Can someone help me with TeslaFi and Stats with Phantom Drain?

Can someone help me with TeslaFi and Stats with Phantom Drain?

I have been using TeslaFi for a while now, maybe 4-5 months. I recently got Stats and noticed that Stats is showing a phantom drain of .86 over 10 hours for yesterday. When I go to TeslaFi, I see 1.98 miles PD over a timespan of 14 hours, 52 min. Why are they so different in both PD amount and time idle? If I look at today (it is 9am currently), Stats says there is a PD of 8.89 miles over a time of 21 hours...clearly the hours cant be correct. TeslaFi is showing for today a PD of .34 miles over a 7 hour, 56 min time span. The timing and milage look correct for TeslaFi for today. Can anyone help me understand why it is so different?

tbevivino | May 14, 2019

Actually, I may have figured it out. I was only looking on TeslaFi in the upper right during sleeps. I did not look at the Idle loss as well. When I add them up, I get something close to what Stats was saying as well.

hcdavis3 | May 14, 2019

I used to have Stats and my car would never sleep because the app was polling all the time. I deleted the app and my car sleeps every time and Teslafi reports zero phantom drain while the car is asleep.

madkim23 | May 14, 2019

@hcdavis3 - Stats was updated to correct the drain issue. Been working well with no issues for some time now.

NapaChris | May 14, 2019

madkim23 - no it hasn't. I gave up on Stats. It has not been updated to correct the drain issue. It still causes it. It constantly polls the car, not allowing it to sleep. It's an expensive app with only a couple of minor features you can't get elsewhere. But the phantom drain is not worth the price of the app. What's more, even if you log out of the app, the cloud server still pings your car. the only way to stop Stats phantom drain is to log out of the app and then change your tesla password as well so that the cloud servers can't ping your car anymore. I haven't posted a review of the App on the App store yet, but I might soon.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | May 14, 2019

I have also given up on all other apps. I performed an experiment last weekend. I checked my battery miles remaining and then left the car in the garage. I did not check on the car for 24 hours.
After a full day I had lost one mile.
I think all of this Phantom Drain consternation is self generated bologna. Your cars are just fine!

dhliu | May 14, 2019

@NapaChris - I was a "victim" of the Stats phantom drain and I can validate madkim23's comment that it's fixed. I have no issues now. When it was the worst, my average drain rate was approaching 0.40 mi/hr and over the course of the past two months, I'm all the way down to 0.26 mi/hr.

To each their own experiences, but I'm still running Stats and have no personal issues with it.

Effopec | May 14, 2019

I have Stats and have noticed my phantom drain has dropped quite a bit over the last month or two. Not sure if they did something, or a coincidence. And @NapaChris - an expensive app? It's a one time cost of $10 (or was when I got it, it may be $15 now). It doesn't have ongoing costs like Teslafi. Sure there are some features that could be improved, but the cost is not one of the issues.