Rear camera issues and random software issues

Rear camera issues and random software issues

I bought a 2018 Model S P100D in Jan. I have been having random software issues with this car very frequently. For example, on a large number of days, the rear camera will just go blank. I cannot use it while reversing or driving. It only comes back on after I reboot the car which takes a while. I also have noted that at random times the car will take a long time to 'wake up'. It displays a message saying something like systems are waking up or powering up. I then have to wait 1-2 min till that is complete. I have taken it in several times to the service center. At first they denied that there was a problem and the current answer is that it is a software issue with a fix at some point in the future.

Are others experiencing similar issues? Has anyone been able to get Tesla to fix these?

EVRider | April 13, 2019

Both issues have been discussed here before. This article will help you locate the other threads:

barrykmd | April 13, 2019

Or go to TMC, which uses real forum software, including that elusive SEARCH feature.

Goose | April 13, 2019

After each trouble event, immediately use the voice button above the right scroll wheel and say “bug report”. Call the Service Center and describe the event and tell them you flagged it as a bug report at around XX time on XX day. That will help the engineers locate the event and you may get a more satisfying response from them. Good luck.

sr.smr | April 15, 2019

Tesla knows about this backup camera software issue for the two years I've owned my car. So your correct @Goose, I'll need lots more luck. | April 15, 2019

The rear camera issue seems to be more prevalent on those that turn on the rear camera while driving forward. You might try using it just for backup only and see if it's more reliable. Not saying there isn't a bug, but this might be a workaround for some.

farhinaki | April 16, 2019

I have been taking pictures when this happens and am sending the time/date stamped pictures to Tesla service. They don't seem to be doing anything. I keep getting told that the fix is coming but no date in site. Thanks for the suggestion for reporting the bug.