Auto-wipers work today

Auto-wipers work today

Its a very rainy day in the Bay Area and I noticed right from the start that my auto-wipers are adjusting for the first time. Instead of just running as if they were set to intermittent, they sped-up and slowed down, basically acted like my Volvo wipers. No updates that I'm aware of.

hokiegir1 | February 13, 2019

Mine have been doing reasonably well for the last few days in ATL as well. It's been just rainy enough that I need something, but the lowest manual was too fast -- so I set them on auto, and it kept up decently. They do go a little nuts if I leave them on when I get out of the car and it comes back on, but for normal driving, they did well. I just turn them off when I get out and back on once I've done a swipe or two manually when I get back in.

gmr6415 | February 13, 2019

I think I'm seeing an improvement too, especially in light rain.

b_steinberg | February 13, 2019

i see improvement as well.

CharleyBC | February 13, 2019

I did some rainy driving last weekend. I also felt the wipers seemed smarter, adjusting more sensibly to varying conditions than in the past. Many fewer manual taps on the end of the left stalk. I suppose I correlate this with installing 2018.50.6.

lilbean | February 13, 2019


jcgoddard | February 13, 2019

this has been a huge problem for me in Portland, Oregon, where it rains, umm, a lot.
hoping that things will be better, but can someone please tweet Elon and let him know his auto wipers should be as good (at least) as BMW , etc!!
(This is about my extent of social media..)

CST | February 13, 2019

@jcgoddard - as of today, they are!

meulman.k | February 13, 2019

Anyone experiencing bad wiper chatter? Mine is horrible.

efuseakay | February 13, 2019

Meul, what firmware are you on? Chatter was pretty bad under 46-48.

Kahn | February 13, 2019

Don't come on often enough to be use full here. Need a scrollable sensitivity setting.

geoffdorn | February 13, 2019

auto is still awful for driving in Portland.

lilbean | February 13, 2019

Mine too! Thanks, @CST!

thedrisin | February 13, 2019

Since the last update I have seen am improvement in the frequency of the wiping. I can actually leave it on Auto mode, which was not the case before. However, I have an increase in the charter.

RedShift | February 13, 2019

Exact opposite. Today morning’s rain was medium to light, but the droplets were small. Very lazy action by the auto mode, frustrated me many times, resorting to manual mode. (After I noticed that I was pressing the single wipe many times)

RedShift | February 13, 2019

My S has scrollable auto wiper sensitivity. I find it a very good feature.

bstookey3219 | February 13, 2019

@CST Your car didn't magically get better at auto-wiping without an update. Autowiper effectiveness is highly variable, mostly because of natural light since cameras are used. On roads without any light, it's still useless and Tesla is stupid for thinking they could use cameras in darkness to adequately detect rain. I hate the autowipers in my S and wife's 3, because they SUCK compared to any other car with a dedicated sensor.

@efuseakay Wiper chatter has NOTHING to do with a softare version, but okay.

timsteele | February 13, 2019

I am still experiencing this issue and I think this is very unsafe. Took it in for service and they used a hose and said, oh it works fine. If you don't agree, send a message to Tesla. I did and got a form response to make an appointment and take it in for service. Seems like an easy software update? Come on Tesla.

Czardmitri | February 14, 2019

My seemed better today as well. I though I was just imagining it...

SalisburySam | February 14, 2019

On 50.6 and Auto works pretty well in the various rain conditions I’ve experienced since update. In daytime. At night, wipers do not start at all in any but the heaviest rain. I have to switch to manual and submit a bug report.

crmedved | February 14, 2019

I mostly have issues with spray from other cars. It doesn't reach the top of the windshield, so I'm left blinded but the camera has no idea. Unfortunately, I don't think there's ever going to be a software fix possible for that.

I wish double-tapping the wiper button enabled manual mode (with each extra tap after increasing the speed). Would be a convenient fix for when auto mode doesn't work.

stochasticat | February 15, 2019

I am on 50.6 in the bay area, CA and my auto wipers are not keeping up at all. Its really frustrating b/c we have been in a pretty crazy storm system for the past several days and it has really showcased how much worse my model 3 auto wipers are than my old ford fusion auto wipers. I never had a single issue with those-- always sped up just fine to keep up with heavy rain. But I am constantly having to manually change the Model 3 wipers, day or night, b/c the auto speed is about 1/2 or less of what it should be for safety. Today I just let it go a little longer on auto while no one was in front of me just to see how bad it could get and sure enough, entire windshield covered in heavy rain, to the point of no visibility, and yet the auto wiper was going about once every 5-6 seconds. Something is just really wrong with it. Works fine for drizzle, but not for actual real-life changing rain on the highway.

Dalebackwards | February 15, 2019

Funny thing is auto-wipers worked well for me for the first time ever, the first drive after I updated to 50.6. After that drive, they somehow reverted back to being too slow.

So im hoping it means a software fix based on the current configuration is possible?

lpgordon | February 16, 2019

I’m from Seattle on 50.6 and they still suck. Unusable in drizzle.