roof rack

roof rack

Anyone know the difference between the Yakima and Tesla roof racks?

Jim Little | February 13, 2019

Tesla roof rack uses small hooks that slip between glass and roof and latch onto a hidden slot under the glass. When mounted they look like the are original factory accessory/built into the car. Tesla crossbars end at the attachment point and do not overhang beyond edge of the roof. They have also been back ordered for several months... but if you check website daily (or sometimes several times a day) I was eventually able to buy one.

Yakima roof rack attaches using a foot-pad that rests on the roof rail, and a metal plate that wraps around the roof and slips between the roof and chrome trim. It looks like an aftermarket accessory. I've had problems in past with this style of roof rack because it can end up increasing the gap between trim and roof and scratching the roof or trim. Yakima cross bars can overhang beyond the edge of roof, which some people like to be able to put heavy or awkward items like kayaks onto the roof, but also create something you can hit your head on.

I went with the Tesla rack, but I use Yakima accessories and crossbars on other cars, and very happy with their products.

sroh | February 13, 2019

I assume you are asking about roof racks designed for the Model 3?

I didn't know Yakima had released a roof rack for the Model 3. Could you point us to it?

The Tesla roof rack is custom designed for the Model 3. It fits great, looks great and is very aerodynamic. Early tests indicate about a 2% hit to efficiency. Install is relatively simple; it took about 45 minutes to install the first time. I expect it will take about 5-10 minutes to remove and probably 15-20 minutes to install going forward.

I highly recommend the Tesla roof rack if you need ski racks or cargo boxes. Also if you like to carry bikes on the roof of your car .

jimglas | February 13, 2019

Tesla wt limit is 150#, pretty limited

radialspoke | February 13, 2019

@jimglas the Yakima is only 165, what a difference!

AlpieCO | February 13, 2019

Roof boxes-anyone have experience or thoughts on Thule vs Yakima or other brand?

Kathy Applebaum | February 13, 2019

@sroh -- the base towers are part #8000146; the base clips are #8006173

Kathy Applebaum | February 13, 2019

Also for those who wonder, the Yakima towers/clips/crossbars total $558 at REI; the Tesla kit is $450. That, plus the fact that there would only be one company to hassle with if something went wrong, made getting the Tesla kit a no-brainer for me.

sroh | February 13, 2019

Thanks Kathy! Wow, I thought the Tesla roof rack was a bit expensive until I see what the Yakima system costs.

I was considering getting a hitch; glad I waited for the roof rack to become available. I've already had several other Model 3 owners comment how good they look. Will keep it on the car through ski season and then look at cargo boxes in the spring.