Phantom cars? Reboots and emergency braking ?

Phantom cars? Reboots and emergency braking ?

The car made two emergency stops from 35 mph while on cruise control at 1645 hrs on 15 May while travelling on Watkins rd in Germantown. When the car sounded the collision warning with no cars in the toad I looked down to see a red “phantom” vehicle in the hud, approximately 20 seconds later the car repeated the emergency stop with no other cars on the road.

Second error incident occurred at ~1530 hrs in Chantilly,VA in the work parking lot on Meadows Dr. I entered the car to leave work and allowed it to wake up while I set the gps. Upon putting the car into drive it began moving as usual yet ALL of the warning indicators on the hud were illuminated and the shift indicator indicated “P”, I stopped and the condition cleared after ~ 5 seconds.

The new software update just loaded last night so one incident occurred just before load and one a half day after load. I have had no other issues with the car.

Today at 1725hrs while driving at 38mph on cruise control on Watkins Rd, Germantown MD the center console went blank (blacked out), the HUD flashed off (blank) and then on, the cruise control disengaged, the radio turned off. Approximately 30 seconds later the radio and HUD came back on and the center display console came back after about 1.5 minutes. The car was driveable the entire time yet I slowed to ensure the car was ok.

SoCal Buzz | May 16, 2019

Inquiring minds... what software version, what MCU, what AP hardware?

dunnman99 | May 16, 2019


2015 Model S 90D, 40,719 miles
software V9.0 (2019.12.1.1 4b1dd29), MCU-? AP H/W 1.0 (I believe) | May 16, 2019

Hard to guess what is happening on the slowdown. It used to be overhead signs would sometimes trip a slowdown, but it's been a while since I've personally seen that.

For reference you have MCU1, and it appears AP1.

Reboot is also odd, but has happened to most of us at one time or another. It doesn't affect driving. I'd say if it happens more than once a month, I'd log a bug report after it boots up (use the voice command "Bug Report" followed by a short description). I've seen it myself maybe twice in 2+ years.

dunnman99 | May 16, 2019


Just a bit disconcerting to have 3 bugs in 24 hours, with one affecting driving on an open, empty road.

Firaz | May 16, 2019

I had the emergency braking issue once during a road trip, it was attributed the defective front camera (AP1), issue did not happen since.

Your symptoms though seem more diverse, I've read it could be an electric grounding issue on some other threads. Where some wire connector becomes rusted and no longer achieves proper electric grounding.

Firaz | May 16, 2019

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jvs11560 | May 29, 2019

To the faithful here...How can a 2 year old, start a car, step on the brake, and run over his mother? Could that happen withan ICE vehicle? Since Tesla has a seat sensor that will not allow the car to drive when a person is not in the drivers seat, or has the seatbelt on, how did this happen? I really want to know!

dougk71 | May 30, 2019

2018 MS10D Hw2.5 2019.16.2 Driver steering wheel display went back for 10 seconds then displayed the Tesla Logo for 15 seconds before bringing the screen back. The main center screen stayed active. A month back I had both screens go black and reboot while driving on the highway at 70 mph.
There maybe a deeper issue here but I'm on the list for FSD install and the new hardware and software could be the fix.