What's the consensus on a GFCI Circuit breaker with the mobile connector 2?

What's the consensus on a GFCI Circuit breaker with the mobile connector 2?

I have been reading many people are having issues with a GFCI circuit breaker tripping the mobile connector 2, though all those posts are months old. I am installing a nema 14-50 outlet outside my house (it will get rained on, getting an weatherproof enclosure) and wondering what kind of circuit I should put in. I'd rather not pay 10x the price for something I'm going to have to immediately swap out. Though the thought of plugging something into the outlet/ touching the box when it's raining is also scary.

Yes, I'm aware the mobile connector has a GFCI built in, however that doesn't stop an electrical shock from plugging it into the outlet.

Has Tesla made any updates to address this issue?

kevin_rf | February 13, 2019

I think the real issue people have been having with GFI's is they can go bad over time. Meaning they get more sensitive as they age, leading to "false" trips. Had to replace some basement GFI's recently (15 years old) because of this. They went bad. It's less of a shock issue and more of a constantly tripping issue.

It's not so much a Tesla issue as GFI's wear out. Especially when your builder goes with the lowest bidder.

eplaskett | February 13, 2019

Why not just go with a hard-wired wall connector, particularly since you seem especially concerned about safety? (Rightfully so, in my book.) Yes, it will set you back another $500 (though wall connectors can probably be found for less from private sellers), but the installation cost should not be significantly different than that of the 14-50. Unlike the mobile connector, the wall connector is rated for outdoor use and inclement weather. Moreover, the wall connector can't be (easily) stolen, while the mobile connector can, and from what I understand, most 14-50 outlets are not meant to take a lot of plugging and unplugging, so if you think you'll be doing that often, it might wear prematurely.

Just food for thought. Good luck with your installation!

foodking | February 13, 2019

installation for a wall connector would be easier because you'd be using 6/2 wire vs 6/3 for a nema 14-50. Plus, 1 less wire to worry about.