2 years of Tesla Model S ownership...

2 years of Tesla Model S ownership...

I wrote a blog about my experience so far owning a Tesla Model S.
It contains some tips and lots of gushing from a raving fan.


PBEndo | May 19, 2019

Nice write up. I have had a Tesla a longer than you but I still look forward to driving it every day. It is hard to imagine buying any other type of car in the future.

AERODYNE | May 19, 2019

PB +1. Good reading after a day of FUD filled "News"

sbeggs | May 19, 2019



I read your forum name as “Love T Chris”!

gridley1950 | May 20, 2019

Nice write up! I've had mine about the same length of time and agree. The honeymoon is far from over!

avesraggiana | May 20, 2019

Great write up! Thank you for sharing. Apart from having the wrap put on right after taking delivery, our family's experience has mostly mirrored yours, both with our Model S and our Model X.