Center console

Center console

My center console is starting to get scratched up has anyone wrap their console with those sold at amazon for $29? Are they any different from the ones on eBay for $5 or is there a better wrap out there?

aperfectecho | May 18, 2019

I did. Worked well. One tip is to use a hairdryer after you get it installed, to firm up the adhesion, and flatten out creases or wrinkles. I did it because that center console was a fingerprint magnet

Hp.1193 | May 18, 2019

Got the Kenriko from Amazon and it’s great. One important thing is to watch the provided tutorial videos if you never dealt with wraps before. It’s easy to mess up.

stopnair | May 18, 2019

I got Kenriko on amazon and its awesome

tbd2001_01 | May 18, 2019

yep... made my own...