4 SA articles under Google stock results

4 SA articles under Google stock results

Google set a record with 4 Seeking @lpha article/info bubbles under the TSLA stock results. They're pushing the FUD limit today!

JustSaying | February 14, 2019

No mention of the Schedule 13G SEC filings made over the last 48 hours ( an alternative SEC filing for the 13D which must be filed by anyone who acquires ownership in a public company of more than 5% of the outstanding stock).

Mike83 | February 14, 2019

It wouldn't surprise me if anti Tesla shorts, dealerships, fossil fuel interests, etc. click these FUD articles to bring them up in Google. This also pushes real news to the bottom. If so I hope Google can separate important news from the opinion garbage like Fox entertainment news.

BozieB | February 16, 2019

I discontinued the Google alerts because of the abundance of FUD, very annoying.

Mike83 | February 16, 2019

Even the main stream media has less real information. I find some foreign news a bit more real.
Still searching for some good factual journalism but it is readily available.
On Google news one can hide the useless sources (on the vertical 3 dots) and you just get less BS.