Anyone in the Seattle area? RTA question $%&#!!

Anyone in the Seattle area? RTA question $%&#!!

Picking up my new Model S and the invoice keeps changing. Yesterday it dropped after they subtracted the $3000 price change, today it went up about $1000 and it looks like it's because the RTA is assessed as $1034. A couple of issues that are pissing me off. First why doesn't my delivery guy call, email, or text me? Why do they not pick up the phone when I call? Am I supposed to just be expected to hit refresh on my Tesla homepage throughout the day? Because this afternoon it was a different price and I already got my cashiers check from my bank for that price. This is pretty aggravating.
Secondly, what exactly is the MSRP of a Tesla Model S? I have the Long Range so it shows as Model S $75,000 and added range +$10,000. As the RTA is 1.1% of the MSRP of the car, even if you added everything to my purchase including tax it should not be $1034, it should be around $850-$950.

Ugh, the RTA tax has been pissing me off before and here it is again. I already knew it was going to wipe out any potential gas savings.

p.c.mcavoy | May 24, 2019

I'm not in Seattle area, but just went to the Washington Dept of Licensing site where it will estimate your RTA. For some makes of vehicles it will allow you to put in the mfg but Tesla not listed so I needed to put in a purchase price. Per Tesla's site right now I come up with a cash purchase price of $94,000. What I selected to get that is:

- Model S Long Range
- Midnight Silver or Blue paint -> + $1,500
- Standard 19" wheels, no uncharge
- White interior -> + $1,500
- FSD Option -> +$6,000

Cash price before taxes: $94,000

Using the on-line Washington Dept of Licensing calculator, inputing a 2019 vehicle, Seattle zip code of 98005, and vehicle price of $94,000 I get an estimated RTA of $1,034 based upon the $94k price and an RTA tax rate of 1.1%.

I'm guessing the values bounced around the past couple days as Tesla was adjusting the final price on your order for the reduction in base price and increase in the cost of FSD option.

Here's the site I used to do the estimate.

ALSET | May 24, 2019

Thanks Mcavoy. So I took base everything which comes out to $85,000 before taxes (not including destination fee). In which case the RTA tax should be $935, I don't think Tesla will be able to do anything about this, I'll have to call the WA Dept of Licensing and hope they accept what I paid and not some made up MSRP they have in their system. With that said I just found out there is a $150 EV tax here in WA as well, but I was told this is waived the first year so not sure if that was thrown in there. Hopefully Tesla let's me pay the ~$600 difference with CC or personal check.