Buying process on used S85

Buying process on used S85

I just bought a 2014 Red S85 with 72552 mileage for $31,900. I haven't spoken with the delivery specialist yet. Those of you with experience with the process, what are the questions/topics that I should talk to the delivery specialist about? I'm thinking of requesting for 2 key fobs, a CarFax report, the service history and when to expect the car will be available for pickup. Anything else I should go over? I haven't bought insurance for the car yet. When should I add this car to my insurance policy?

Link to photos:
More details on car:

The car looks fairly clean with no sign of damage except in the last photo there appears to be some scratches bigger than a quarter above the door handle. Any chance Tesla could buff it out? If not, how much would it cost out of pocket for something like that?

jordanrichard | April 23, 2019

Don’t know why you feel that you need to request 2 key FOBs, it should come with them anyways. A CarFax is pointless because CarFax can only report, what has been reported to the insurance companies and DMV. As for insurance question, is this your fist time buying a car......? This is still a car, so there isn’t anything special to be done other than having a 14-50 outlet put in your garage/at your house.

kerryglittle | April 24, 2019

jordanrichard is right. CarFax is just a piece of useless paper. Take the car to a trusted, even better high end body shop that deals with expensive and restoring vehicles. They can put it on a hoist and check for any collision damage and they use a paint meter to see if its original paint or has been in an accident. As I have said before. Used car sales people are like politicians. They cant be trusted. They will tell you anything just to sell a car.

Bighorn | April 24, 2019

If Carfax is mission critical, pay for your own. Don’t saddle Tesla with a worthless expense. As stated, car comes with 2 fobs. Try to see the forest for the trees.

Sonofman | April 24, 2019

First, congrats on the purchase! Once you own one going back to ICE seems nuts.

Second, the car should come with 2 FOBs and they'll give you a Carfax not that it does anything.

Third, call your insurance agent now and get quotes on the S so you're not surprised once you're an owner. Some companies don't price them well and others do.

Last, enjoy the car!

AERODYNE | April 24, 2019

These are pretty common questions, suggest you search this and TMC forums more. You will have to add insurance well before you pick up the car, and post proof plus DL to your account.

Suggest use the checklist and rent a similar car on Turo before delivery, and watch ALL of the Tesla intro videos.

Good luck!

nothotpocket | April 24, 2019

Not sure what state you're in, but in California you have 30 days to transfer insurance to your new car - you're covered at the insurance level that you have in place for your previous car. Tesla asks that you bring proof of insurance for a car you already have when you pick up the used one - not the Model S. You'll get two fobs and a universal mobile connector (UMC) when you pick up the car. They might buff out a scuff but don't count on it.