Power trunk option now available?

Power trunk option now available?

Wondering if anyone has purchased one of these?

Power trunk is one of the things I miss from my Model S.

Looks like a company in China has come up with an aftermarket kit to convert the M3 to a power trunk with gesture control (foot swipe under the car). Per the video, works from the Tesla app, key fob and screen too. Sounds a little pricey, but I guess for what you get and converting a car that doesn't have a power trunk, it's not too bad. Does look like a pretty complex install though. Certainly not as easy as putting stronger struts in. Going to have to be something you really want to take it on. As much as I'd love to have it, not sure I'd do it. But, just sharing for anyone that really does want one.

Links to installation instructions and video in the first link.

rhj | May 12, 2019

Too much hacking and grinding. Pricey too.
If my car was out of warranty maybe, however by the time it is the next model or competitors will have it.

ST70 | May 12, 2019

truck? Where's the truck?

rkalbiarEV | May 12, 2019

Ha. I was like, the truck is out!?!?!?

M3phan | May 12, 2019

Yeah no, pass. As I mentioned in my post on this mod, it’s too much for me personally although I found the install video hilarious as he’s tearing apart his car and telling us “the dark purple wire, not the light purple..,”

fazman | May 12, 2019

my left and right arm still work, i'll get more exercise using the manual method. It will also help keep my bank account with more of my digital ones and zeros. One less mod that will catch fire?

Rutrow 3 | May 12, 2019

I hate the power hatch on my wife's S. Half the time it could come in handy I poke the wrong end of the fob and have to remember to close the frunk before I drive away. Power closing is just a gimick. I roll my eyes at myself everytime I use it.

Ron.Olsberg | May 13, 2019

I have no problem manually opening and closing the frunk/trunk, I normally like the KISS principle; however, replacing the frunk latch spring to allow the frunk to close way more easily looks interesting. Replacing the latch spring appears to require the replacement of the frunk struts or the frunk will not open. I could live with the frunk auto-open, if it is easier/safer to close. I even wish the charge door was totally manual then Tesla could have engineered a much better watertight door seal. I guess the motorized door provides some security but I do not think it would be hard to force the door open and that might break the door in the process. Tesla could design a charge door lock similar to the charging cable lock but hopefully it would not experience the freezing problem Some/all of the Model S cars have a seal on the charge port door that is the same shape at the charge cable that provides a secondary seal.

bcb2220 | May 13, 2019

this will immediately void your warranty for the trunk fyi.

2015P90DI | May 13, 2019

@bcb2220, it will only void the warranty on the parts you "replace", so the struts and the latch itself. Not sure what else there is to warranty on a trunk, but they'll only void the warranty on parts that are not factory or factory parts that were altered. This is mostly an addition to, rather than a replacement. Struts are cheap, so not much to warranty there.

The thing most appealing to me about this option is the gesture option. Being able to open the trunk hands free is appealing. But, due to the complexity of the install, I will pass on it. Maybe I'll consider if I have any additional after market work done to the car and have them do the install, but otherwise, too much time involvement for me to take on myself. Hopefully some day Tesla will offer a similar feature as part of a Premium package.

terminator9 | May 14, 2019

I would have done it but the install does not seem DIY. Looks like you got to open up the almost the whole car :(