My Suggestion to Tesla

My Suggestion to Tesla

These are just general pointers that throughout my ownership wound enhance the overall Tesla Experience:

Tesla needs to assign personal customer service reps. It would be easy for Tesla to assign them like the insurance company's do with a picture of the person, their email, and contact on this website when requesting service or support. Make their information easily available on the phone app as well.

Superchargers need to show inbound traffic and estimated wait time for your arrival and/or stall load on arrival. They also need to have a better reporting system on their phone app that allows users to take pictures of Cars that sit unplugged and are tieing up stalls. I've seen it several times now a car parked and not plugged in at a busy supercharger. Superchargers are getting busier and this information would be very beneficial. It should also show you peak times and estimated load based on your time of arrival using historical data. Maybe even appointments that can be set. Just an idea.

Phone app needs to have tesla trip planner built in that either can be used off user set mileage on car or current car mileage based off battery charge. Getting in the car or getting on a web browser to plan a trip with perfect 310 mile range is old. It needs to do a good job of showing what is around instead of having to look at google maps or search for it.

Tesla needs to have an inclement weather range adjustment that is for the user. Similar to range mode, this mode shows the user how much energy they may potentially save while on a road trip by turning off heat/ac or driving slower.

Tesla needs a "hints" mode sort of like iphone that guides the user during their first week or first experience with the car that is able to be turned on or off. (i.e. WiFi will allow your car to download updates and receive updates quicker than normal LTE).

Tesla needs a lower powered version of Heat that only uses a maximum of maybe 1kw. I wish they could turn the A/C into a heat pump to alleviate with range loss and increase efficiency in winter months.

Any additional please chime in.

jimglas | January 16, 2019

so, how do you like your car?

mabuck | January 16, 2019

Love it!

hokiegir1 | January 16, 2019

"Tesla needs a "hints" mode sort of like iphone that guides the user during their first week or first experience with the car that is able to be turned on or off. (i.e. WiFi will allow your car to download updates and receive updates quicker than normal LTE)."

Like, for instance, a user manual that has "NOTE:" all throughout it with tips like this?

mabuck | January 16, 2019


Yup, it needs to be interactive. Did you read your iphone or samsung manual? It would enhance the user experience. I.E. "Setting your charge level up to 90% is recommended for longevity of your battery is recommended" Each hint could be hyperlinked to the digital manual.

CST | January 16, 2019

We also need a media campaign to educate the public that charging spots are not priority parking for EV.

mabuck | January 16, 2019

That example could show up when you first open up the charging menu.

Magic 8 Ball | January 16, 2019

So, since TESLA does not have any of these things do you recommend people not buy a TESLA? Do you think TESLA "needs" these things or they will go broke?

mabuck | January 16, 2019

Nope. Would make the user experience better though

Magic 8 Ball | January 16, 2019

I see, so the list is a list of wants, not needs.

mabuck | January 16, 2019

Should I have said Tesla wants instead of Tesla needs..... or how about I want Tesla to have? I need your advice cause I'm confused.


tanya | January 16, 2019

Parking Tesla or any other car at the SC and destination chargers is becoming a problem for people who are relying on them and have no home chargers. I see this issue every other day.

Magic 8 Ball | January 16, 2019

There are dozens of threads soliciting for wants. If you just scrolled down a bit you would find this thread and you could of added your list there. Maybe a local dialect thing but when someones says: "What they need to do.........." I always took that as someone telling someone else they need to do something instead of politely asking for future upgrades.

Here is the most recent of "I want" threads just add to it:

gballant4570 | January 16, 2019

I like some of these - one or two don't matter a bit to me, but might well mean something to others. I would always be in favor of enhancing app functionality. Its always better to have more than any one person might use available, so that there is more functionality available to more people, who will find different ways to access that functionality.

CST | January 16, 2019

I needs to have my wants!

mabuck | January 16, 2019

Tesla better answer to my wants DAMNIT!

mabuck | January 16, 2019


It isn't a problem for me, I have a home charger and work charger. What is a problem is when you want to go on a trip and have to wait an additional 30 minutes in addition to the 30-1 hour charge time.

gmr6415 | January 16, 2019

Honestly I would much rather they stay on course by focusing their resources on some of the already documented issues and/or beta features such as the auto wipers, the web browser, EAP, FSD, freezing doors, windows and charge ports, etc.

mabuck | January 16, 2019

@gmr agreed those are absolutely priority

tanya | January 16, 2019

Glad it is not a problem for you, but it is for us, people living in condos with HOA refusing to install charger at our expense.

mrburke | January 16, 2019

I think it is fair to say that Tesla could do some things better.
The consumer market will determine if those are needs or just wants.

Kenz | January 17, 2019

More employers need to install a group of level 2 chargers for employees.
Makes sense to have a charger where you park for 8 hours or more.
EV owners need to ask their HR department to install chargers as an employee benefit.

byerspp | January 17, 2019

I would like to see the battery temperature that is being used to limit regen displayed on the charging screen.

For older people with failing eyesight, larger and darker fonts on several of the info items such as the clock and PRND would be helpful.

kcheng | January 17, 2019

@op, all good points. The car is great, but it could always be greater. Don't let the snarky comments from the Tesla mafia bother you. That's their initiation process.

mrburke | January 17, 2019

@Kenz-Lets look at the economics. L2 charges are expensive. Not only the charger itself, but the infrastructure to get the power to it.

The company I work for has both L2 Chargepoint chargers (Free for the first 4 hours,$5.00 an hour after that) & 20amp-120 volt outlets. You can put 5 of the later, for less that the price of 1 L2. Being that you can add 50 miles in a work day from the 120 volt outlets, I would rather have enough of those rather than not enough L2s.

mabuck | January 17, 2019

Thanks @kcheng. These are just pointers that would make the car better, but some people have something that crawled up their tail I suppose

byerspp | January 23, 2019

I need to add an important item to my previous post

For older people with failing eyesight, larger and darker fonts on several of the info items such as the clock and PRND would be helpful.

The energy bar under the speedometer is offers good information on regen and battery status but it is almost invisible. The left side is very hard to see. It would be nice to enlarge the bar width.

andy.connor.e | January 23, 2019

I need to have my wants needed. And i want my wants to be wanted. And then needed.