Estimated Delivery: 2-4 weeks is not accurate

Estimated Delivery: 2-4 weeks is not accurate

Please be aware Estimated Delivery: 2-4 weeks is not accurate.
I don't know why they show it on their site. They should take it off before new customers complain.

toriny14 | September 17, 2019

I am in Union city, next to Fremont

jrweiss98020 | September 17, 2019

Ordered my white LR AWD with 18" wheels Aug 3. Delivery scheduled for this afternoon, Sep 17.

andy.connor.e | September 17, 2019

What is this, the new FUD of the month?

dhruvk | September 17, 2019

Ordered 9/11, got it delivered 9/13 :D
Devon, PA

HighlandPony | September 17, 2019

If you read through all the posts in this thread and average out the delivery times it works out to be 2-4 weeks. This thread is just stupid. Fake News! Sad!!

WoodworkerII | September 19, 2019

Exactly 4-weeks from order to delivery.
Ordered on Saturday 8/24, in-store O.C. Calif. The VIN with a delivery date set for 9/21 finally appeared on my account page this morning (9/19). No MVPA posted. I received no text, no email, no phone call. I had to call the Tesla corporate number (twice) to get them to email me the final MVPA today so that I could complete the loan application with my credit union. The document was a regular PDF, no e-signature. Just your basic manually print-sign-scan and email to the loan office. Had I not checked my account page this morning, and made the phone calls to Tesla, there would have been no way to get funding in time for the Saturday delivery. Tesla requires payment in full at the time of delivery and assumes that 48-hrs or less is enough time to complete the loan process. Thankfully, my credit union handled this superbly. In other words--It's my CREDIT union that gets the CREDIT for pulling this off in time. That being said, I can't wait for Saturday to arrive!

jrweiss98020 | September 20, 2019

HighlandPony, "average" time means almost nothing when the variation is so wide. 6 weeks is WAY too long on a 2-week estimate (what they said when I ordered). Lack of communication from Tesla's end doesn't help, either...

icckt | September 20, 2019

Our order number is RN109599231 - I was shopping for a car and saw this article I went to Century city Tesla store and they confirmed this deal. I placed my order and wanted them to match another car but now they are telling us they are not able to do that.
We feel deceived and we are going to cancel our order if Tesla won't match my order as they promised.

nruiz053 | October 16, 2019


Pg3ibew | October 16, 2019

We ordered our car on Aug 28 and asked for it to be delivered Oct 19. Because we were going to be out of the country for a while. They laughed at us and said you could have the car within a week and there was no need to order so early. Because we were skeptical, we insisted and placed the order. We came home from Europe on the 6th of Oct. I spoke to my Rep and he already had the ball rolling and we could have had our car any day from the 7th until the 19th. I have NO PROBLEM with the way Tesla is handling our Account.

chididdy | October 16, 2019

M3 white LR, order status said “less than two weeks from order. A week later no movement. I call the Denver delivery center just before I go to sell my old car and am told M3s won’t deliver until December! What?!

ucbwill | October 21, 2019

Is there a way to find out what your updated delivery estimate is? I ordered on 10/10 and was given a 2 week estimate, then a week later Tesla announced a 10 week delivery estimate and higher cost for the vehicle with a lower deposit. I feel as though putting down the 2,500 deposit and ordering before the announcement should not affect me, but these posts are not encouraging :(

mark | October 21, 2019

I ordered with the 2500 down on Oct 11th in Southern Calif. Was told 1-2 weeks by salesman and also the account site still states 1-2 weeks from order placed date. Been checking for the VIN to pop up and still nothing. Emailed Tesla but no response. As Im trying to get rid of current car, its very difficult to time the release of current car. Has anyone that placed order in October already received their 3? LR,dark grey, black interior, 19”. Its already been 10 days and still no VIN. Hmmmm?

NKYTA | October 21, 2019

20 miles from the factory, my neighbor was quoted 6-10 weeks. He has a reasonably stock order.

I guess demand isn’t slipping much.

erniecruz1990 | October 21, 2019

Order placed 10/12 in OC, CA White M3 LR AWD, 19" Wheels, White Interior, Full Self Driving. No update whatsoever...account website states within two weeks, however, after reading the tesla motor club forums it looks like a lot of us do not have any updates yet. Sales Agents and Tesla customer service seems to be telling people they are pushing international orders at the moment and U.S. production will continue November/December. Just what I have read so far..

WhiteWi | October 21, 2019

I placed my order on 10-5 and finished all the prep and trade in info on 10-10. Nothing happened yet and when I wrote to my Sale rep that's what he told me.

"As of right now we did receive confirmation that orders placed in October have the same 6-10 week timeline as new orders, as we attempt to fulfill the production demand for Model 3’s. Keep in mind all of our delivery timelines are simply estimates so the 2 weeks’ timeline is subject to change based on production demand. At this point we have the option to either consider local inventory or simply wait until the vehicle is built and assigned to your account.

If you are unable to wait for any reason, the $2,500 order payment is always completely refundable if we are not able to find any inventory options. However I’d recommend keeping the order in place since you will be assigned a VIN immediately after your specific configuration is built".

ucbwill | October 21, 2019

Yep, these little cars are HOT! Guess Good things come to those who wait. Starting to become concerned with congested charging stations as supply grows. Hopefully Tesla and others continue to grow the charging network.

nruiz053 | October 24, 2019

ordered on 9/30 in Miami, FL with a 2,500 pre-payment. Almost at 4 weeks and no VIN assigned nor any update of what is happening. Transparency is at a minimum. Wish they would make their delivery like papa johns that shows you a timeline of pizza in oven to when pizza is out for delivery.

haywood.ed | October 24, 2019

From what I've read, they try to maximize delivery of vehicles in the quarter they are ordered, since stock analysts focus on that metric. To do so, they start the quarter by producing and shipping vehicles to the most distant locations, to ensure they arrive by EOQ, then work their way inwards. If you are in Europe, your car has probably already been built and is on a 30 day boat ride. If you are in CA, they can build your car on 28 December and still deliver to you this quarter. That makes the stock market happy, but you not so much.

I ordered mine a week ago, and am expecting early to mid December. If it comes early, I will be pleasantly surprised, but am not worried about it.

stupinean_adrian | October 27, 2019

How to see if you have a VIN number assigned by TESLA if you already order an car but no news from Delivery Persons.
Very useful for people that still wait for their Teslas...

Hope this help !!

Tones | October 27, 2019

Quick question: I've been holding off having Tesla run a credit check (for my lease) since the check is only good for 30 days. My current wait is 5 to 9 weeks. If I delay the credit check until mid November, do you think that will affect my VIN assignment?

jebinc | October 27, 2019

My factory order in June arrived in my hands exactly eight days from order placement - MSM LR AWD w/FSD/HW3 and white interior.

emilyefisher1 | October 28, 2019

I ordered a M3 LR AWD white with black interior and sport wheels on 10/8. Frustrating because my financing is only quoted for 45 days. And I’m worried they are going to devalue my trade in since I’m still driving it and putting miles on it! I told my delivery specialist that I’m going out of town 12/21 until after the new year and he assured me he was confident it will come before that date. I’m in Texas so I can’t even get the credit union or get insurance until I have a VIN. And they won’t send it for delivery until it’s fully paid. So frustrating! Glad others are in the same boat though, I was getting worried I did something wrong.

Pooky2 | October 28, 2019

My son and both ordered. His order was for a SR+ black and I ordered SR+ white. On 10/6 and 10/9. We sold our second car expecting to get delivery for at least one before the end of October based on the 2 weeks delivery on the website. Unfortunately neither one of us get any thing yet from Tesla. We are down to one car now.

Come on Mr. Musk. Help us out here.


WhiteWi | October 28, 2019

Maybe selling car before you got solid date is wrong idea? Just maybe...

Scrannel | October 28, 2019

Beginning of the last week of Sept I want a car. Impulse. White on white, Performance. Robot Driving Option. Call the "showroom" in Woodland Hills Ca. Yeah, they got one. Took my deposit, picked it up in Marina del Ray four days later. 16 miles on the OD. But, I hear Marina del Ray is largest Tesla distribution center on earth.

glgerardi | October 28, 2019

Got email today stating that delivery of my model 3 plus will be last two week of December. I ordered on 10/12. So much for 2 week delivery estimate. Bummer. | October 28, 2019

Glgerardi - what spec did you order and what location for delivery?

-TheJohn- | October 29, 2019

My sympathy.
I waited Eight Hundred and Sixty Six days after placing my deposit.

You lot sound like tremendously impatient whiners and while the impatient is fantastic as you REALLY should want your utterly amazing vehicle the whining is a bit pathetic. Do as thou wilt however..

AGARubberDuck | October 29, 2019

Datapoint here - Ordered Sunday 10/27. Dual Motor LR - blue - white interior - 19" wheels - FSD. Estimated delivery said (and still says) 5-9 weeks.
I got a text today inviting me to schedule a delivery appointment for 11/1 or 11/2.

Called my contact at the local showroom and they said it was delivered to their location today. I guess they meant 5-9 days, not weeks?

AGARubberDuck | October 29, 2019

Also - VIN checked stating it rolled off the assembly line 10/16. So while technically not built to order, definitely a fresh unit.

WhiteWi | October 29, 2019

Very nice.

dkramos73 | October 29, 2019

Placed my order for a Red M3 Performance with all of the trimmings from Nashville, TN on 10/16. My account sais estimated 2 weeks for delivery. My sales person said it will most likely be about 6-8 weeks because of UK orders Tesla is trying to fulfill. Doesn't stop me from checking the website for updates about every 15 minutes!! Having been a Amazon Prime member for the longest times my expectations on 24 hour delivery are a bit skewed :). No worries, I am so excited for whenever it comes. Go Tesla!

alan | October 29, 2019

I ordered my Model 3 on October 14th. Delivery now scheduled for November 2nd - so just under three weeks for me. I had been warned (AFTER ordering) about the 6-8 week delivery but looks like I'll beat that by quite a ways.

glgerardi | October 29, 2019 I ordered LR, white exterior, black interior, FSD, SoCal.

@thejohn: you are an assclown.

Jimi | October 29, 2019

I'm mostly wondering if I'll get mine before Jan 1st and miss out on what little tax credit is left. The sales lady told me that by ordering "today" (10/26) it would guarantee that I get it before the end of the year. I don't care if it's 12/31 otherwise I'm missing out on $2875 (fed & state both drop for me).

haywood.ed | October 29, 2019

@glgerardi: you're going to find a lot of that here

emilyefisher1 | October 29, 2019

@alan was yours a custom build?

emilyefisher1 | October 29, 2019

According to the youtube video tip above, my source code gives me a VIN! But my delivery specialist hasn't reached out and he told me I would be contacted immediately once it was assigned...I can't imagine them wanting it to sit at the factory for long. oh well. it is what it is.