New 12v lithium ion battery, better sound?

New 12v lithium ion battery, better sound?

Is it true? Replacing your current lead acid battery with a 12v lithium ion battery increases your audio power including better bass? Someone please try this!!

Would it void your warranty?

Teslaguy | January 22, 2019

Let’s see the numbers talk is cheap.

uknowinvu2 | January 22, 2019

These guys say it does ..

efuseakay | January 22, 2019

lol Clickbait video to push their referral code.

Xerogas | January 22, 2019

@uknowinvu2: flagged

uknowinvu2 | January 23, 2019

From a battery stand point this makes sense. You’ll see nearly constant voltage levels through the whole discharge cycle of a lithium ion battery, while lead batteries experience a constant drop of voltage. Maintaining voltage translates to better efficiency therefore does it not make sense?

CorkChop | January 23, 2019

Everyone assumed, including the OP that the 12V powers the sound system but it doesn't. This is another silly post, like the one where the software update made the wind noise of his M3 louder.

andy.connor.e | January 23, 2019


Unless there is a current limiter on the circuit, then if the voltage drops it would just draw more current to compensate. Lead batteries dont "experience a constant drop of voltage" the way you may think. Its not like its constantly going up and down. The difference between the lead and lithium, is that as the lead battery goes from 100% to 0%, it undergoes a higher cell voltage change than lithium.

Perhaps if there was a current limiter for the audio system, you could technically get "more" power to the speakers. How much? I dont know. That depends exactly what kind of situation you are in need of making your speakers even louder than the maximum volume they can go. Doesnt seem like a practical implementation.

Tropopause | January 23, 2019

That YouTube video has a clickbait title. The title insinuates the HV battery needed replacing. Once you click on the "bait" you are presented with a story about replacing the 12V battery with a li-ion. Very misleading. I will never watch another video from that YouTuber again. I hope this message get spread throughout the Tesla community so that others will do the same.

uknowinvu2 | January 23, 2019

My apologies... Sounded legit to me!! I like the sound in the model 3, I feel it could be better.