Microphone and rear speakers stop working in extreme cold?

Microphone and rear speakers stop working in extreme cold?

Hi Everyone,
I'm in New England and we've had a cold few days. My Model 3 is in a garage at nights but during the day it's outside. Yesterday my speakers and microphone were working fine driving to work but on the way home the rear speaker were clicking and the microphone was not working. I did the MCU reboot as well as powering the car off for 3 mins before stepping on the brake pedal but this didn't solve the issue.

This afternoon I was going to call Tesla to see of anything else could be done before making an appointment and to my surprise, the microphone and rear speakers started working as normal. Has anyone had this issue? It's the first time I've had any issues with the speakers/microphone.


SteveWin1 | January 23, 2019

Next time, pull over, open your charge port, close your charge port, and be on your way. There's a known bug (to this forum, maybe not to Tesla...they haven't fixed it anyway) where the speakers and microphone go out. There are several ways to fix it. The easiest is just to open and close the charge port. Probably not related to the cold.

beingboston | January 24, 2019

Thanks Steve. That is the craziest solution I've heard for an issue.

coleAK | January 24, 2019

How cold was “extreme cold”? It’s been below zero (F) most of the last 3 weeks down to -30 with no issues. Could it have just been a coincidence that it happened when it was cold? Sounds like a lose wireing harness.

SteveWin1 | January 24, 2019

@beingboston, Yeah, I didn't believe it would actually work, but I've done it a couple times and it has fixed it immediately every time. Speakers come back on and voice commands start working again. Definitely weird.

HughManatee | January 24, 2019

This is a known issue, they are working on a fix. Version 2018.50 didn't fix it. You should open a support ticket with Tesla. I do notice it happens more often when it's below 20 degrees... Overall since August it has happened to me about 10 times. It's about to get -25F here next week without windchill (-40 F with wind chill) so i will definitely be able to test the theory. Yuck.

Also, make sure to make a bug report every time it happens, it helps the engineers track the issues down (flags them in the system somehow). Also, you can do what was suggested in this thread to fix it. You can also power down from the menu directly (in the security tab i think?), or get out of the car, wait for the interior light to turn off, then get back in.