Stuck in Valet Mode?

Stuck in Valet Mode?

We went on vacation and I thought if someone broke in my house they would probably steal the coolest thing we had so I wanted to make it that much more difficult by putting my car in valet mode. Anyways- came home and the app won't let me take it out of valet mode, it keeps saying "failed to disable valet mode". The console won't turn on in my car, I deleted and downloaded the Tesla app again, turned my phone on and off... I don't know what to do!
Please help if you know what I should do :)

rxlawdude | December 27, 2018

Call Tesla.

linztesla | December 27, 2018

I just got off the phone with them and had to hold down the scrolls on my wheel for about 30 seconds and the console came back on, and was able to take it off valet mode from there. The app updated as soon as valet mode was turned off through my car. Problem solved!

rxlawdude | December 27, 2018

Glad you got it fixed. That two scroll wheel press and hold is called "rebooting. " You may hear that term in other threads here.

I assumed you had tried to reboot before you posted.

MilesMD88 | December 27, 2018

Reboot after every software update. Before you do that, remove your USB drive if you have one plugged in (music)

deyeatts | May 28, 2019

Hi, I purchased my 2016 model x less than a week ago from a third party. I have been reading the manual and tried the valet mode. I can't get it to disable. I tried what you all suggested in "rebooting". A reboot did occur but the valet parking did not disable. It doesn't look like I can get a Tesla account until I get my car registration which will take 4 - 6 weeks. Without an account, I can't use my cell phone to disable valet mode (assuming it will) or even make an appointment with the tesla service center. Any other suggestions for disabling valet mode? Thanks much.

DanFoster1 | May 29, 2019

@ deyeatts: valet mode requires a four digit code to disable. The party from whom you bought your car input that code when they set it up—call them directly and pray they remember their code! You don’t need the app to make a service appointment, just call Tesla. But call the people from whom you bought the car first!

EVRider | May 29, 2019

@deyeatts: The seller might also still have access to your car via the mobile app, so they can disable valet mode for you. After you get it disabled, you should use the factory reset option on the service screen to erase the previous owner’s personal data. You can also disable mobile access until the car gets transferred to your account so the previous owner can’t continue to access your car.

deyeatts | May 29, 2019

Thanks much. I purchased the model x from Vroom a company that sells cars nationally. I will contact them and see if they can obtain the four digit number but doesn't seem promising. I have tried calling Tesla to make a service appointment but have been told I must have an account. However, perhaps I misunderstood something so I'll try again. I'll share what I find out. When I go to the service screen, I do not see a "factory reset option?" Thanks again.

lilbean | May 29, 2019

You won’t see the factory reset in valet mode.

deyeatts | May 29, 2019

That makes sense re: factory reset. I have learned Tesla will not help me get the Valet Mode disabled unless I can prove that I own the car. The registration and title won't come for 4-6 weeks. Vroom tried getting the four digit number from the original owner but no luck. I had them send me a copy of the contract showing that they sold me the car. It includes a copy of the cashier's check I gave them for the cost of the vehicle. I am going to email that to Tesla in lieu of the registration/title and hope that they accept it as proof of ownership. If they do, they will allow me to create an account and app. My understanding is that once I create an app I should be able to turn off Valet Mode. At this point, I wonder whether it is a defect with this particular electronic function.

p.c.mcavoy | May 29, 2019

@deyeatts - While I understand how this is a bit of a pain for you, I would not call the inability to reset/clear valet mode without the code or action by Tesla for a verified owner to be a defect with the electronic function.

If you could do a factory reset yourself, then that essentially negates the whole value of valet mode ... any valet that wants to take advantage of your vehicle would just do the reset.

I also understand Tesla's stance of not acknowledge you owning the vehicle with out clear proof of ownership. Again, too many cases where an unscrupulous individual could impersonate an owner, producing falsified purchase documents, and get them to reset account access to your car.

Moral of this story for anyone purchasing from a 3rd party dealer is to make sure before you purchase it that valet mode is not enabled. Similar to making sure 'find my phone' is turned off if buying a used iPhone.

EVRider | May 30, 2019

@deyeatts: You won’t need to create a new account for your car (unless you want to). You can use the same account you’re using for this forum. You don’t “create” the app either — just download and install it like any other mobile app. You can do that now, but the app won’t show any cars until Tesla transfers ownership to you.