Sentry Mode “events”

Sentry Mode “events”

When I get in my car after sentry mode had been on I will sometimes get an alert on my screen that says something like “1 sentry mode event occurred” (or something like that and sometimes more than one). However, when I pull the thumb drive to view the event there are dozens of videos that were recorded...
has anyone figured out how to tell which video actually shows “the event”?

NapaChris | May 2, 2019

And curiously, I never get a notification on my phone about the “event”.

hpn | May 2, 2019

I got 3 notification today on my console screen display. No phone notification.

duffeywolvin | May 3, 2019

Commenting to get on the chain- 2 events yesterday and I skimmed my USB but couldn't find the events...

Kary993 | May 3, 2019

I do receive events on my phone and apple watch when there is connectivity in the car. I park 5 levels down underneath a building so the car is not connected though sentry mode comes on automatically since I use the Stats app and sometimes when I get the car there are events on screen. I posted in another thread me witnessing an event as we had dinner on a patio where I could see the car. In that case the car had connectivity and my phone and watch notified me about 5 seconds after I could see the headlights flash warning the people near the car it was aware. So perhaps your car is simply not connected where ever it is. You can test that my seeing if your Tesla app will wake the car. If it does then you should receive alerts.

dmanincali | May 3, 2019

Seems to be a lot more sensitive (or at least triggering a lot more notifications on the latest firmware). Reviewed my footage after notifications earlier this week and turned out that it was just the car out of me pulling out of its spot (but no contact made with my car by either the driver or the car). Had never seen a sentry notification until 12.1.1.

Kary993 | May 3, 2019

I had those well before 12.1.1 actual 8.5. Cars driving rather close around in parking structure of getting in and out of parked cars on either side.

CharleyBC | May 3, 2019

So, back to OP's original question, how does one know which video correlates with the Sentry event, if you didn't get the notification and thus don't know the time of the event?

Kary993 | May 3, 2019

I think the lack of reply answers the question....Tesla needs some more development with this.

Techy James | May 3, 2019

Since the release of 2019.12.1.1 I noticed the Sentry Events correlated to times that Sentry mode identified activity near your car. Examples of activity are as follows: Car parks near your car, car drives by your car, person walks besides your car, and you walking to your car before unlocking the car. These are events that basically put your car in a state where it records the time before and after the event and stores it in a folder in the Saved Folder.
These events will likely not trigger an alert on your cell phone. Those notifications would be events that would actually set off the actual car alarm.

EVRider | May 3, 2019

When Sentry Mode goes into Alert State, it starts saving video and this is identified as an event. There's no notification for Alert State. If Sentry Mode goes into Alarm State, where it actually plays loud music or whatever to scare off the perpetrator, it send a notification to the mobile app.

I think all you can do browse the video to find anything of interest. Depending on which video utility you use, this is pretty easy to do.

I agree that Sentry Mode needs some refinement.

Kary993 | May 3, 2019

Did you guys see the new thread about two hours ago of the software to view all three cameras?

M3phan | May 4, 2019

@EVRider, thanks that makes most sense to me.
The other day I did see my car flash lights at people who walked by; older folks, paused to look at my car, and the lights flashed and they scurried off. ; )
That makes sense that’s an Event, but no notification to my phone since no alarm.
I tested this with myself however and couldn’t get it to log my own presence near my car as an Event.
Maybe I’ll test again, leave my phone off me and see what happens.

M3phan | May 4, 2019

Yep! Tested and confirmed. Left my phone in the house. Car in sentry mode. Just walked by, not even stopping. Came back to car and tried opening locked door without phone.
Grabbed phone and got in the car, sure enough on screen: Sentry Mode event report. 2 events occurred.
But no notification to phone, which is good. Don’t need bunches of notifications because people walk by.
Of note: it currently then is grouping casual random walk-bys equal with someone’s trying to open my car. Seems unpolished. It should ignore casual walkbys, but not sure if it can be that discerning yet.
Anyway, test confirmed what this is about.

M3phan | May 4, 2019

Also noticed that sentry mode on my phone app shows staying active when I enter my car, but it’s shut off on car screen. when I shift into drive, it still shows active on phone app for awhile then shuts off.

And let me rephrase something … It’s good that we don’t get notified on our phones for random walk by us, but I actually would have appreciated getting a notification on my phone when I attempted to open my locked door.

mmclean708 | May 4, 2019

After much searching for the events while I am at work we figured the saved clips, pick a time, view the last 2 videos, choose your angle. I think it saves like the dash cam, your actual event is at the end.
Most if mine are from cars driving too close, someone parks next to me, walking by the car....nothing scary yet but Summers coming.

Lbanworth | May 4, 2019

I turned on "Sentry Mode" before going to bed last night and woke up with 171 events! Is this normal? This is the first time I've used this feature.

M3phan | May 4, 2019

@lbanworth, where was your car? Garaged? In the street? 171 events! Whoa!!

Tesla2018 | May 4, 2019

ibanworth- Someone posted on another thread that they had hundreds of mosquitos on their car. Maybe that was it!
Or if it was parked outside something could have set it off. We have a driveway motion sensor at work, and it goes off all the time if the sun is casting a shadow on it from a palm tree branch that is blowing back and forth in front of it from the wind. My dad had a spider web in front of a motion detector alarm where he worked and every time the spider moved, it set it off. Drove them crazy since the security cameras didnt show anyone in the room.

Linebet | May 5, 2019

Since updating to 12.1.1, I got my first event. I had numerous videos stored as saved, and I really didn’t see anything of note but it would be nice to be easier to find the actual sentry event. I concur with others who have recommended a software modification that saves video for sentry events in a separate folder.

My car was parked in a dark parking lot that had some lighting. The video was so dark that it was virtually Unviewable. I thought that the cameras had night vision/IR capabilities and you should be able to see something at night. Am I doing something wrong?

AZDMD | May 5, 2019

My drive is recording too many events. I even got photos of my car in the garage. I don’t even have Sentry on! My drive is filling up with saved events and I run out of space in a day! If you turn Sentry on while parked, both passing cars and pedestrians will trigger a response. Sometimes I see a notice ,”Audio 110%.” If that happens shouldn’t I get a notice on my phone? Very crazy.

AZDMD | May 5, 2019

And now I see that my app maintains sentry mode on. Even after driving and parking he car. This explains why it recorded in my garage. What it doesn’t explain is what activity in the middle of the night in a closed garage triggered sentry mode?

AZDMD | May 5, 2019

And now I see that my app maintains sentry mode on. Even after driving and parking he car. This explains why it recorded in my garage. What it doesn’t explain is what activity in the middle of the night in a closed garage triggered sentry mode?

gwolnik | May 5, 2019

Today I used sentry mode for the first time since upgrading yesterday and saw this message notifying me of three "events." I spent at least 10 minutes browsing through all the files on my computer and saw the same bushes blowing around in the wind on all of them in the front view. The left camera showed the same car parked next to mine the whole time but the right side showed cars leaving and pulling in a couple of times. There were only two pedestrians that I saw walk in front of my car. One guy was on a cell phone and meandered back and forth for a couple of minutes. At one point, he suddenly looked right at my car, but just for a second. After reading this thread, I now suspect that my car's headlights might have flashed as he ambled directly in front of the car. I've already deleted all the files, so I can't go back and check to see if there was a momentary brightness just before he looked at the car. Since the sun was shining on the large banana tree leaves in the background which kept flapping in the wind, the light level in the background kept changing, so I did not notice a flash when I viewed the video about an hour ago. I think that from now on, I'm only going to pull the flash drive and review the videos if I find some damage on the car, this was too time consuming and boring to do on a regular basis. I have 256 GB of memory on the stick, but I still may pull and delete saved files regularly to make sure there is plenty of space to record anything important.

rmudad | May 29, 2019

Where do you review the videos??? I am new to this sentry mode. Yesterday i had a notification about 8 events on the dash screen not the big screen but i did not know where to find those videos!!! Can anyone please send me instructions

wiboater4 | May 29, 2019

rmudad The video's are on the thumb drive . They are listed by date and time. You have to put the thumb drive in a computer to look at them .

markesofnofame | June 8, 2019

But you do have to supply your own thumb drive. I am still trying to figure this out. Where do you plug in the thumb drive? There is nothing in the owners manual giving any guidance...

joe.lynn.atp | June 8, 2019

@markesofnoname: Page 65 of the owner's manual has all the detailed instructions for using the dash cam. Sentry mode records to the same space.

joe.lynn.atp | June 8, 2019

@maekesofnoname: And Pages 120-121 explain how to use Sentry mode in conjunction with the dash cam.

kendallweihe | June 8, 2019

Sentry mode is great, but can it be more energy efficient? Loss of 1 mile per hour is kinda lame. I live in a place where I would like sentry mode on all the time, but it's a bummer that I lose ~24 miles per day.

personalprogrammer | June 8, 2019

Anyone having trouble with the sentry / dashcam date stamp being wrong?

nguyenjady | June 18, 2019

I parked at a public lot today for 8 hours and I have 287 events recorded!!!!!!!!

Nothing happen to my car except losing almost 30 miles.

EVRider | June 19, 2019

Sentry Mode is going to record an event every time someone walks by or parks next to your car. If you park in a high traffic area, you will get lots of events. If there’s no damage to your car, there’s no reason to review the videos, because you won’t find anything useful.

Wormtown Kris | June 19, 2019

Will soon have to park at an airport for 10 days. Am I advised to disable Sentry Mode to preserve battery or will it automatically shut off at, say 20% battery? (~80 degree highs so I don't think the AC fan will drain too much, airport is only 3 miles from home, so I could limp home at 5% battery no problem...)

jimglas | June 19, 2019

Uber to the airport if its only 3 miles. Save the parking fees. No need for sentry mode either.

ODWms | June 19, 2019

I Uber it every time, and I live 30 minutes from the airport. You get dropped off at curbside, no hassle with parking, and the cost is usually way less, even for a few days’ trip. Win-win-win.

DebbieYVR | June 19, 2019

I'm a new Tesla owner. I've installed a 28.8 GB USB but am finding that the drive fills up with events in about a week. Is this normal? I was expecting the data to over-write. Do I have to remove the USB and delete the data?

-TheJohn- | June 19, 2019

It's recommended that you don't use anything smaller than a 128 gig drive (Video files are _very large_) and don't skimp on the quality of said drive or it'll get corrupted.
That last part might be old and no longer untrue but it was a common problem for some folks.

briandean | September 29, 2019

How do I access Sentry to view the recorded events? Do I do this with my phone? Is this in the Tesla app or is it a separate Sentry app?

jwins | September 29, 2019

@briandean The videos are stored on the USB drive you've installed. Remove that (in proper fashion), then bring up the file listing for the USB on your computer. Within the TeslaCam folder will be one for Saved Files (I think that's the name) and you'll see sets of files, one for each camera, for the incident and the minutes before & after. At least on mine, the incident is the second-to-last set of files for a given time.

tdwin2000 | September 29, 2019

With the new Version 10 software, Sentry events are stored in a separate folder from the dashcam. And, the dashcam now records the rear camera too.

hickmajw | November 4, 2019

So I just confirmed through tesla support that all sentry videos are recorded while it is activated, not just during events. There is also no special folder it saves events in. It was confirmed to me that you have to search through all the files and look for the event. Not much help for me since I keep mine running at night and while at work.

hickmajw | November 4, 2019

So I just confirmed through tesla support that all sentry videos are recorded while it is activated, not just during events. There is also no special folder it saves events in. It was confirmed to me that you have to search through all the files and look for the event. Not much help for me since I keep mine running at night and while at work.

EVRider | November 4, 2019

@hickmajw: I think you were misinformed, which unfortunately happens sometimes when talking to Tesla Support. In V10 anyway, Sentry Mode saves video for events in the SentryClips folder. V9 saved them in the SavedClips folder. It does record continuously when activated, but I believe only the event videos go in SentryClips.