Still on 2018.50.6, anyone on same boat?

Still on 2018.50.6, anyone on same boat?

Just wondering how long have to wait. Seems a lot of folks got the 2019 update...

Aridala | March 10, 2019

No upgrade here. Mister Frowny Face.

LA-Fohlen | March 10, 2019

Actually, not a lot of people got the 2019 update. Following Teslafi as an indicator the majority is still on the version you got.

Firewired | March 10, 2019

It seems they are now rolling out two new versions for Model 3s, very slowly 2019.5.15 and 2019.5.25. They each have been going up about 0.5% a day for the last few days. The majority are still on 2018.50.6.

Passion2Fly | March 10, 2019

64% of cars are still on 2018.50.6 including mine... no worries...

ellerykhaz | March 10, 2019

Just got a software update request. M3P purchased in February.

I don’t know if your allowed to monitor the status of the update anywhere? Phone app says updating, car says updating but not sure if anything is happening.

Crossing my fingers nothing gets stalled.

We’ll see what version once it’s done.

dhliu | March 10, 2019

Got 2019.5.15 this evening while sitting at the restaurant eating dinner. I have been hoping to get the update ever since they announced Sentry and dog mode, but finally told myself yesterday that it’ll come when it comes. Hopefully 2019.5.15 is stable.

Northern CA.

Fredvanngo | March 10, 2019

Tesla's just updated mine to 2019.5.15, 2 days ago... for the folding mirrors and dog mode...after I purchase the autopilot 4 days ago.

ellerykhaz | March 10, 2019

Well, I got 5.15. Dog mode, sentry, no apparent increase in speed or increased speed limit.

I hope it’s stable and we hve no problems. 2018.50.6 was great no problems.

moesimpson | March 10, 2019

Still waiting

howard | March 10, 2019

Still waiting

klusmania | March 10, 2019

I have 2018.50.7. Ordered AP 3 days ago. Don't have it yet.

Hashtag | March 10, 2019

Still sitting at 2018.50.6 as well :-( So much for being in the Early Access Program LoL

metzger.bob | March 10, 2019

Still waiting

jmmcfarla | March 10, 2019

I updated from 2018.49.2 to 2019.5.15 tonight. Took delivery in Dec '18 and didn't do anything special tonight. It just happens. Giving sentry mode a go tonight.

Bay Area, CA

tdtdurham | March 11, 2019

I'm still on 2018.50.6 also; plan to upgrade to FSD this week for $ 2,000 before price goes back up next week.
I got my car March 16, 2018; its been a good year.

roberts | March 11, 2019

Been on 2018.50.5 since late Dec.

teddy.tseng | March 11, 2019

still waiting.

lordmiller | March 11, 2019

Got the 2019.5.15 update last night finally! SoCal

hokiegir1 | March 11, 2019

Looks like 2019.5.25 is a European rollout and 2019.5.15 is the US version, primarily hitting CA cars first, based on the TeslaFi details. There are a handful of other states in there, but mostly CA so far. It does seem to be going a little faster than the last attempted rollout over the last couple days.

I'm still on 2018.50.6 as well. Not in a huge hurry to update. I have no dog. Sentry mode means I need to find my stupid flash drive again (that one of the cats has likely batted under the couch....). My extra range/power might be nice, but not a huge issue at the moment.

Firaz.ashraf | March 11, 2019

No Update yet

teddy.tseng | March 11, 2019

Why CA customers first?

jmmcfarla | March 11, 2019

It's honestly probably just an odds thing bc there are so many people & so many M3's in California.

Before the update, 96% of M3's had a newer version. Now 95% have an older version. (According to the Stats app)

gmkellogg | March 11, 2019

Yeah I'm still rocking last year's code.

Jtwo | March 11, 2019

Still waiting here.........

ILoveMyModel3 | March 11, 2019

Still waiting

mdarwic | March 11, 2019

I think if you are trying to purchase the new basic AP, it is only compatible with version 2019.5.15. I have 2018.50.6 and the AP software update has been stuck in a loop. I tried a hard reboot but the 'autopilot software message' appears again and the screen freezes. I can still drive the car but the touchscreen is completely disabled.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | March 11, 2019

Locked in the 2K FSD. :-)

Magic 8 Ball | March 11, 2019

Still waiting, will it have a bald spot warning, do you think?

harsoni | March 11, 2019

Still waiting here in Mid South..

jimglas | March 11, 2019

No update here, I am only anxious for the update because I want to try track mode. Otherwise, no hurry.

chiropod | March 11, 2019

Still on 2018.50.6 Have the performance version, all options. Waiting, waiting

chiropod | March 11, 2019

Still on 2018.50.6 Have the performance version, all options. Waiting, waiting

chiropod | March 11, 2019

Still on 2018.50.6 Have the performance version, all options. Waiting, waiting

tom8959 | March 11, 2019

@Magic, Just got an update yesterday evening to 2019.5.15 - it's completely unable to detect my massive bald spot! Stupid Tesla!

Seriously, I did get the update, but it seems to be a maintenance release with no new features. Wondering if it includes the 5% power boost?

stbgmannv | March 11, 2019

Also just received update 2019.5.15 last night, thought I was being forgotten. No mention of Sentry Mode in notes, only Dog Mode and Side Mirror GPS folding. Included Sentry Mode, not sure about 5% power...patience.

jrf08 | March 12, 2019

still waiting..

soldwithadam | March 14, 2019

Still waiting. Live in Indiana.

amy.brink2 | March 19, 2019

I was searching the forum for this very question. I am on 2018.50.6 still and thought it was because I was having wifi connectivity issues for a while, but I see that I'm not the only one stuck at this update status. I'm on the east coast, so maybe I'll get the newest update by the end of summer....

jjt2122 | March 19, 2019

Contact Tesla customer service and they can push the update to your car.

TM3Q | March 19, 2019

Still waiting

Live in Quebec,Canada

kcheng | March 19, 2019

According to Stats, 19% of Model 3 owners are still on 2018 versions of the software, while 78+% are on 2019 versions, with most on 2019.5.15, 67.4%.

spooky action | March 19, 2019

Still on 2018.50.6. Apparently update tried to download last week but had wifi issues.

zerogravitydrgn | March 20, 2019

Given the issues, maybe they held up. I miss 2018.50.6. Autopilot is a mess now, screen reboots are back, audio issues requiring a screen reboot seem new. You don’t want this update.

KELIU25 | March 20, 2019

Folks, I got my 2019.5.15 last and had a few times autopilot can’t change lanes when the other is clear with no cars. I’ve seen this happened with other folks in the forum. I cleaned back camera last night and test this morning, lane changing is good now. Maybe I need to test the same spots on highway for the issues I’ve seen past week.

derotam | March 20, 2019

@kcheng, and TeslaFi shows 43% on 2018 versions, 57% on 2019 versions, 36% on 2018.50.6, 38% on 2019.5.15.

TeslaFi shows only 4717 cars out of how many cars in the world? How many cars does Stats show? All these numbers are crap. They have limited uses and should only be used very loosely.

derotam | March 20, 2019

...and Stats is only for IOS so those numbers are more limited because of that.

ddorbuck | March 20, 2019

hey guys, i was on this update forever and after initiating a chat with tesla support they informed me the update was waiting for my car when i got home on 3/18. Sadly i did not get any update that evening but after calling tesla support last night the support associate told me it looked like my update had stalled and he restarted it. I immediately got it and installed it fine. so it may be worth a call to tesla support. Its not the 5% additional energy update but it has sentry/dog mode and others fixes.

geedub1023 | March 20, 2019

I live in Texas and was still waiting for the 2019.5.15 version until yesterday. I took my M3 to the local service center yesterday.morning for a minor issue and asked them about receiving the update when I dropped the car off. The service rep told me Tesla is sending them out in "batches" and to be patient. When I picked the car up, I was pleasantly surprised when the service rep told me they enabled me to install the update. The update takes about 45 minutes to download so I did it when I got back home as the car has to be in park. Mine downloaded without any problems.

george | May 1, 2019

I'm also on 2018.50.6. This really sucks ... so much for continuing to support "Early Adopters" :-(. My 2016 Model X VIN is XX1052.

Passion2Fly | May 1, 2019

My 2016 X just updated from 50.6 to 12.1.1 today... so, no worries, it’s coming...