It looks like the referral program now gives 5000 miles of free super charging.

It looks like the referral program now gives 5000 miles of free super charging.

Instead of 1000 miles like before now you and the buyer get 5000 miles. This might make some more Model S Ludicrous orders happen from current owners. 5000 miles is a lot of free charging.

Also you get 5 chances to win. If you already have free super charging, then you get 10 chances.

Of course with everyone getting 5 or 10 chances, it really is still 1 or 2 chances.

But that 5000 miles is a lot of miles.

Note: This is only applicable until May 28 it says. So I guess they are trying to pull the demand lever for the second quarter earlier in the quarter.

reed_lewis | April 29, 2019

This is not the thread to post your referral code. The people who read this forum are typically owners already.

SCCRENDO | April 29, 2019

@reed. Agreed. The referral program is overall weak but I hope it works. Douchebag posting their code has been flagged and any others who post on these threads will be flagged

reed_lewis | April 29, 2019

I am sure they do not give you exactly 5000 miles. That would be too difficult to keep track of. I thought it was 400 kWh for the 1000 miles, so this means you get 2000 kWh for free. That is worth about $500. Not bad!

jordanrichard | April 29, 2019

Ya, the actual miles is an estimate.

gaas99 | April 29, 2019

So I own a model S and got the announcement on Sunday the 28th. My daughter went to the closest showroom (2.5 hour drive) and put down a deposit on a model 3 with my referral code. The terms of the sale had not been arranged and she completed the sale on Sunday . Tesla has variously claimed that she did ordered the car on the 27th (arguable since the deposit was refundable and terms had not been negotiated) and now they are refusing to even give her the 1000 mile bonus (the car she bought was from inventory) claiming that it applies only to new production orders. Reading the terms of the offer I can find nothing stating that it does not apply to inventory cars.
Ironically the terms of the offer make a point of the fact that they are acting in good faith and expect the same from the customers.

About all I can say is that I never said a word about the squeaky brakes or shuddering sunroof which were never fixed nor the inoperable manual (supposedly a known problem). Nor the vehicle being out of service for 2 months due to a lack of parts. And I still love my S or would not have talked my daughter into a model 3. Nevertheless, one expects a bit of courtesy and "good faith" from a company selling consumer goods. If you make an offer, honor it and give the customer the benefit of any ambiguities in your offer. Do not "weasel" your way out of it. Do not force the customer to hire a lawyer to get what he/she expects you to deliver. Don't tolerate your customer service reps giving out canned answers or waffling from one poor excuse to another. In other words. act like you value your customers and believe that they are your best sales people!!

Of course, my daughter can return her model 3 and order a new one (which would leave Tesla with a used model 3 to be sold) and I (who has a model S with a lease due to expire in July) refuse to buy the new S which I intended to buy. And maybe that is how things will develop or perhaps she will go with another car. And maybe it is time for me to short some Tesla stock feeling that this is no way to run a car company.

A frustrated Tesla owner.....

EVRider | April 30, 2019

@mike: The terms of the referral program are described here: Inventory cars are considered new and are eligible. I assume you can prove the order was placed on the 28th (it should say that in your order agreement), so push back on this until it gets resolved.

Yodrak. | April 30, 2019

"So I own a model S and got the announcement on Sunday the 28th. My daughter went to the closest showroom (2.5 hour drive) and put down a deposit on a model 3 with my referral code."

On what date did your daughter go to the closest showroom? In all states that I am familiar with, auto dealerships and Tesla sales centers are not allowed to be open on Sunday.

"The terms of the sale had not been arranged and she completed the sale on Sunday."

OK, if this statement is correct it looks like the Tesla sales center can be open in your daughter's state on Sunday. But the way you've stated things, it seems she placed her deposit prior to Sunday April 28? You say that "terms of the sale had not been arranged", yet she had made a deposit? To me that sounds like a purchase was made. What "terms" had not been arranged, yet a first payment had been made?

You are making ambiguous or conflicting statements, can't tell which, and leaving out clarifying details. You are going to have to give a more complete and coherent description of events in order for readers to understand what really happened.

jsdugan | April 30, 2019

I would use someone's referral code in exchange for a Gen 2 NEMA 14-50 and 10-30 adapter. Is there a chance someone would do that?

sschaem | May 7, 2019

5000 miles is 1250kw on a model 3, or $375 worth at a supercharger. Not a big incentive.

jimglas | May 7, 2019

@sschaem: Reward for 2 referrals used to be a wall charger or minicar, both about $500, so this is actually a bit better

sschaem | May 8, 2019

Its better then nothing, but its really not an incentive to rush a purchase. (What Tesla want to accomplish by doing this 5000 vs 1000 limited offer)

TheMatrix | May 8, 2019

@Mike, your not the only one struggling with this issue. I recently bought my first tesla, and offered a friend a ride around the block. He instantly feel in love so I gave a friend my referral code on April 24, he put a deposit down on April 26, and bought and signed the paperwork on existing inventory vehicle on May 1st, but Tesla has been uncooperative in getting him his supercharge miles. He ended up escalating it, but they told him it would be 2-4 weeks to investigate and look into the matter. I wouldn't call that very good customer service or giving me or my friend the benefit out the doubt...Good will goes a long way...not so sure I would refer someone again, after this experience.

sschaem | May 9, 2019

Its very hard to refer friends, great product, terrible company... A friends wants to get a M3 and I would hate for them to have the same experience I had.

jimglas | May 9, 2019

go buy a kia, you are fretting over $500

Renzo | May 13, 2019

@gaas99 I am having A VERY similar issue to yours, but not exactly the same, so I am sharing.
My friend bought an inventory model 3, I gave him my referral code and the sales rep he spoke with over over the phone stated that he put the referral code in the order. The following day I did not see my app reflect me having one referral, so I went ahead and emailed and here is where th issue begins. In my thread of emails I was being told that I was not getting credit for the referral, because my friends reservation did not show my referral code being attached to it. So I naturally told my friend, who then contacted his delivery specialist who told him "referral codes are behind in being applied because that department is dealing with so many that they are behind, but no worries it will be applied later."
When I would follow up with the support rep I was dealing I kept being told "you have to make sure the code is applied BEFORE delivery or else you will not get credit/my friend won't get free 1k miles of supercharging". So as you can see I would tell me friend to get on his rep, but my friend would tell me not to worry. Delivery date came and passed, and I did not have the credit on my account. I followed up again AND GUESS WHAT?! Rep told me that since the delivery date passed and the referral code was not added to the order, I COULD NOT get credit!
I forwarded the emails that my friend had showing that he was told that we should worry, and now the rep told me that with that information they will escalate the issue to upper management "but they cannot make any promises that I will get credit". We as owners are the brand ambassadors to Tesla and I know I go to a great length to try to educate the public every chance I get about the benefits of Tesla, and the ONE and only time I have a chance to be entered into a drawing for a founders series car... I don't know if it's going to happen, just sharing my experience.