to raise interest rate. Sounds like Tesla doesn’t put a priority on this after the sale.

shawncordell | December 28, 2018

That crazy part about all this is if the bank doesn’t get the title in a certain time, the car loan becomes a personal loan an your rate goes up to around 24%. This despite it not being your fault.

I know this because I called them today after receiving a letter from them. I explained that I don’t have the title either - her reply was that it doesn’t matter.

Luckily I finally got my tags this week. Hopefully they receive the document they need soon.

bj | December 28, 2018

Is the USA an allegedly advanced country? These stories seem ridiculous to me. In my country a new vehicle must be fully registered at pickup. Dealers have a stock of metal registration plates and electronically lodge the details with the relevant state authority. The buyer cannot legally drive the vehicle off the lot without this being done, so naturally the dealer has a very strong financial motive to ensure this is done on time. It’s all very efficient. And of course Tesla operates no differently in this regard to a conventional auto dealer.

So why on earth is the US incapable of implementing a similar system?

GHammer | December 29, 2018

"So why on earth is the US incapable of implementing a similar system?"

Because car registration is the jurisdiction of individual states not the federal government and every state has its own laws and procedures. To top that off several states do not even allow Tesla to sell cars directly in those states.

Firewired | December 29, 2018

I am also in San Antonio, took delivery 9/22 and just got my plates last week also. I am not sure of the truth in this, but two weeks ago one of the Tesla reps stated that there had been some kind of hold on registrations of Teslas in Texas which the Tesla corporate DMV division had been fighting (since the end of September) and they had finally gotten approval, and all backlogged Tesla registrations were now going to be processed. I got my plates the next week.

Mr.Tesla | December 29, 2018

In Soviet Russia, we register and tag YOU! ;-)

bj | December 29, 2018

@hammer @OR-US - same here in Australia - the States are responsible for vehicle registration. And all of them have laws requiring vehicles be registered before they are driven off the lot, but also provide an efficient system for the dealers to do so. Maybe we just cooperate more here - Australia is a federation not confederation.

BostonPilot | December 29, 2018

@bj - Like people have said, it depends on the state. Here in Massachusetts there is no such thing as a temporary plate - you have to complete the registration before you drive off the lot. Thankfully, Tesla is connected into the state's motor vehicle department, so Tesla can actually issue you the plates when you pick up your car. Quite painless, especially since 30 years ago Massachusetts had one of the worst motor vehicle departments... It used to be an all day task to get your plates (or renew your registration, or renew your driver's license... it was really awful).

If @Firewired is right, and the Texas DMV had a hold on registering Teslas, then it's another example of poor communication on Tesla's part not letting people know that was going on. Otherwise I think it would be pretty reasonable to blame Tesla... basically, deliver the title or take the car back. What good is a car you can't get registered?

jon.rendulic | September 13, 2019

Same here in Anchorage Alaska, my temp plate has been expired for a month.

bjrosen | September 13, 2019

@bj, It's on a state by state business. I live in MA, Tesla registered my car and put the tags on it while I waited, it was all done electronically, took a few minutes. I took delivery as soon as the registration process was completed. It was easier than with my previous car, because I bought that one in NH instead of MA the dealer didn't handle the registration, I had to do it myself. That involved driving to my insurance agent, getting an insurance stamp, then driving to the RMV and waiting for an hour or two until I was called, handing them the check for the sales tax and then they handed me my registration.

pjwheeler83 | September 15, 2019

Im a Michigan owner, I went to the secretary of state to register/ plate my car back in April. After giving the clerk my purchase/ insurance documents I was asked to provide a bill of sale of the BATTERY PACK. After about 45 minutes of back and forth with the clerk and her discussing the matter with other clerks I was finally given my plate/ registration.

My experience with registration was a mess too but for seemingly different reasons.

I don't believe Tesla is the problem, I think it has more to do with lack of training of local government employees.

I hope you get things figured out soon!