Volcanic ash

Volcanic ash

With geo-activity in Yellowstone and the Pacific rim does anyone know if Teslas would be operable in volcanic ash environments? I expect it would affect filters but would limitations be the same as with ICE vehicles?

Bobblec | March 4, 2019

this is a concern I have not seen addressed | March 4, 2019

No limitations as far as driving since the vehicle does not use any oxygen like ICE cars require (although we as humans do require a bit of oxygen to keep living). If just ash, then again EVs should not have a problem. The Model S/X HEPA filters should come in handy too.

I've driven through a fire at the edge of a freeway. Driving 5 mph, could barely see the car in front 10 feet away the smoke was so bad. Didn't smell a thing inside the car due to fantastic filters in the car. | March 4, 2019

I should point out that driving over flowing lava is not a good idea in any car. Tires will blow and catch fire among other problems. Heat might catch battery on fire (or gas tank in an ICE car).

johnse | March 4, 2019

The concern about volcanic ash is that it is caustic and highly abrasive (often with very fine-grained particles). Teslas would be less impacted than the internal combustion engine. The ash tended to quickly clog air filters with the larger particles and the finer ones caused increased wear because air is used in the combustion process. Since the electric motors are not open to the air, this will not be a concern.

However, one can expect that the efficiency of the radiator may be diminished as it gets coated and clogged with ash, such that the car will be unable to shed excess heat as well. This could limit the performance of the car.

The cabin air filters (in the S & X, a little less so in the 3) should do a good job filtering...but may get clogged quickly.

Also, long term exposure to the ash will have an effect on corroding metal parts.

kcheng | March 4, 2019

Lots of volcanic activity could lead to global cooling. Climate change problems solved. Of course, maybe, we die out like the dinosaurs, but hey, climate change problems solved!

Rumi11 | March 4, 2019

Okay, so safe to say Tesla is THE car to have during an Apocalypse!

blue adept | March 5, 2019

Yeah, pretty much @Rumi11, with the one possible exception being the potential exposure to an EMP disabling the vehicle, as it would ALL electronic devices, since volcanoes could, theoretically, cause one.

blue adept | March 5, 2019

@ Bobblec

Tesla's motors and battery compartment are all hermetically sealed, so no chance of any ash posing a problem there, though, as others have mentioned, the HEPA filtration and cooling systems could become clogged from excessive exposure to ash.

rajatgaikwad4950 | March 8, 2019

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