Bluetooth poor music quality?

Bluetooth poor music quality?

When I'm linked via Bluetooth, the music quality is poor. When I change to Tesla's "Streaming", the music quality is excellent. This is via an iPhone and iTunes on the phone. Since I don't have the quality issue with other car audio systems, is this a known problem in Tesla's and Model 3's?

ODWms | May 17, 2019

It's not known on mine. Sounds great.

hlaiii | May 17, 2019

I also just noticed this too. I haven't played much iTunes music via Bluetooth in the car in recent weeks, but just tonight (and a couple of nights ago), some of my favorite Tool songs were found to sound pretty crappy in the car. Possibly a recent update? I compare with some Slacker channels, but clearly I know now that I am not the only one.

FISHEV | May 17, 2019

One of the audio shop owners told me that Bluetooth would not be as good as direct wired but I didn’t find that to be true on previous car which was the one he was quoting on at the time. I have to turn the car and the iPhone volume up but it still lacks sound quality.

EVRider | May 18, 2019

Bluetooth quality is not as good as direct connection (which isn’t an option on Teslas), but you wouldn’t necessary notice the difference in a car. The Bluetooth quality shouldn’t be poor, so it sounds like something’s wrong. How is the audio quality for phone calls?

CharleyBC | May 18, 2019

So, my $99 Panasonic after-market stereo in my former Honda supported connections to my phone by my choice of USB or Bluetooth. Surely my $55K car ought to be able to do the same at some point. It also had a button so I could activate Siri to do things like read and compose texts while driving. C’mon, Tesla, make us happier!

M3phan | May 18, 2019

Mine sounds amazing. iPhone volume set to one notch below max, music preset to nothing, car volume set to 50%, car EQ left flat, balance either centered or set to rear slightly, immersive set to high.

MyRedM3 | May 18, 2019

I experienced the same but my assumption is the streaming is so excellent BT feels subpar. I used to buy and download but completely stopped doing that. And, I have to fiddle with the phone to change music. With Slacker its right there

Neomaxizoomdweebie | May 18, 2019

I've got a 128GB thumb drive with 2 partitions, one for TeslaCam and one for Music. I converted all of my favorite tunes to FLAC files. Plays great!

Bated Breath | May 18, 2019

I thought the bluetooth quality was poor then I realized I needed to increase the volume on my phone. Now the quality is awesome.

ODWms | May 18, 2019

I agree. I do realize that some people have expectations and tastes that are way above mine, so I respect that. One user here spent $3000 upgrading the existing stereo system in his Model 3, it was so bad to him. Goes way over my head.

hfisher3380 | May 18, 2019

First a word of warning - I’m a full-blown audiophile. First let me say that for a car stereo, the Tesla’s system sounds GREAT. That said, in this car, as well as my previous BMW 3-Series, Bluetooth audio basically sucks compared to a good wired connection. It’s merely for convenience. IMO of course.

FISHEV | May 18, 2019

Found this excellent explanation of the Model 3 audio and how to get the most out of it.

vishious911 | May 19, 2019

BT quality sucks compared to a wired connection. Most people suggest just downloading your favorite songs on to a flash drive, but these are the people who probably still use paperback dictionaries, and not online ones.

EVRider | May 19, 2019

@vishious911: Since you think Bluetooth quality "sucks" and don't want to download music to a flash drive, what do you suggest instead to get around the lack of a wired connection? Just asking for us paperback dictionary types.

vishious911 | May 19, 2019

I should have rephrased. For those who listen to a nearly fixed set of songs, flash drive works great!

But for those (like me) who listen to new albums/songs a lot (like Spotify), I'm just as in the same boat and listening to sucky Slacker or the HD radio.

I've repeatedly emailed Tesla asking for a USB wired connection support to the phone, so we can
a) choose our own apps - Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Pandora etc
b) not rely on Tesla's LTE/data either (win-win)

shadowmtlighting | May 19, 2019

I'm disappointed I could not connect my USB - DVD Player for my collection of Jazz CD's. Will my 1T Seagate hard drive work if I burn all the CD's ?

EVRider | May 19, 2019

@shadowmtlighting: Only If you can connect the Seagate to the USB port or via Bluetooth.

SolArray | May 20, 2019

Re. Bluetooth phone as source - I believe simple "gain" from the source is often the culprit. (I normally have playback volume for 'media' on phone for set in middle 'cause with earbuds any louoder is painful.) When in the Model 3, I start playing the selection (album/song/playlist), select phone as the source in the Model 3, manually turn the phone's vol. to near max. Now I use the roller ball to control gain (usually in middle now...) with plenty of volume available and quality. Seems a lot of trouble? Just use the phone as source for longer drives. Set input level once, you're done.